Episode 211.
          Norman reaches a decision.
WA:       For Betty Anderson, now Mrs. Steven Cord, the realization that 
          the mysterious phone call her husband received while on their 
          honeymoon was from Ann Howard, a prospective client, appeases 
          her somewhat jealous nature.  But for Ann Howard, it was an 
          urgent call enlisting Steven's help.  Now, Ann is about to 
          embark on a mission, a mission in search of the truth.  The 
          truth about her past. 

Scene 1:  In his law office, Steven Cord tells Ann Howard that he has 
          photostatic copies of the police report of the incident.
          Ann Howard balks about going over the records.   Steven tells 
          her that it is "now or never" so Ann eventually agrees to 
          read it. [The Xerox® copier became in popular use shortly 
          after the end of the series.] 

Scene 2:  Norman Harrington comes in the Pharmacy and tells Rita that 
          her nagging has paid off.  He has decided to attend college.  
          Constance comes in for her vitamins, for her pregnancy.  
          Norman announces to Constance that he will attend college but 
          doesn't know yet what his major will be.  Presently he leaves 
          and Constance and Rita talk about babies.  Rita stares 
          wistfully at container of Johnson & Johnson® baby powder and 
          a picture of an infant. 

Scene 3:  In Steven's office, Ann is reading the police report and 
          having audio flashbacks of screaming children on the bluff.  
          Steven seems to be in pain as she reads the report aloud.  
          The report says that "the Webber boy states that Ann Howard 
          deliberately pushed his brother off the bluff."  Ann tells 
          Steven about her lonely childhood and how she sought out the 
          other children.  She recalls taking off the blindfold right 
          before the boy fell.  She says she presumed that she had 
          pushed the boy because everyone said she did.  Ann says she 
          had a nervous breakdown some months after the accident.  She 
          she followed that with a bad marriage.  Steven asked why she 
          waited so long to return to Peyton Place.  She replies that 
          she could never wake up without thinking of the accident on 
          the bluff.  She speculates on why she was accused of pushing 
          Chris Webber when she never even knew him.  Steven says he 
          can't imagine why either.  

Scene 4:  Ann walks onto the square and has another daymare, the shrill 
          scream of a child, ringing in her ear.  Allison and Rodney 
          enter the Cider Barrel and Sandy entices Rodney right in 
          front of Allison.  Allison mentions that she saw Norman at 
          Peyton College.  On his way out the diner, Rodney empathizes 
          with Sandy about her being hit by Lee at the Shoreline.  
          [episode 209].  Allison is still nibbling on her sandwich so 
          Sandy seizes the oportunity to question her relationship with 
          Rodney.  Allison reminds Sandy that she is married. 

Scene 5:  Steven comes home to the mansion and asks Hannah if she 
          recalls the accident at the bluff when Chris was blinded.  
          Hannah becomes uncomfortable when Steven informs her that the 
          woman accused is named Ann Colby.  Hannah says she barely 
          remembers the incident and wants to know why Ann would want 
          to bring it up again.  Betty and Steven leave. 

Scene 6:  Hannah informs  Martin that Ann Colby is back in town.  
          Peyton says, "God help us, Hannah."  [Martin Peyton is 
          without a doubt, a very religious man.  Your reviewer first 
          came to this conclusion when it was noted that Peyton doesn't 
          have a television set.  He has a high fidelity grammaphone.  
          Then again he might be waiting for HDTV.] 

Preview:  Ada talks to Rita.  Hannah talks with Martin.  Elliot talks 
          with Ann Howard.  

          AJ:  I was a rotten mother.  But I learned.  Let me help you, 

          HC:  I'm going to find out.  
          MP:  No. Hannah.  The last thing we want to do is to put 
               Steven on edge. 

          EC:  If it isn't absolutely necessary, don't pick up that 
          AH:  I have to.