Episode 210.
          Allison questions her future with Rodney. 
WA:       Seventeen years ago, Ann Howard was held responsible for a 
          tragic accident, the blinding of another child.  Last night, 
          she felt compelled to return to the scene of the accident, the 
          bluff outside Michael Rossi's beach house. 

Intro:    The wharf.  Dr. Rossi and Ann drive by the Shoreline Garage and 
          Joe's Boat Repair.  They park and get out to go in the Cider 

Scene 1:  Charlie is at the front counter of the Cider Barrel Cafe on the 
          wharf as Dr. Rossi and Ann come in to eat breakfast and talk.  
          Rossi orders two longshoremen's breakfasts.  They 
          recall the previous evening when Ann missed dinner because she 
          had passed out after Rossi gave her a tranquilizer.  Ann 
          rambles on concerning her desire to find the truth about the 
          incident at the bluff.  She tells him that she went to see 
          Steven, but he turned her down.  Rossi warns her that her job 
          as a therapist at Doctors Hospital could be threatened if her 
          true reasons for coming back to town are revealed.  It has 
          never been easy to keep secrets in Peyton Place.  Rossi says, 
          "You know you can't keep a secret like that in a town like 
          Peyton Place."  This disturbs her and she rushes out without 
          eating her breakfast. 

Scene 2:  Steven Cord drives over to the Shoreline Garage to talk with 
          Lee Webber.  Steven begins making friendly overtures, reminding 
          Lee how he liked to play with the Webber brothers and their 
          friends.  He says he always wanted to be like Lee.  Lee doesn't 
          buy this line and Steven gets back to the point inquiring about 
          Chris.  Lee says that even after three operations Chris will 
          always be blind.  But he will never be found on the town square 
          selling pencils from a tin cup.  He won't become a charity case 
          because Lee paid his full tuition for college.  Steven opines 
          that if Lee hadn't paid Chris' way through college he could 
          have owned the Shoreline Garage.  Lee sarcastically thanks 
          Steven for getting his boss off the murder rap because now he 
          has the pleasure and opportunity of working for Rodney.  The 
          conversation ends on guarded terms and Lee is justifiably 

Scene 3:  In the Carson kitchen, Allison complains to her mother that her 
          coldness (frigidity) might endanger her relationship with 
          Rodney.  Allison tells her mother about the incident at the 
          Shoreline when Rodney danced with Sandy Webber.  Allison says 
          that confident girls like Sandy are a threat to her 
          relationship with Rodney.  

Scene 4:  Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Hannah, who is pecking on the 
          typewriter, begins to interrogate Betty on the motives for 
          Betty going back to work.  She should be home, catering to her 
          new husband's every need.  Hannah cryptically [inferentially] 
          warns Betty that the town will gossip about her working in the 
          same house [under the same roof] where her ex-husband, Rodney, 

Scene 5:  Rodney is sipping coffee at the Cider Barrel as Sandy drops in.  
          Charlie complains about Sandy quitting her job as waitress, 
          twice.  Her clientele leaves, she asks for her job back, and 
          the clientele return.  He is becoming tired of playing "ring 
          around the counter, all over again."  Sandy begins to flirt 
          with Rodney but he tells her to back off because she is 
          Lee's wife.  Sandy picks up a rag and resumes her work at the 
          Cider Barrel.  She has been out of town, she explains, but now 
          she's back. 

Scene 6:  Rodney returns to the Shoreline Garage and finds Lee tightening 
          lug nuts.  Lee warns Rodney to stay away from his sweet, tender 
          wife.  However, he does take the opportunity to goad Rodney by 
          pointing out how beautiful Sandy is.  He tells a story about 
          how he said "no" to Sandy when some fraternity boys wanted to 
          make her Queen of the Dance or something.  She cried 
          every night for about a week and he felt so guilty that he went 
          out and found a college boy to pick a fight with.  Sandy hasn't 
          had much of a life.  Lee says he's more patient now, but he is 
          really warning Rodney that he better "look but don't touch "his 
          sweet, tender wife." 

Scene 7:  In the therapy room of Doctors Hospital, Ann is teaching a 
          little girl to bend her fingers while playing the piano.  The 
          little girl asks when her mother will be there.  Ann tells her 
          in about an hour.  Steven Cord walks in and tells Ann that he 
          will help her find out who really pushed Chris.  He admits that 
          he went along with the rest of the kids seventeen years ago and 
          accused her of pushing Chris off the bluff.  Ann was an easy 
          mark because she was hysterical.  He says that he owes it to 
          her to help.  Steven warns her that he might wind up proving 
          that Ann really did the evil deed after all.  Ann walks back 
          over to the upright piano, sits, and hugs the little girl who 
          is tickling the ivories. 

Preview:  Steven talks with Ann.  Allison talks with Sandy Webber.  
          Hannah Cord talks with Martin Peyton. 

          SC:  You'll have to do more than guess, miss Howard.  If you 
               are going to refute those charges, you'll have to come up 
               with an alternate set of facts.

          AM:  Are you just friends with Lee Webber? 
          SW:  We're married. 
          AM:  That is what I thought.  I bet that is what your husband 
               thinks, too.

          HC:  Ann Colby is back.  It has happened.  
          MP:  Hannah.