Episode 217.

          Peyton tells Rodney that he has changed his will. 

WA:       Most of the days of Lee Webber's life have been ordinary. 
          Today, he finds himself a man with a mission.  For Lee has 
          learned that a woman who calls herself Ann Howard has 
          returned to Peyton Place.  Now, Lee Webber must find her and 
          confront her. 

Intro:    Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Shoreline Garage.  Lee Webber walking on 
          the wharf toward the Cider Barrel. 

Scene 1:  As Lee Webber is going into the Cider Barrel, he almost bumps 
          into Ann Howard who is just coming out.  Sandy Webber is 
          waiting tables and Lee asks her who the girl is.  She reminds 
          Lee that she is not the social director.  Sandy is obviously 
          not in a good mood.  Lee asks Sandy why she got up early and 
          left.  She said that she did not want to disturb him.  Lee 
          asks what time Rodney usually comes in.  They talk and argue.  
          Lee tells Sandy to find out about the girl the next time she 
          comes in.  Sandy tells Lee that the girl is a doctor or 
          something at the hospital.  Lee tells her that the girl is 
          Ann Colby, the girl who shoved Chris off the bluff.  Sandy 
          asks Lee if he is sure.  He says that he is going to make 
          sure.  Lee leaves headed toward the Shoreline Garage.  

Scene 2:  Steven and Betty drive up to the mansion in Steven's 
          convertible.  They talk a while before going into the house.  
          Steven says that if he is Peyton's son and if he is 
          re-writeing his will, he wants someone to remind the old man 
          of his obligation to Steven Cord.  Betty gets out of the car 
          and goes in the mansion. 

          Peyton is sitting in the dining room at the table.  Peyton is 
          reading the paper and Rodney is reading an automotive manual.  
          Peyton tells Rodney that he is revising his will.  That is 
          why Wainwright has come from Boston.  [Apparently from the 

          Betty talks with Rodney about Wainwright and other things.  
          Rodney tells Betty that all ex-husbands need to be used. 

          Betty goes into the dining room and visits with Martin 
          Peyton.  Peyton is still reading and eating breakfast. 

Scene 3:  Rossi brings his car to the Shoreline Garage.  Lee is inside 
          operating a differential pulley [usually used for pulling 
          engines].  Rodney referred to this as a "hoist."  Rossi 
          tells Lee that he is looking for Rodney.  Lee says that 
          Rodney isn't there and offers to help.  Lee asks if he is Dr. 
          Rossi and if he still works at Doctors Hospital.  Rossi says 
          that he is and he does.  Rossi says his brakes have gone soft 
          on him.  Rossi asks for a loaner car.  Lee says that Rodney 
          hasn't gotten one yet but offers the doctor his car.  Rossi 
          leaves.  Lee says to himself, "No problem at all." 

Scene 4:  Allison goes to visit Dr. Rossi in his office at Doctors 
          Hospital.  Rossi examines her left hand and says that she is 
          making excellent progress.  He allows that she must have been 
          following her exercise program.  She is uncharacteristically 
          sarcastic and says that she has been doing her exercises, has 
          been maintaining her diet, and drinking 8 glasses of water 
          every day.  Allison says that she is going around all day 
          having feelings.  She is on the verge of tears all the time.  
          Rossi asks how Rodney is.  She says that he is busy in his 
          garage all the time.  Allison says that she is confused.  She 
          has lots of questions.  Like why doesn't being in love make 
          you happy?  Rossi asks her why she thinks life should come in 
          a neat package.  Allison wonders if maybe she was happier 
          when she didn't understand what was happening.  Rossi says 
          that he wants her to come back in three months bubbling over 
          with happiness.  

          Allison starts to leave as Lee Webber shows up.  Lee tells 
          the doctor that he needed a new master cylinder.  Rossi asks 
          how much the repair charges are.  Lee says that he will bill 
          him. when Lee Webber arrives.  Lee gives Rossi his keys.  
          Rossi tells Lee that his keys are on the seat of his car.  
          [Remember, this is considered to be a small town.]  Lee and 
          Allison leave. 

          Lee asks the nurse at the Information Desk about a "Dr. Howard."
          He is told that Ann Howard is a therapist. 

Scene 5:  Allison goes to visit Ann Howard in therapy.  They start to 
          chat and a young girl asks them not to make so much noise 
          talking.  Allison and Ann go to another of the room and 
          continue to talk.  Allison offers to help her in the therapy 
          room.  Ann thanks her for the offer.  Ann says that she has 
          to get the children back to Dr. Forbes.  Allison offers to do 
          that for her.  Allison leaves.  

          Lee comes in and introduces himself to Ann Howard.  He says 
          that his name is Lee Webber.  Chris' Brother. 

Preview:  In the Clarion, Allison talks with Elliot.  Ann talks with 
          Lee Webber.  Hannah talks with Betty. 

          AM:  I wonder what will happen if I stay in Peyton Place.
          EC:  Why should there be any question?

          AH:  It is something I have to do, in my way.
          LW:  Then you're not going to let it rest?
          AH:  I can't.

          HC:  You're asking me to betray a confidence.
          BA:  You're Steven's mother.
          HC:  Stay away from this house.  That is the best thing you 
               can do. 

The storylines are deliberately misleading because Lee Webber himself 
   was the culprit who pushed Chris off the cliff.                        
Dr. Howard-actually Ann Howard, physical therapist-Susan Oliver. 
Dr. Forbes is mentioned.