Episode 209.
          Ann Howard confides in Dr. Rossi.  Rodney meets Sandy Webber at 
          the Shoreline. 
WA:       Seventeen years ago, a frightened, hysterical girl was accused 
          of deliberately pushing a boy over a cliff, causing his 
          blindness.  Ann Howard, a stranger in a familiar place.  Now 
          she has come back to Peyton Place.  It will take all her new 
          found courage to face the scene of the tragedy again.  The 
          beach house now occupied by Dr. Michael Rossi. 

Intro:    Colonial Post Inn clerk handing mail and messages to Dr. Rossi.  
          Rossi walks up to Ann Howard. 

Scene 1:  Bartender Fred Draper serves Rossi and Ann Howard drinks at the 
          Colonial Post Inn.  Ann tells Michael that she was on the 
          bluff.  Michael had noticed her as the beautiful girl.  

          Steven and Betty are in the bar and Betty asks who that is.  
          Steven says, "Dr. Rossi."  Betty, of course, was referring to 
          the girl with him.  They walk over to greet Dr. Rossi.  Betty 
          presently asks about Ann Howard.  Betty is referring to the 
          mysterious female phone caller that was Ann Howard.  But Steven 
          and Betty don't know she is one and the same person. 

Scene 2:  In the livingroom of the Mackenzie-Carson house, Allison mopes 
          around because of her feelings for Rodney.  Constance talks 
          with Allison about her relationship with Rodney.  

          Rodney rings the door chimes.  Allison tells Constance that she 
          and Rodney are going to the Shoreline.  Allison goes to the 
          front door and greets Rodney and invites him in.  Elliot 
          congratulates Rodney concerning the Shoreline Garage and offers 
          to give him some free advertising.  Allison and Rodney leave 
          for the Shoreline Cafe teen hangout. 

Scene 3:  Loud raucous noise which was considered by the participants to 
          be music is playing at the Shoreline.  Sandy Webber 
          comes up and begins to do a number on Rodney.  She identifies 
          him as Rita's brother-in-law.  Sandy asks Rodney to dance.  He 
          sidesteps the invitation.  At this point in time, Rodney 
          doesn't know that she is Lee Webber's wife.  Sandy says that 
          she has been out of town for a while but now she is back.  
          Sandy asks Rodney if he and Allison are a couple.  He says that 
          they are.  Rodney checks out Sandy as she is leaving.  Allison 
          has been staring at Sandy and as Rodney arrives at the table 
          she gets up and dances with Norman.  When they take off Sandy 
          comes up and "accidentally" spills a drink on Rita.  Sandy says 
          that she is sorry and Rita says that she bets she is. 

          Rita is annoyed and heads for the ladies room.  Sandy notes 
          that there are only the two of them now.  Sandy gets Rodney to 

          Lee comes in the Shoreline, goes out on the dance floor, and 
          slaps Sandy.  Lee tells Rodney that Sandy is his wife.  
          The crowd quiets down.  Lee has thrown a damper on things and 
          the music stops.  Rodney and Allison follow Lee and Sandy up 
          the stairs and out the door.  The music and dancing resume. 

Scene 4:  Outside the Shoreline, in Rodney's convertible, Rodney and 
          Allison are smooching.  Allison is a bit cool but admits of her 
          desire for Rodney and her mother's lack of understanding.  
          Allison intimates that going further would be irresponsible.  
          Rodney appears to understand and they look lovingly into each 
          other's eyes.  Rodney tells Allison that she will last a 
          lifetime because of her purity. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi is cooking for Ann at the beach cottage.  He mentions 
          that he only began to cook when he moved to the cottage.  He 
          mentions paying 3 nickels for a fried egg sandwich [at the NYC 
          Automat].  Ann sneaks out and again goes to the edge of the 
          bluff.  She becomes uneasy and tells Rossi that she wants to go 
          home.  Rossi helps her back inside the cottage and Ann relives 
          her horrors of the incident, how the children tied the 
          handkerchief around her eyes and twirled her around.  The 
          children chased her and pushed her until she pushed back.  
          Suddenly she heard a scream and she removed the handkerchief.  
          The children became as pale as ghosts and screamed "She did 
          it," as a young boy [Chris Webber] lay bleeding at the bottom 
          of the cliff.  Ann becomes hysterical and Michael produces a 
          sedative.  Ann lies back on the couch. 

Preview:  Sandy talks with Rodney.  Rossi talks to Ann.  Hannah talks 
          with Betty. 

          SW:  You're a tough customer, Mr. Harrington.
          RH:  I don't like playing games.
          SW:  Anytime?

          MR:  You'll never be able to keep a thing like that a secret in 
               a town like Peyton Place, and you know it.

          HC:  People will be watching you this time.  There may be talk.
          BA:  Talk about what?
          HC:  Rodney.

Fred Draper, CPI bartender-Fred Draper.