Episode 218.

          Sandy mentions that Chris is coming for the summer.  Betty 
          and Hannah meet up with Ann Howard. 

WA:       Lee Webber is moving toward a confrontation that has been 
          building for 17 years.  A meeting with the girl accused of 
          deliberately causing his brother's blindness.  Although he 
          has gone to considerable effort to pick the time and place, 
          the reason is still a question mark. 

Intro:    Main entrance to Doctors Hospital. 

Scene 1:  Lee goes into the therapy room to talk with Ann Howard. 

Scene 2:  Allison is in the Clarion typing as Elliot returns from White 
          River.  He has been to a convention.  They talk about the 
          honorable "J. R. Windham."  Allison says that Matthew used to 
          call him "J. R. Windbag."  Elliot says it was two hours of 
          platitudes.  But he says that on the way back he stopped at a 
          sale and bought a model ship, the Persis Howell.  A 
          whaler.  Elliot intends to have Eli restore it for him. 

          Rodney shows up at the Clarion and invites Allison to a sit 
          down dinner that night at Norman and Rita's apartment.  
          Rodney tells Elliot it is nice seeing him.  He kisses Allison 
          and leaves. 

          Allison says, "I wonder what will happen if I stay in Peyton 
          Place."  Allison says that she is afraid.  Allison says that 
          she is afraid of what she won't find.  Elliot says that they 
          are so very much alike. 

Scene 3:  Betty is in the living room as Hannah enters.  Hannah tells 
          Betty that Peyton will ring if he wants her.  Betty asks why 
          Mr. Wainwright came down from Boston.  Hannah says 
          that it is not any of her business.  Hannah says that Betty 
          should not have married Steven.  Hannah says, "Stop meddling 
          and stay away from this house."  Betty inquires if Hannah 
          doesn't realize how much it hurts Steven not to know the 
          truth about his father.  Hannah says bluntly, "Has it ever 
          occurred to you that the truth could hurt him more?"  Hannah 

Scene 4:  Rodney and Norman are walking back to the apartment talking 
          about Rita.  Norman says that they need to build up Rita.  
          Rodney says that Allison needs cheering up also.  Norman 
          takes over at the hibachi.  Allison is looking at the 
          cookbook.  Rodney offers to buy hamburgers at the Cider 
          Barrel.  Norman asks Rita for the spaghetti.  They prepare to 
          eat.  Rita becomes depressed and goes in the bedroom.  
          Allison follows her in.  Rita talks about her not having a 
          baby.  Rita says that the boys were trying to cheer her up. 

Scene 5:  The buzzer sounds in Steven's office and Betty comes in to 
          pick him up for dinner at the Dowells.  Steven adjusts his 
          tie and prepares to go. Betty says that she had a problem 
          with Hannah earlier that day. 

          Lee Webber shows up and knocks.  Betty says, "We're closed 
          for the night."  Lee comes in and asks Steven for just a 
          minute of his time.  He asks Steven not to assist Ann Howard 
          in her investigation of the incident at Sailors' Bluff.  Lee 
          says that he talked to Ann at the hospital after returning 
          Dr. Rossi's car.  Betty comes back in and says, "Excuse me, 
          the minute is up."  Betty asks how the garage is doing.  Lee 
          talks about working on Peyton's limousine.  Lee is not 
          complimentary about Rodney.  Lee says goodnight and leaves.  
          Betty tells Steven that Peyton has decided to change his 

Scene 6:  Lee is standing in front of the Colonial Post Inn as Ann 
          walks up to the entrance.  He speaks briefly to her calling 
          her miss Colby.  Lee leaves.  Ann glances up at Steven's 
          office window.  The lights go off. 

Preview:  Ada talks to Dr. Rossi.  Rodney talks with Sandy.  Lee walks 
          up and picks up an open end wrench. 

          AJ:  There's something else.  What is it?  What did you find, 
               doctor?  Please. 

          RH:  Sandy, why did you marry him?
          SW:  I was afraid of him.

Sailors' Bluff.
All the typewriters in Peyton Place were manual.  The IBM Selectric® was 
introduced in 1961.  Your humble reviewer purchased one in 1966.