Episode 205.

          End of the Honeymoon for Steven and Betty.  Ann appears. 

WA:       Earlier today, Allison Mackenzie and Rodney Harrington 
          attended a wedding.  The wedding of Rodney's former wife, 
          Betty Anderson, to Steven Cord.  For these people and others 
          in Peyton Place, spring is indeed, a time of promise, and 
          sudden changes of weather. 

Intro:    Sailboat.  A couple out on the water, sailing. 

Scene 1:  Rodney and Allison set sail from the dock.  Allison says she 
          wants to sail off to "Never-Never land."  Allison says Betty 
          looked so confident of herself at the wedding.  Allison says 
          she would prefer talking about "Never-Never land" instead of 
          the wedding.  Rodney and Allison begin to have smoochy, 
          romantic moments.  They ponder the future and Rodney says he 
          can't marry Allison until he can provide his "princess" 
          everything.  Allison laments that she shouldn't be a 
          "princess" or "Allison Wonderland."  Allison inferrs that she 
          wants to marry Rodney right away. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi has escorted Julie Anderson to her house and she 
          asks him to stay a while.  She begins to play hostess.  She 
          expresses reservations about the wedding.  Julie feels bad 
          that Betty's father, George, couldn't be there, because he 
          had been such a good father. 
Scene 3:  Betty and Steven go up to their hotel room in Boston and go 
          inside.  Steven tips the bell boy.  The bell boy leaves.  
          Steven wants to get cozy but Betty wants to unpack first.  
          The management sends champagne in.  Steven comments on the 
          competition that Rev. Jerry Bedford had been.  They go out 
          on the balcony and toast to their happiness and a "real" 

Scene 4:  In front of the Mackenzie house, Allison and Rodney snuggle 
          in Rodney's converible.  Allison tells Rodney she loves him.  
          They go in the house.  Allison tells Constance that they went 
          sailing.  Constance seems to disapprove of the fact they went 
          sailing.  Rodney says goodbye and leaves.  [The front door 
          still doesn't have a chain.]  Allison starts up to her room.  
          Constance asks where they went sailing. 

Scene 5:  Ada is serving drinks in the Tavern as Norman and Rita come 
          in whistling the "Wedding March."  They begin to tell Ada all 
          about the wedding.  They make the wedding sound like Betty's 
          coronation.  Rita and Norman mimic the well-to-do guests.  
          Ada says that she could have given Rita a beautiful wedding.  
          Rita says that she is happy anyway.  Norman mentions the 
          earlybird satellite. 

Scene 6:  Rodney comes home to the mansion.  Peyton is sitting in the 
          livingroom and begins to lecture Rodney about his future.  
          Peyton tells Rodney that he should go to Boston.  Rodney 
          tells Peyton that he is buying a garage.  Of course, Peyton 
          bristles that buying a garage with his inheritance is not a 
          good idea.  Rodney says that he knows what he wants.  But 
          Rodney counters that he will learn how to run the 
          garage.  Peyton says he will flop in six months and then he 
          can go back to college.  Peyton brags that he has given money 
          to all the right universities. 

Scene 7:  At the beach house, Dr. Rossi is cooking his dinner when he 
          catches sight, through the window, of a beautiful woman.  
          [The viewers learn that she is Ann Howard as she introduces 
          herself to Dr. Rossi in the next episode.]  She has blonde 
          hair like Constance.  Rossi goes outside and scans the bluff 
          as she scurries off.  He goes back inside. 

Preview:  Allison talks to Rodney.  Rossi talks to Ann Howard.  Betty 
          talks to Steven. 

          AM:  We never had any secrets before.  At least none that 
               count.  This counts. 

          MR:  I've been wanting to talk to you since the first time I 
               saw you, the other night.  You see, I live at the beach 
               cottage, and I saw you up on the bluff. 

          BA:  It's Rodney isn't it?  Do you think I could have gotten 
               married in that house if it weren't finished? 

USA:      What strange ties does the newest staff member of Doctors 
          Hospital have to Peyton Place? 

Anne Ann Colby Howard-Susan Oliver.