Episode 215.
          Norman ignores Rodney's advice.
WA:       Ann Howard, the newest member of the staff of Doctors 
          Hospital, has taken a gamble.  She deliberately withheld 
          facts about her past when she applied for her appointment.  
          And against Dr. Michael Rossi's advice, she has refused to 
          correct the omission. 

Intro:    Ann Howard walks by the Information Desk and into Dr. Rossi's 
          office, and back to the Information Desk.  She looks at a 
          schedule on a clip board and walks to the lab where Dr. Rossi 
          is working. 

Scene 1:  Ann is angry at Dr. Rossi because he talked with Dr. Morton 
          about her.  She says that Morton wants to see her.  She 
          reminds Rossi that he promised not to tell Morton about her.  
          Rossi explains that Morton already knew, because he had 
          received a copy of the poison pen letter that was given to 
          the Clarion.  Rossi tells her that she should have gone to 
          Morton before. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Morton ushers Ann into his office and confronts her with 
          the incident alluded to in the letter.  Ann says the incident 
          happened 17 years ago and she deserves to keep her job.  She 
          says she went into physical therapy in order to make up for 
          what people say she had done.  He says that an 
          unsigned letter carries little weight.  Instead of firing 
          her, Dr. Morton puts her on probation.  Ann thanks him and 

Scene 3:  Norman and Rita drive to the Pharmacy and chat for a moment 
          outside before going in.  Rita thanks the girl who is running 
          the Pharmacy for filling in for her.  Norman chats with 
          Allison about his going to college.  Norman tells Rita that 
          he is taking her out to dinner that night.  He excuses 
          himself and leaves.  Rita and Allison chat for a moment.  
          Betty enters greets Allison and then chats with Rita about 
          decorating her new house.  Rita asks Betty if she has gotten 
          used to being called Mrs. Cord.  Betty talks to Allison about 
          decorating the house.  She asks about Rodney and gets rather 
          negative feedback.  Allison says that it is funny how their 
          lives have changed in just one year.  Betty tells Allison 
          goodbye and leaves. 

Scene 4:  Elliot and Constance walk over to the bandstand across from 
          the Peyton Professional Building and begin to discuss 
          Allison.  Elliot tells her that he is worried about Allison, 
          and wishing he had always been there for her.  Elliot wonders 
          aloud if Allison and Rodney consider themselves engaged. 

Scene 5:  Norman comes into the Shoreline Garage and asks Rodney if he 
          can work nights at the garage.  Norman tells Rodney that he 
          is worried that Rita is pregnant and discusses their grim 
          future if she is.  Rodney asks Norman when he will study.  
          Norman says that if he doesn't work more, they will be living 
          on canned beans. 

Scene 6:  Steven and Betty are in their suite at the Inn as Ann Howard 
          calls.  Ann tells Steven that someone wants to run her out of 
          town.  Steven tells her that he will meet her in the bar at 
          the Colonial Post Inn in a couple of minutes.  Betty is 
          annoyed as usual.  After completing the call with Ann, Steven 
          talks briefly with Betty about Lee Webber.  

Scene 7:  At the Inn, Steven tells Ann that he had intended to call 
          her.  He comments that when he went tot he garage, Lee was 
          quite civil, rather out of character.  Steven has apparently 
          fallen for Lee's act.  Ann wants to pursue the case all the 
          way and gives Steven a "retainer" fee. 

Scene 8:  At the mansion, Martin Peyton scolds Hannah Cord for writing 
          the poison pen letter that she slipped under the 
          Clarion door.  Hannah says that she typed the letter on plain 
          bond paper and it can't be traced to her.  She says that she 
          is living in fear that Steven will discover that Ann Howard 
          is actually his twin sister. 

Scene 9:  As they leave the Colonial Post Inn, Steven escorts Ann 
          Howard to a taxi which is waiting directly in front of the 
          Inn and assures her that he is ready to assist her whenever 
          she need him.  She is driven from the Inn. 

Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Norman and Rita.  Betty talks with 
          Steven.  Peyton talks with the young lawyer Wainwright.  
          Martin Peyton slams his fist on the table. 

          MR:  Until you're ready to look at having children as a 
               miraculous event, you're not going to be ready to have 
               children at all. 
          NH:  Come on doctor, let's have it straight.  Is it something 

          BA:  There's a lot more to it than just walking into the 
               house and doing my job, isn't there? 
          SC:  The word is spy.

          MP:  I want every possible state and federal loophole blocked.
          WW:  I wonder if it's possible.
          MP:  It's got [slams fist] to be possible.