Episode 203.

          A dream comes true for Steven Cord. 
WA:       For Peyton Place, the long winter is over, the trial of Rodney 
          Harrington, the hit-run accident that felled Allison Mackenzie, 
          over and done with.  For Steven Cord, the promise began a year 
          ago when he returned to Peyton Place.  Today is a time for 
          love.  For today he marries Betty Anderson. 

Intro:    Flower bed in the square.  Steven, in a tux, walks from the Inn 
          over to his new rag-top convertible.  

Scene 1:  Norman hops up to Steven on the square and asks if it is his.  
          Steven says yes.  Norman compliments him on his new car.  
          Steven folds the rag top down and says it is the first new car 
          he has ever owned.  He tells Steven he has it made.  [Now that 
          Steven has all of Leslie's savings, he can provide himself with 
          a few luxuries.]  Norman says that he will see Steven at the 

Scene 2:  Julie helps her daughter, Betty, get dressed for the wedding.  
          Betty has chosen a white gown.  Julie shows her disapproval.  
          She thinks it is in bad taste.  Betty says that this is her 
          first wedding because her marriage to Rodney was 
          annulled.  Betty mentions Owen's Ridge.  Betty says that she 
          misses her father, George, who should be there to give her 
          away.  Betty says that when Peyton suggested using the mansion 
          that she and Steven decided it should be forman.  She allows 
          that she and Steven are well matched.  Steven will be a perfect 
          husband and she will be a perfect wife.  She bolsters herself 
          and her mother for the wedding, after all she says, "It's not a 
          funeral."  The chimes ring.  It is Dr. Rossi, who will be 
          giving her away.  

Scene 3:  Rita is ironing as Norman comes in the apartment bringing her a 
          corsage.  They cuddle and lament on their pitiful beginnings in 
          marriage.  They talk about Steven, how he steps on people, and 
          Rita says that she hopes Steven doesn't trod on Betty.  Rita 
          recalls her difficult time on the witness stand, for Rodney's 
          trial, when Steven cross-examined her.  Norman counters that 
          Steven saved Rodney's life. 
Scene 4:  Hannah is filling the livingroom of mansion with flowers for 
          the wedding of her son to Betty.  Thomas [not James Doohan] is 
          helping.  Mary is there also helping.  Hannah is pleased that 
          Steven is getting married, though she did have to resign 
          herself to the idea of his marrying Betty.  Martin says he 
          bought Steven a toaster as a wedding gift.  [If you've ever 
          wondered how the rich stay rich, you might consider this event.]  
          Hannah comments that Steven deserves something more than a 
          toaster.  Hannah tells Martin that he is using Betty as a 
          replacement for Catherine. 

Scene 5:  Elliot is getting dressed for the wedding and complains about 
          how much weight he is gaining from Constance and Allison's 
          culinary endeavors.  Elliot notes that it fit fine at their 
          wedding.  Elliot compains about the starch.  Elliot ties his 
          tie.  Elliot asks for more salads. 

Scene 6:  Allison tells Rodney that she doesn't enjoy weddings.  They 
          seem to make her feel that she is standing still.  Rodney tells 
          Allison about the way Martin Peyton tries to control him.  
          Allison talks about the freedom of birds until a blue jay comes 
          and scolds them.  She says she calls the blue jay "Rodney."  
          She also said Rodney, the blue jay, was the most confident bird 
          and she was afraid of him until he made her feel special. 

Scene 7:  At the mansion, Steven shows Hannah his new car.  Hannah tells 
          Steven she is very happy for him.  Steven says he hopes she is 
          happy for Betty, also.  Hannah shows Steven her gift to the 
          couple.  It is the deed to a new house, because they never had 
          a home of their own.  Martin summons Steven to the living room 
          and offers his gift to him.  Peyton says that Steven will be in 
          charge of all of Martin's business and legal dealings 
          concerning the Peyton Mill.  The man who's currently holding 
          the position, Theodore Dowell, is being retired.  This is 
          another control tactic of Martin's, of course.  Martin toasts 
          the bride and groom.  Steven toasts the father he does not 
          know, wherever he is.  Hannah and Peyton exchange knowing 

Preview:  Steven talks to Betty.  Theodore Dowell talks to Leslie.  
          Martin talks with Hannah. 

          SC:  One woman to love.  To be loved by for a lifetime.  Isn't 
               that what you want.

          TD:  Mr. Peyton has given Steven all his legal business in 
               Peyton Place.  Including the mill.  You will be dealing 
               with Steven now, Leslie.

          MP:  Don't let Betty's past blind you to her virtues.  She has 
               drive and ambition. 
          HC:  What Rodney will never find in Allison.

Martin, the puppet master.  
Steven Cord has been in Peyton Place for one year.  From the narration.