Episode 219.

          Ann Howard introduces herself to Rodney.

WA:       Lee Webber is a driven man.  Yesterday, he went to Doctors 
          Hospital to confront Ann Howard, the girl who was accused of 
          blinding his younger brother 17 years ago.  Now, in the light 
          of a new day, he must consider whether he has served his own 
          best interests. 

Intro:    Lee is walking on the wharf toward the Cider Barrel cafe. 

Scene 1:  Lee comes in the Cider Barrel to find Ann Howard sitting at 
          the counter.  Ann immediately says that she is late for work 
          and must leave.  Lee imposes on her pretending to be nice.  
          Lee says that he owes her an apology.  He hopes she will 
          accept.  Ann says that she doesn't have a car.  Lee offers to 
          sell her a car.  One that she can afford.  Ann pays and 
          leaves.  Sandy tells Lee that it was the first time she ever 
          heard him apologize to anyone.  Sandy tells Lee not to hurt 
          Ann Howard.  She says that the accident was a long time ago.  

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi drives over to the tavern to visit with Ada Jacks.  
          She pours him a cup of coffee.  Rossi asks about Rita's childhood 
          diseases.  He asks if Rita has had scarlet fever.  If she had any 
          rashes.  She admits that Rita had blotches.  She asks what 
          the visit is about.  Rossi says that he thinks that Rita had 
          scarlet fever.  Rossi says that Rita has a faint heart 

Scene 3:  Norman and Rita are eating in the Pharmacy.  Norman talks 
          about his Scottish cook when he was a child.  He suggests 
          that he and Rita have a picnic in the country and take a 
          sleeping bag.  Rita says that she has never had a picnic in 
          the country.  Norman says he used to think it was square to 
          be happy.  

Scene 4:  Allison is working in the Book Gallery and talking with 
          Constance.  Allison says that the more she talks with Rodney 
          the less she feels like she knows him.  Constance asks if she 
          and Rodney have talked about marriage.  Rodney has numerous 
          reasons why they can't get married yet.  Rodney wants to pay 
          back his father for the trial expenses and other things first.  
          Allison wants to get married away.  Allison says that she is 
          restless.  Constance says that Rodney wants to give her the 
          whole world.  

Scene 5:  Betty is preparing dinner as Julie comes to her door.  Betty 
          insists on Julie complimenting her.  Julie says that Betty 
          has done a simply marvelous job.  She emotes well.  Julie and 
          Betty sit and eat.  Betty says that she feels very old and 
          very married.  Julie tells Betty that Leslie Harrington has 
          asked her to marry him.  Betty asks her mother if she has 
          asked Rodney's permission.  Betty says that Rodney will squeal 
          like a stuck pig.  

Scene 6:  Ann Howard shows up at the Shoreline Garage and goes in to 
          speak with Rodney.  Ann introduces herself and says that she 
          is looking for Lee Webber.  She says that she was told that 
          Lee has a car for sale and that she is interested in buying 
          it.  Rodney introduces himself and says that he heard that 
          she is the new therapist at the hospital.  Rodney escorts her 
          outside and shows her the convertible.  Rodney says that the 
          engine keeps dying.  Rodney says that Lee may have worked 
          out the bugs.  Rodney assures her that the car will be in 
          A-one condition when he sells it to her. 

          Sandy shows up and Ann leaves.  Sandy says that she is 
          worried about Lee.  Rodney allows that he is not a marriage 
          counselor.  Sandy says that she is worried about that 
          woman.  She says that Lee is being nice to Ann, but he 
          hates her.  Sandy says she knows that Lee is going to do 
          something bad.  She wants Rodney to talk to Lee.  Sandy says 
          that she knows Lee is going to kill someone.  Rodney asks Sandy 
          why she married Lee.  Sandy says she married him because she 
          is afraid of him.  Lee shows up and picks up a wrench in a 
          threatening manner and then leaves. 

Preview:  Rodney talks with Lee Webber.  Elliot talks with Martin 

          RH:  What were you trying to do?  Get even?
          LW:  You want to fire me?  Well, you go right ahead and fire 
          RH:  Well, If you want to quit, you go right ahead.  I can 
               make out. 

          EC:  Well, what exactly is that supposed to mean?
          MP:  I don't have to spell it out for you.
          EC:  Oh, yes you do.
          MP:  You under-estimate my grandson's maturity.  Rodney has 
               no intention of blundering into another foolish marriage.
          [Allison comes in.] 

Sandy Webber-Lana Wood. 
Agnes, Scottish cook for the Harringtons-only mentioned by 
Scarlet fever, scarlatina in french. 
Open end wrench of no particular size.