Episode 204.
          Betty and Steven wed.  Theodore Dowell retires.  Rodney moves 
          in the mansion. 
WA:       Betty Anderson once lived in the Peyton House as Mrs. Rodney 
          Harrington.  Today, under the same roof, she becomes Mrs. 
          Steven Cord. 

Intro:    Betty walks slowly down the main staircase of the mansion on 
          the arm of Dr. Rossi.  

Scene 1:  The wedding ceremony is conducted by Rev. Jerry Bedford.  Betty 
          had previously dated Bedford with the encouragement of her 
          mother.  Eli shakes hands with Steven. 

Scene 2:  At the reception, Martin Peyton tells Rita that he does not see 
          enough of her and Norman.  Steven and Rodney shakes hands, 
          Allison tells Betty she is beautiful.  Eli comes in and asks 
          Leslie where he got his drink.  Eli gets a drink.  Miss Devon 
          tells Rev. Bedford that Betty should have never worn white.  
          Bedford says that Betty is trying to make a new start.  He gets 
          miss Devon a cup of coffee.  Leslie warns Julie that Betty will 
          be getting a difficult father in law.  Norman and Eli are 
          drinking together.  Steven and Betty cuts the cake.  Eli gives 
          a toast and goes around filling glasses.  Rodney says Betty's 
          wedding dress puts the past behind them.  Eli appears to be 
          becoming sobriety challenged.  

          Theodore Dowell tells Leslie that Leslie will be working with 
          Steven because of the job Steven has been offered.  Dowell is 
          leaving town.  Dowell says that Peyton has just told him he is 
          out.  Betty appears at the landing of the stairs and tosses the 
          bouquet.  Allison catches it.  Steven thanks his mother for the 
          wedding.  He tells her that she should have been a ringmaster 
          for Barnum and Bailey instead of Martin Peyton.  The party 
          throw rice.  The wedded couple scurry off in their new car, 
          trailing tin cans.  Allison and Rodney make plans to go 

Scene 3:  Betty and Steven look at their new house before heading off on 
          their honeymoon.  Steven promises Betty she can furnish the 
          house any way she wants.  Betty says that she wonders why 
          Hannah bought the house.  She wonders if there are strings 
          attached.  Steven proclaims that he and Betty are well suited.  
          Steven kisses Betty.  There is still a five-foot stepladder in 
          the livingroom. 

Scene 4:  Hannah comes in the livingroom of the mansion.  Martin remarks 
          that Betty is a beautiful girl and proper possesion for Steven.  
          Martin allows that Steven is in a race.  Hannah says there is 
          no race because eventually Rodney will get everything.  Betty 
          and Allison are compared:  Allison has no drive but Betty does.  
          Peyton tells Hannah that Allison could never provide what Betty 
          will be able to.  Hannah says, "Don't let Betty's past, blind 
          you to her virtues.  She has drive and ambition."  Peyton says, 
          "What Rodney will never find in Allison." 

Scene 5:  In the Carson home, Eli talks about the nice wedding Allison 
          might someday have because she caught the bouquet.  Eli 
          remembers the loss of his wife, Ruth.      

Scene 6:  Allison and Rodney drive to the wharf and talk about the death 
          of Joe Chernak.  They go sailing.  Allison is cold but doesn't 
          want to go back for a wrap.  They set sail.  Allison and Rod 
          snuggle and she says Rodney will teach her about living. 

Preview:  Allison talks with Rodney.  Ada talks with Norman and Rita.  
          Rodney talks to Martin Peyton. 
          AM:  We don't know anything about each other.  Except that we 
               love each other.  Don't let the past hurt us. 

          AJ:  It was a wedding.  A real wedding.  The kind of wedding I 
               always dreamed of giving you.
          RH:  It's my life.  And I've got to do things my way.  I know 
               what I want and I'm not looking for advice.

Ruth was Eli's wife and Elliot's mother.