Episode 206.
          Therapist, Ann Howard arrives at Doctors Hospital. 
WA:       For the newlyweds, Betty and Steven Cord, the honeymoon is 
          ending.  The last few days have been predictably perfect and 
          they look forward to the same perfection at home in Peyton 
          Place.  But there, they will have to work for it. 

Intro:    Stream.  Scenes around the city.  Hotel that looks like the 

Scene 1:  Betty and Steven are in their hotel room.  They kiss.  Betty 
          wants to talk about decorating.  Steven tells Betty that he 
          doesn't want her to continue working for Martin.  He says he 
          watched his mother "bow and scrape" to him all his life.  And 
          he will not watch his wife do the same thing.  Steven, "the 
          Neanderthal," tells Betty to take up basket weaving and 
          choosing wall colors instead.  Betty points out that Steven 
          doesn't want her to work there because her Rodney lives there.  
          Betty soothes her jealous husband with a big smooch. 

Scene 2:  [Humorously]  Norman is in front of the General Store lugging 
          boxes as Ann Howard walks up and opens the door for him.  
          Norman thanks her.  She slithers across the town square and 
          climbs upon the bandstand as Dr. Rossi drives up in his hard 
          top convertible.  He is about to approach her when Rita walks 
          up and says that Ann is pretty. She asks Rossi about his little 
          black book.  He tells her all the names are crossed off.  She 
          tells him that Ann had breakfast at the Peyton Place Pharmacy.  
          She tells Dr. Rossi that Ann takes her coffee with cream and no 
          sugar and likes powdered sugar on her donuts.  [If you watch 
          closely as Ann descends the steps of the bandstand, you can see 
          that the Peyton Professional building is three stories.] 

Scene 3:  Rita looks at the Grand Opening sign and goes in the General 
          Store.  She talks with Norman about his going to college.  She 
          looks to Eli for support but gets none.  Eli encourages Rita 
          to keep nagging at him to stay in school. 

Scene 4:  Ann Howard goes in the Book Gallery to look at the books and to 
          talk with Constance.  Constance asks Ann if she has been in 
          Peyton Place before.  Ann doesn't answer at first, then she 
          asks if Constance has a street map of Peyton Place.  Instead of 
          going over to the map rack, as a good salesman should, Constance 
          tells Ann where to look for it.  Only then does Ann admit that 
          she has been in Peyton Place previously. 

Scene 5:  Rodney drives Allison over to the Shoreline Garage and proudly 
          shows her his new business and introduces her to his mechanic, 
          Lee Webber.  Rodney says he would have never bought the garage 
          if Lee hadn't come with it, and Lee replies that he should have 
          asked for a raise.  Rodney looks uncomfortable as he moans that 
          he already has labor problems.  Rodney announces that the 
          garage is their future and Allison looks doubtful.  Allison 
          asks why Rodney bought the garage and he states that he needs 
          to face the people who think he intentionally killed Joe 
          Chernak.  Allison tells Rodney that is a weird reason to buy a 
          garage.  Lee returns and announces, "Hey Rod, you're down a 
          quart of oil."  Rodney replies, "Lets put it in later." 

Scene 6:  Ann Howard is talking to a young girl in the physical therapy 
          room as Dr. Rossi walks in.  The new physical therapist is Ann 
          Howard and the girl is named Nancy.  Ann appears uncomfortable 
          as Dr. Rossi talks to Nancy about her arithmetic.  Ann turns to 
          Dr. Rossi and introduces herself.  Rossi says he had received a 
          memo about her arrival.  Ann says that she heard he was very 
          popular with the ladies, referring to the girls in the therapy 
          room.  Rossi tells Ann that he and Nancy are going steady.  

          Ann relates that she had orientation from Nursing director 
          Esther Choate the previous day and that this is her first real 
          day on the job.  Ann compliments Rossi on his new hematology 
          research lab.  He explains to Nancy what hematology is.  Ann 
          goes over to work with another young girl, Jessica.  

          Rossi tells Ann that he noticed her on the bluff the other 
          night.  Ann is reluctant to admit that she was there.  Even 
          though Rossi is used to patients lying to him, he is confused 
          by this obvious lie from a new co-worker.  

          Ann tells the doctor that she has been studying the records 
          that Russ Gehring left behind when he was forced to resign.  
          Rossi says that he likes her technique.  Ann says that she is 
          happy to be there because she has always wanted to work with 
          children.  Rossi turns to talk with the other children as the 
          scene and episode end. Dialog 

Preview:  Rodney Talks with Lee.  Allison talks with Constance.  Leslie 
          talks with Julie. 

          RH:  Your tactics.  They bother me.  Why don't you like working 
               for me? 
          LW:  I don't like working for anybody.

          AM:  Tell me I'm wrong.  Can you tell me what to do?
          CM:  No.  A woman has to make her own decisions.

          LH:  The first money goes to making you free of George.
          JA:  What?
          LH:  Divorce.

Leroy "Lee" Webber is played by Stephen Oliver.