Episode 220.
          Chris Webber writes that he is coming home for the summer 
          holidays.  Leslie proposes to Julie. 
WA:       Ann Howard has returned to Peyton Place to look into the 
          circumstances of a tragic accident.  As a child, she was 
          accused of maliciously pushing another child off Sailors' 
          Bluff.  One of her accusers was the victim's own brother, 
          Lee Webber.  The passing years have has only intensified 
          Lee Webber's feelings about Ann. 

Intro:    Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Lee Webber comes out of the tavern.

Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi drives Ann Howard to the Shoreline Garage.  Ann 
          asks Rodney if her car is ready.  Ann asks if the car is the 
          right one for her.  He says that she doesn't have to take 
          the car.  Rossi looks under the hood just as though he knew 
          what he was doing.  Rossi allows that buying a car from Lee 
          Webber is a little na´ve.  Ann says that since Rodney worked 
          on it that she thinks it will be okay.  Ann and Rossi leave. 

          Lee comes in and Rodney talks to him about the convertible.  
          Rodney asks if Lee was trying to get even with Ann.  Lee says 
          he knows that the car is a bomb.  Rodney says that this is 
          not the way he wants to do business.  Lee crawls under the 

          Sandy comes in and informs Lee that she is there.  She asks 
          if he is ready to quit for the day.  Sandy wants go get a 
          bowl of chowder on the wharf and go dancing at the Shoreline.   
          Lee says that Sailors' bluff is in the past. 

Scene 2:  Allison comes in the General Store as Peyton has been talking 
          with Elliot.  Peyton has said that Rodney is not ready for 
          marriage.  Allison tells Peyton that he should speak directly 
          to Rodney and her but not to her father.  Allison leaves.  

          Peyton speaks briefly to Elliot and then leaves.  

          Elliot and Eli talk about Allison's spirit.  They both are 
          proud of the way she spoke to Peyton. 

Scene 3:  Later in the day, at the mansion, Hannah is coming down the 
          stairs and Peyton is in the livingroom finishing a telephone 
          call with Boston Attorney Wainwright.  He tells Hannah that 
          Brian Colby's personal check was returned to Wainwright's 
          office.  Hannah and Peyton talk about the possibility that 
          Colby may be coming to Peyton Place to make trouble.  Peyton 
          insists that he is not afraid of Brian Colby.  Hannah asks 
          when he is going to stop paying off Colby.  Peyton talks 
          about Steven and Ann.  He says that Colby is a threat to 
          Steven and Ann.  Peyton says that Steven has no legitimate 
          claim to Peyton's wealth.  Peyton threatens Hannah about 
          going back on their agreement.  

          Rodney shows up.  [He has over-heard from Peyton that Steven 
          and Ann are siblings but has neglected to inform either of 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi is visiting in Steven and Betty's new house.  Betty 
          observes that Rossi is their first house guest.  He asks about
          Lee and about the car that Lee wants to sell to Ann.  Rossi is 
          given a bite to eat and Betty promises to have him over for a 
          real dinner when he can get another doctor to fill in for him.  
          Betty says that Martin Peyton is growing on her.  Rossi allows
          that Peyton is in as good a condition as can be hoped for a man 
          of his age.  

          Rossi warns that Peyton should drink only in moderation.  Steven 
          wants to know Peyton's condition.  Avoiding the issue, Rossi 
          says to ask Peyton himself.  Rossi says that he enjoyed the 
          martini and is looking forward to the dinner.  Rossi leaves. 

          Betty tells Steven that they just lost a friend. 

Preview:  Leslie talks to Rodney.  Peyton talks to Norman [and Rodney]. 

          LH:  I need someone to share what's left of my life.  So no 
               matter how you feel, if Julie Anderson will have me, I'm 
               going to marry her.

          MP:  You're doomed to mediocrity, Norman.  You're still the 
               same selfish boy you have always been. 
          NH:  What did you have to do to get chosen, Rod?
          RH:  Get out of here.  [Rodney shoves Norman.]
               [Scuffle ensues].

Peyton talks with Eli.  Possibly the only time in the series. 
Peyton talks with Allison.  Possibly the only time in the series.