Episode 212.
          Rita tells of her illness and her pregnancy.

WA:       Ann Howard is new to the staff at Doctors Hospital.  But she is 
          not new to Peyton Place.  It's been 17 years since she was last 
          in town and most people have forgotten her.  But others have 
          reason to remember her well. 

Intro:    Ann Howard walks past the Lobster shack toward the courthouse. 

Scene 1:  Hannah is telling Martin about the return of Ann Howard.  
          Hannah says that she has become a lovely young woman.  Hannah 
          tells him that Ann is now a physical therapist.  Martin 
          comments it is only fitting that Ann would want to put people 
          back together.  Hannah asks why she came back.  Peyton says the 
          last thing they want to do is to put Steven on edge.  All they 
          can do is wait and see what happens. 

Scene 2:  In their new home, given them as a wedding present by Hannah, 
          Steven recounts the incident to Betty.  Ann was only eleven.  
          Betty asks why he is telling her about the incident.  He feels 
          guilty for going along with the children in blaming Ann.  He 
          says it's a human problem, not a legal problem.  Steven is 
          intrigued by the whole thing. 

Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi and Ann Howard are walking on the wharf and encounter 
          Rita.  He tells Ann that Rita is the girl who straightened out 
          Norman.  Rita says that the whole town is looking for a girl 
          for Dr. Rossi.  She is pleased to see the two of them together.  
          Rita says that she must go before she puts her other foot in 
          her mouth.  Rossi tells Ann how Rita and Norman met and 
          married.  He says that this is not the Hans Christian Anderson 
          version.  This is the Grimm version. 

Scene 4:  An upset Rita is and chatting with her mother in the living 
          area back of the Tavern.  Rita informs her mother that she 
          is pregnant.  Rita is distressed and talks about Norman's 
          pride and his unwillingness to accept money from his father.  
          Rita bemoans her sad fate.  Rita agrees to see Dr. Rossi 
          the following day.  [Back in those days, the typical wait to 
          see the doctor was ten or twenty minutes.]

          Norman bursts in with flowers and announces that he wants to 
          be fed.  Ada says she will cook and ushers Rita and Norman 
          into the other room. 


Ada is fixing a salad in the living area of the Tavern.

AJ:  Are you going to tell me or am I going to have to guess?
AJ:  Norman been giving you a hard time?
RJ:  Of course not.
RJ:  Mom, ... I'm pregnant.
Ada sits.
AJ:  Honey, are you sure?
AJ:  I mean, well have you been to see the doctor yet?
RJ:  Uh, uh.  But I've been at work.  I feeling horrible. 
RJ:  I feel horrible.
AJ:  Well, You're got to start taking care of yourself.
AJ:  You can't run around, you know,  the way you do.
AJ:  Look at you, a puff of wind would blow you away.
AJ:  You can always afford to have a baby.
AJ:  Don't say that.
RJ:  Not Norman and me.
RJ:  He's going back to college no matter what.
RJ:  He has a thing about taking care 
RJ:  real husband.
RJ:  I'll have to quit my job and quit school.
RJ:  You see, mom.  We couldn't make a go of it, we couldn't.
AJ:  You're not thinking straight.
AJ:  First of all, there's me.
AJ:  I don't know about Leslie Harrington.
AJ:  I kind of fancy myself as a grandmother.
AJ:    and real
RJ:  No, mom.
AJ:  Now wait a minute.
AJ:  Listen to me.
AJ:  Norman can go to college.  He should.
AJ:  And I'll take care of you for the next couple of years.
RJ:  It won't work.  You just don't know Norman.
AJ:  I know, I've got nothing and nobody to spend my money on except my baby.
AJ:  I'll set up a bank account.  And you kids can spend it as you want.
AJ:  Look, I was a rotten mother.
AJ:  I know.
AJ:  And I'll make the greatest grandmother a kid ever had.
AJ:  I want a grandchild.  Let me help.
AJ:  Please.
RJ:  I can't.
AJ:  Why not?
RJ:  Norman won't take any money from you.
AJ:  He doesn't have to know.
AJ:  Tell him a rich uncle died.
RJ:  I can't lie to him.
AJ:  Does Norman know you're pregnant?
RJ:  No.
AJ:  Well, that's no reason.
RJ:  I don't want to lie.
RJ:  I want to have Norman's baby.  Some day.  Not now.
RJ:  I took a big chance marrying Norman.
RJ:  I thought if I could make him go to college, ...
RJ:  If I could just stay out of his way and make him happy.
RJ:  I never thought this would happen.
AJ:  Well, it has.  It has.
RJ:  If we have this baby, it will be too much for him.
RF:  He won't take help from his father, or you.
RJ:  He wants to prove he can do it alone.
RJ:  Me, college, and the baby.  It won't work.
RJ:  It will be the end, of us.  Our marriage.
RJ:  Me.
AJ:  You don't even know yet, for sure.
AJ:  Go see Dr. Rossi.  Tomorrow.
RJ:  Okay, mom.  Sure.

Norman knocks and bursts in with flowers and hands them to Ada.
She sniffs.

NH:  I picked them myself.
NH:  This is a bribe.
NH:  Would it be too late for xxx to show Mrs. Harrington how to 
     cook something besides hash?
NH:  There is a runmor around town that you can cook so well that 
     all the gourmets of Europe will stop by this modest little 
     tavern for a little morsel from the xxx from your charming 
     little daughter.
NH:  I'm staved.
AJ:  Dinner will be ready in a minute.
NH:  Why did you leave so early?
NH:  I thought I would learn to cook an aritchoke.
NH:  Well, did you?
RJ:  Of course not.
NH:  Why not?
RJ:  We're having hash for dinner.
AJ:  Out, out.
AJ:  Dinner will be ready in a minute.

Norman frowns.

Scene 5:  In the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is under the steering column of 
          an old Chevrolet going through the motions of being a mechanic.  
          Sandy Webber comes in and begins doing a number on him.  She 
          asks if Lee is around.  Rodney politely says no.  She sits on 
          the front seat beside him.  She asks why he bought the place
          and inquires why he hasn't fired Lee yet.  Rodney asks, "Why 
          should I?"  Sandy continues that Lee is no gentleman and that 
          Rodney doesn't even seem to care.  Rodney calls her "Mrs. Webber" 
          and says that a gentleman would always call her "Mrs. Webber."  
          Sandy mentions Chris and compares him to Rodney because they 
          have both suffered.  Rodney with his trial and Chris with his 
          handicap.  Rodney says that there is no comparison because the 
          blindness of Chris continues.  [This is the setup for the 
          return of Chris.]  Rodney asks why she came back.  Sandy says 
          she misses him.  Rodney says that Lee will be back soon.  Sandy 
          says she was talking about Chris.  About then, Lee comes in 
          looking jealous of their exchange.  He says, "Hello Mr. 
          Harrington.  Hello Mrs. Webber.  He gives Sandy a big kiss 
          right after he tells her to leave.  Lee was showing off to 
          Rodney.  Rodney says, "Put this in there." 
Scene 6:  In the Chandlery, Elliot is looking at a preliminary ad for the 
          new General Store with Eli as Ann Howard comes in.  Ann advises 
          Eli on the newspaper ad.  Elliot thanks Ann and leaves.  She 
          asks for a screwdriver and other things she will need to 
          decorate the apartment at Mrs. Hewitt's.  As she leaves the 
          store she runs into Betty and Hannah and a round of 
          introductions are made.  This is very uncomfortable for the 
          distressed Hannah Cord.  Hannah offers Ann a ride to the 
          hospital. [One half block east.] The limo drives up outside 
          Doctors Hospital and Betty and Hannah get out.  

Scene 7:  Ann goes in the Clarion and asks Elliot if the story of her 
          "Return to Peyton Place" is big news.  Elliot comments that 
          it isn't and that she is just looking for notoriety.  Elliot 
          warns her of the problems of bringing up the past but he does
          promise her his support.  He wishes "good luck" as she leaves. 

Preview:  Allison talks to Rodney.  Hannah talks with Martin.  Norman 
          talks to the new pharmacist. 

          AM:  I belong with you, anywhere.  I don't want to wait til 
               you're more successful.  I don't want to wait.

          HC:  Stop it Martin.
          MP:  Hannah.  
          HC:  But this is serious.  
          MP:  Do as I say.

          NH:  What happened?  What happened?