Episode 213.
          Rossi urges Ann to confess to Dr. Morton.

WA:       This morning, Betty Anderson and her new mother-in-law, Hannah 
          Cord, went into town on a shopping expedition.  For Betty it 
          was routine.  But for Mrs. Cord it brought a culmination of a 
          lifelong fear. 

MEL:      Dr. Rossi wants Ann Howard to admit that she knows she didn't 
          push Chris Webber off Sailors Bluff 17 years ago.  Elizabeth 
          had been killed and Elliot was in prison at the time Chris was 

Intro:    The limousine returns Betty and Hannah to the mansion. 

Scene 1:  Betty and Hannah Cord return to the mansion after their 
          shopping expedition.  Betty goes upstairs.  Hannah tells Martin 
          that she saw Ann Howard.  Hannah is wringing her gloved hands 
          and Peyton tells her to get a grip.  He says that they must 
          sit tight and see what Ann will do.  Peyton says, "Do as I say, 
          leave things alone." 

Scene 2:  At Doctors Hospital, Dr. Rossi warns Ann Howard about problems 
          that lie ahead and that she really must tell Dr. Morton the 
          reason she has returned to Peyton Place. 

Scene 3:  Rita collapses in the Pharmacy.  Norman carries her upstairs to 
          the apartment.  She tells him that she is okay.

Scene 4:  Betty is at home decorating and performing her other wifely 
          duties.  Steven arrives home and Betty complains that she looks 
          a mess.  Betty talks about how she thought she always had to 
          look perfect for Rodney.  Steven nuzzles her and says she 
          always looks perfect. 

Scene 5:  At the apartment, Rita finally confesses to Norman that she 
          "thinks" she may be pregnant.  Norman says that he will quit 
          school.  Rita counters that she would rather work instead.  
          Rita wants Norman to take her mother's money and stay in 
          college.  Norman says he doesn't want to.  Rita agrees to go 
          see Dr. Rossi. 

Scene 6:  Hannah Cord goes in the Peyton Professional building and slips 
          an ominous note under the Clarion door.  She has no intentions 
          to follow Martin Peyton's advice or instructions. 

Scene 7:  Rodney and Allison greet Elliot as he is going in the Clarion.  
          They swap some trivial chit-chat about no good movies playing 
          and where they had eaten.  Elliot discovers the note that 
          Hannah had left and looks grim as he reads it.  

Scene 8:  Rodney and Allison go in the Cider Barrel and Allison informs 
          him that she is ready to get married.  Rodney says he wants to 
          arrive first like Steven before he takes a wife.  [Is the 
          garage business an idea of a possible arrival?]  Allison 
          insists that she doesn't want to wait any longer to get 
          married.  Constance enters the diner, sits in another area, 
          and orders a banana split.  Rodney and Allison get up to 
          leave and Constance tells them how happy she is to be 
          "pigging-out" due to her pregnancy. 

Scene 9:  Elliot drives out to the beach cottage to show Dr. Rossi the 
          ominous note that Hannah Cord slipped under the door of the 
          Clarion.  It is a contrived note about how therapist Ann Howard 
          is a threat to handicapped children because of the accident she 
          purportedly caused seventeen years ago.  Dr. Rossi partially 
          defends the substance of the note, saying parents of 
          handicapped children are often quite sensitive about their 
          children's caregivers.  Elliot and Rossi expect turmoil for Ann 
          Howard when her story finally comes out.

Preview:  Allison talks to Rodney.  Dr. Rossi talks to Dr. Morton.  Lee 
          talks with Sandy. 

          AM:  Everything has changed between us hasn't it?  If we can't 
               be close, then we can't be anything at all.  Isn't that 

          MR:  As professional men, is it fair for us to condemn miss 
               Howard for the rest of her life?  Can we judge her, try 
               her, sentence her?  Can we?

          LW:  Knock it off, Sandy.
          SW:  I beg you.