Episode 207.
          Ann Howard relives the tragedy of Chris Webber.  Leslie 
          proposes to Julie. 

WA:       To a young woman, who calls herself Ann Howard, the children's 
          game of "Blind Man's Buff" has a peculiar significance, a 
          peculiar horror.  Ann Howard has returned  to Peyton Place to 
          dispel that horror, if she can. 

Intro:    Ann Howard is watching children play on the square.  A little 
          girl is blindfolded. 

Scene 1:  Ann Howard enters the Clarion office and tells Elliot that she 
          would like to look at some back issues of the Clarion.  Elliot 
          hands her an issue from the summer of 1949.  She reads the 
                TRAGEDY AT SAILORS' BLUFF 
                          Peyton  Place  Boy  Falls 
                          to Shoreline Rocks Below.

          Ann appears to feel faint and Elliot rushes over, helps her to 
          a chair and offers to get her a glass of water.  She thanks 
          Elliot and gets up to leave.  Eli comes in and admires her as 
          she is rushing out.  

          Elliot asks Eli if he recalls the summer of 1949.  Eli says 
          "no."  He says that Ann is in staying in room 17 at the 
          boarding house.  She refused Mrs. Hewitt's breakfast. 

Scene 2:  Ann Howard goes to a pay phone and asks the operator, miss 
          Finley, for attorney Steven Cord's phone number.  She is given 
          his office number and she dials 555-7171.  [Back then it wasn't 
          necessary to dial the area code.  And back then, information 
          was free.  Really.] 

Scene 3:  In the lobby of the Colonial Post Inn, Steven and Betty check 
          in with hotel clerk Mr. Parker.  The clerk mentions that he has 
          known Betty for some ten years.  Betty says that she was on the 
          disaster committee and had to negotiate paying for damages that 
          her school class incurred.  Steven calls to Leslie Harrington 
          as he dismisses Betty who heads on upstairs to her room.  They 
          talk about signing contracts.  Leslie grudgingly agrees.  He 
          comments to Julie, after he hangs up, that the contracts are 
          "petty" and Peyton is using this ploy in order to spy on him.  
          Leslie tells Julie that he works for Peyton for the money and 
          he "owes" her, he would like to marry her.  [Unfortunately, at 
          that time, in Massachusetts as well as many other states, a 
          person could not divorce a spouse who was in a mental 

Scene 4:  In the Carson home, Allison and Constance are knitting things 
          for the expected blessed event, and listening to corny music, 
          as Rodney calls.  Constance answers the phone and hands it to 
          Allison.  Rodney refers to himself as the "greasy mechanic," 
          and asks Allison out on a date.  Allison suggests meeting 
          Rodney at the garage.  Allison confides in Constance that she 
          has never been so happy in her life.  Allison announces that 
          she loves Rodney.  Constance gives Allison a lecture about 
          valuing oneself and marrying for love after Constance confesses 
          how her own pregnancy 19 years ago ruined her chances for love. 
Scene 5:  At the Inn, Betty prods Steven about the telephone call he 
          made, as she giggles and teases him.  Steven tells Betty that 
          Rodney has bought a garage using his inheritance.  [Steven 
          pronounces the second "g" in garage as a hard "g".  Betty 
          pronounces it with a "zh" sound.  Barbara Parkins is Canadian, 
          you know.]  Steven first laughs and then decides that Rodney 
          may just have made a wise move, something to the effect that 
          it might be good for him "to do some honest work." 
Scene 6:  At the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is impressed by Lee Webber's 
          talent with a wrench.  Lee begins to advise Rodney on how to 
          make the garage show a profit.  He talks about building a 
          clientele of middle-aged women who will admire his muscles and 
          want extra tune-ups.  [The sign that Rodney has posted outside 
          the garage indicates they charge only $6.95 for a tuneup.  It 
          would take a lot of tune-ups to seriously enhance profits.  It 
          is possible, of course, that Lee only cleans the spark plugs 
          instead of actually changing them.]  Lee says that Rodney 
          should treat the customer as an enemy if he wants to make a 
          profit.  Rodney deplores his tactics and Lee spouts "Fire Me."  
          Rodney asks Lee why he didn't buy the garage.  Lee becomes 
          defensive and reminds Rodney that he put his brother through 
          college.  Rodney goads Lee by pointing out that he never felt 
          the need to put his brother through college.  Lee gives a point 
          blank reply, "Remember the bluff, and the cottage where your 
          mother killed Elizabeth Carson.  Well, something else happened 
          there, a kid was pushed.  Only he wasn't killed, he was my 
          brother and his optic nerve was severed.  So yeah, I put my 
          blind brother through college and maybe that makes me a hero, 
          what do you say to that?" 

Preview:  Ann talks with Steven.  Rodney talks with Lee.  Constance 
          talks with Dr. Rossi. 

          AH:  I don't know how else to begin, except by trusting someone.
          SC:  It's a police matter.
          AH:  After 17 years?
          SC:  It's a police matter.

          RH:  That's Allison's father.
          LW:  No kidding?  I thought her name was Mackenzie.  You 
               called him Carson. 

          CM:  I'm worried about Allison.
          MR:  You have to stop worrying about her.  Let her find her own 
          CM:  Like I did.

Anne "Ann" Colby Howard-Susan Oliver.
Lee Webber-Stephen Oliver 
Mr. Parker, Colonial Post Inn desk clerk-uncredited.
Blind Man's Buff, also known as Blind Man's Bluff.
Sailors' Bluff-