Episode 208.
          End of the Honeymoon for Betty and Steven. 
WA:       Betty and Steven Cord have returned from their honeymoon to 
          begin a life together in Peyton Place.  A life that will be 
          greatly changed, yet not entirely.  For over Steven's protests, 
          Betty has insisted on continuing working for Martin Peyton in 
          the house that Mr. Peyton shares with his grandson, Rodney 
          Harrington, Betty's ex-husband, and his housekeeper, Steven's 
          mother, Hannah Cord. 

Intro:    Betty and Steven drive up to the mansion and Steven rings the 

Scene 1:  Hannah Cord greets Steven and Betty in the entry of the 
          mansion.  Hannah tells Steven that a young woman called 
          but didn't leave a message.  [Hannah doesn't realize that it 
          was her own ersatz daughter.]  Rodney comes in and Steven 
          congratulates him on acquiring the Shoreline Garage.  Rodney 
          mentions to Steven that he will not be working there alone.  
          The garage came with mechanic Lee Webber.  Steven looks rather 
          surprised and says that he knew Lee Webber when they were 

Scene 2:  At the hospital, Constance tells Dr. Rossi that she is worried 
          about Allison.  Ann is on the playground, wistfully watching 
          the wee ones play.  Dr. Rossi saunters over and asks Ann out on 
          a date.  She accepts but mentions she has an appointment. 

Scene 3:  Allison shows up at the garage and finds Rodney under a car 
          inspecting a transmission.  [Even Klick and Klack don't work on 
          automatic transmissions.]  He shouts out to Lee that it needs 
          replacing.  Lee looks it over and says it will be fine.  Rodney 
          tells Lee to finish the job he is on, and then he goes in the 
          back room to eat lunch with Allison.  Elliot drives up to the 
          pumps to get some gas.  Lee Webber cops an attitude.  Elliot 
          asks where Rodney would be and Lee comments that "the boss is 
          lunching with a cute kid."  Elliot looks turned off.  Rodney 
          comes out and offers Elliot a free lube job.  Allison gets in 
          the car with her father and they leave together.  Rodney gives 
          Lee the third degree about why he deliberately annoyed Elliot, 
          Allison's father.  Lee snidely asks how he should know that 
          they were father and daughter being that their last names are 
          different.  [Lee comes across to your reviewer as the kind of 
          mechanic who would leave fresh ashes in the previously clean 
          ash tray, grease on the seats, tunes the radio to the wrong 
          station, and smudges the rear view mirror.] 
Scene 4:  Leslie enters the General Store and asks Eli to encourage 
          Norman to attend college.  Eli ruminates over this as Elliot 
          enters.  Elliot, Eli, and Leslie talk about Lee's bad attitude.  
          Leslie comments that Lee is an excellent mechanic and Rodney 
          had better keep him because he doesn't yet know the business. 

Scene 5:  Ann Howard enters Steven's office as he is chatting on the 
          phone with Betty.  Steven comments on Ann's entrance and Betty 
          displays a little jealousy.  Ann identifies herself as "the 
          accused girl on the bluff, Sailors' Bluff."  They discuss the 
          Chris Webber incident.  Ann states bluntly that she came to 
          Peyton Place to clear her name, and that she firmly believes 
          she did not push him.  Steven says it might well be impossible 
          to learn what really happened 17 years ago.  Ann says that she 
          must find out the truth even if she finds out she really did 
          it, because the doubts are harder to live with than knowing the 
          truth.  Ann wanders over to the square near the Pillory. 

Preview:  Allison talks with Constance.  Ann talks to Rossi.  At the 
          Shoreline teen hangout, Lee slaps Sandy and Rodney intercedes. 

          AM:  Did you tell my father about our talk?
          CM:  No.  What makes you think I would?

          AH:  All around me, laughing and yelling, turning me around.  I 
               was so scared I could hardly stand.

          RH:  Hey, knock it off.
Ann Howard-Susan Oliver.
Lee Webber-Stephen Oliver.
Steven's phone number is 311-555-7171.
The words ersatz and faux have similar meanings, but they 
  are in no way interchangeable.