Episode 214.
          Dr. Morton has no choice.
WA:       Michael Rossi is determined to be of help to Ann Howard.  In 
          doing so, he finds he must threaten the order and purpose her 
          job as physical therapist at Doctors Hospital gives her.  
          Now, armed with the knowledge that an anonymous "poison pen" 
          letter attacking her has been sent to the Clarion, he 
          confronts Ann Howard, not knowing that this letter was 
          written by Hannah Cord. 

Intro:    Rossi get out of his car and goes up the steps to the main, 
          east entrance of Doctors Hospital.   

Scene 1:  Ann Howard is helping Nancy, a little dark haired girl, paint 
          as Dr. Rossi comes in the therapy room.  He tells her that 
          Elliot Carson brought him an anonymous letter about Ann.  
          Rossi says he doesn't think that Elliot would print it.  He 
          tells her that she must tell Dr. Morton who she really is, 

Scene 2:  In the mansion, Peyton is looking at the newspaper and Hannah 
          asks if there is anything new.  Peyton says, "No.  Just the 
          usual murders, wars, plagues, insurrections all over the 
          world."  Hannah agonizes over the arrival of Ann Colby Howard 
          in Peyton Place.  Peyton orders her not to do anything about 
          it.  But Hannah already has. 

Scene 3:  Ann Howard starts to telephone Dr. Morton from the therapy 
          room, but changes her mind and hangs up the phone. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi goes into Dr. Morton's office and knocks.  Rossi 
          comes in and confronts Morton in defense of Ann Howard.  Dr. 
          Rossi wisely points out that people in small towns should 
          find better things to do with their time.  All that some 
          people are going to do is dredge up the past.  Rossi says 
          that Ann is a highly qualified physical therapist. 

Scene 5:  Norman and Rita go to the hospital to find out if Rita is 
          pregnant.  Leslie walks over and tells Norman that he is 
          there for his annual physical.  He lectures Norman, in his 
          own way, about going to college.  Norman tells Leslie that 
          Rita is visiting Sally Bates, a friend from school. 

Scene 6:  Rita and Dr. Rossi chat about the possibility of her being 
          pregnant.  Rita doesn't really want a baby at this time.  She 
          doesn't want to be a millstone around Norman's neck at this 
Scene 7:  Rodney returns a motorcycle up to the Shoreline Garage, and 
          is greeted by Mooney, the owner of the bike who has been 
          waiting.  Rodney asks for $16.00.  Mooney says he wants to 
          check it first.  He says he will be right back and rides off.  
          Allison walks up and begins to talk with Rodney.  She brought 
          him lunch.  He asks how Constance is.  Allison says that 
          everyting has changed between them.  She laments that "If 
          they can't be close they can't be anything at all."  Mooney 
          comes back and pays Rodney the $16.00.  He says that if it 
          starts missing again he will be back. 

Scene 8:  Eli enters the Clarion and finds Elliot typing away like 
          Clark Kent at the Daily Planet.  He tells Elliot that he was 
          given $40.00 for a rocking chair.  He expounds on the origins 
          and evolution of rocking chairs to Elliot.  [He should have 
          saved this treat for Paul Hanley who expressed a keen 
          interest in rocking chairs in episode 49.]  They talk about 
          the incident at the bluff and Eli says he felt partially 
          responsible because the children played on the bluff out of 
          curiosity over Elizabeth Carson's death in the cottage. 

Scene 9:  At the Shoreline Garage, Lee and Steven rehash the incident 
          at Sailors' bluff 17 years ago.  Lee is evasive when Steven 
          recalls not being sure if Ann Howard had actually pushed 
          Chris.  Sandy is in the background listening.  Steven 
          questions Lee about his brother's early years.  Was he a 
          clumsy child?  Did the other kids pick on him?  Steven calls 
          Sandy "The President of my brother's fan club."  Steven 

          Sandy says, "You really spread it on with a shovel."  Lee 
          gets edgy after Steven leaves.  Sandy wants to know why Lee 
          decided to hide Chris away in Boston at the law school.  Lee 
          gets upset and lifts his hand to slap Sandy.  Rodney 
          intercedes, grabbing Lee's wrist.  Lee says, "You sure do 
          know how to get involved in other people's business. 

Preview:  Norman talks with Rodney.  Ann talks to Morton.  Hannah talks 
          to Martin Peyton. 

          NH:  Forget the charity.  
          RH:  Norm, what is it?  Are you in trouble or something. 

          AH:  I have never had to beg for a job, anywhere.  Doctor, 
               I'm begging now. 

          HC:  Every time I step outside this House, I am terrified.  
               You were so sure your money could bury the truth. 

Sally Bates-only mentioned.
Mooney, biker.
Paul Hanley also had an obsession with rocking chairs.