Episode 221.
          Rossi wants Ann to stop living in the past. 
WA:       Ann Howard has been spending a great deal of time at Michael 
          Rossi's beach house.  But Michael Rossi is not the only 
          attraction.  For here, at the scene of a childhood accident 
          in which a boy was permanently blinded, she finds the place 
          of her guilt.  And she must constantly search it, for her 

Intro:    Dr. Rossi drives up to the beach house to find Ann Howard 
          standing at the bluff.  Sailors' Bluff. 

Scene 1:  Rossi gets out of his car.  He and Ann go inside the beach 
          house and talk.  Ann says she is trying to tear down the 
          past.  Rossi says that she won't find it there.  Ann talks 
          about the accident and the children.  Rossi tells her to try 
          to forget about it.  They talks some more.  Rossi decides 
          that Ann should walk over to the bluff again, to overcome 
          her fear.  She does. Rossi says, "There, you see, you did it 
          by yourself." 

Scene 2:  Elliot drives Allison to the Book Gallery.  Allison asks 
          about the model ship.  Elliot says that he will get it later.  
          He wants to con Eli into repairing it for him.  They go in 
          the book store and talk about going sailing.  Elliot says 
          that Constance doesn't think much of a sailor.  Elliot asks 
          Allison what is bothering her.  Allison talks about what 
          Martin Peyton had said the day before.  Peyton's opinion 
          bothers her.  Elliot asks Allison if she and Rodney have 
          talked about marriage.  Elliot says goodbye and leaves. 

Scene 3:  Elliot gets a model ship out of the back seat of his car and 
          starts to go in his father's the General Store.  Norman calls 
          to him and walks with him to the General Store.  Elliot and 
          Norman go inside.  Eli offers some coffee to Elliot and then 
          starts to complain about all his problems.  Eli says that he 
          had to throw away ten boxes of rotten apples.  Mrs. Montgomery 
          called to say that the copper bucket that he sold her and 
          promised wouldn't turn green, turned green.  Mrs. Seawall 
          bought five pounds of walnuts.  They all had worms in them.  
          Mrs. Cooper wanted one of those brass bells.  And he sold the 
          last one the day before, for junk.  Eli asks Elliot what he 
          has there.  Eli starts admiring the Persis Howell model ship.  
          Eli relates to Elliot the history of the Persis Howell. 
Scene 4:  Leslie drives over to the Shoreline Garage and goes in.  
          Rodney is trying to balance the books and is grateful for an 
          interruption.  Leslie asks how his home life is.  He asks how 
          Peyton is.  Rodney says that it is almost comfortable at the 
          mansion.  Rodney asks Leslie how he is.  Leslie says it helps 
          him being back at the mill.  Leslie tells Rodney that he has 
          asked Mrs. Anderson to marry him.  He says that she hasn't 
          given him an answer yet.  He asks Rodney how he would feel if 
          he married Julie.  Rodney allows that Leslie doesn't need his 
          consent.  They begin to argue.  Rodney says that his mother 
          is more than a fond memory.  Rodney said that the incident at 
          the mill ruined it for himself and Betty.  Leslie says, "If 
          Julie Anderson will have me, I'm going to marry her." 

Scene 5:  In the mansion, Peyton asks Norman if he plays chess.  Norman 
          says that he has never taken the time to learn.  Peyton asks 
          Norman how much money he makes working for Eli Carson.  
          Norman asks Peyton how much he makes on his stocks.  Peyton 
          is aggravated.  Peyton says that he wants to help him in 
          college.  Norman asks why Peyton cancelled dinner with him.  
          Peyton says that something came up.  Peyton tells Norman that 
          he is doomed to mediocracy.  Rodney pushes Norman.  Norman 
          hits Rodney, knocking him down and knocking over the 
          telephone stand. 

Preview:  Hannah talks to Peyton.  Leslie talks with Rodney. 
          HC:  As soon as Ann Howard decides to let the truth to be 
               known, the truth about you, Martin, about your reason 
               for this sudden burst of family feeling, your precious 
               relationship with your grandsons collapses. 

          LH:  I warn you, Rod.  You will destroy our family.
          RH:  No, Dad.  Not the family.  Just you.

Allison wants to drive a car.  
Dr. Rossi and Ann argue. 
Leslie and Rodney argue.  
Norman and Peyton argue. 
Rodney and Norman argue.  
Sailors' Bluff.