Episode 222.
          Steven talks with Arthur Crain. 

WA:       Last night, Rodney Harrington was forced to side with his 
          brother or his grandfather, Martin Peyton.  This morning, 
          Rodney realizes he had made the wrong choice.  And that he 
          must correct it, regardless of the effect it will have on his 

Intro:    View looking out from the mansion porch toward the entrance. 

Scene 1:  Rodney comes comes down from the left side of the stairs, 
          pauses, turns around, and goes up the right stairs.  He goes 
          to Peyton's bedroom door and knocks.  Hannah gets up and walks 
          over to the double doors.  She admits Rodney.  Rodney asks 
          Hannah if he could speak with his grandfather, alone.  Hannah 
          leaves the men alone.  Rodney tells his grandfather that he 
          was wrong the previous evening. 
          Hannah comes back in the bedroom.  Hannah and Peyton argue.  
          Hannah leaves. 

Scene 2:  Steven is walking on the wharf as Ann drives up in her new 
          car.  He tells her that he will be meeting with Arthur Crain 
          that morning.  

Scene 3:  Steven goes in the tavern to talk with Ada while he waits for 
          the arrival of Arthur Crain.  Ada hears Rita and goes in the 
          living area in back to talk with her.  Steven continues to wait
          for Arthur Crain. 

Scene 4:  Rita sits down and tells her mother that she is scared.  Rita 
          asks Ada to tell her that she wouldn't be punished for not 
          wanting a baby.  Ada says that Eddie left before Rita was born.
          [This is contradicted in a later episode.  It is said that Rita 
          was born before Eddie left.] 

Scene 5:  Betty goes into the Book Gallery to buy a cookbook.  A 
          salt-free cookbook.  Allison tells Betty about a cookbook that 
          has 15 pages telling how to prepare a suckling pig with an 
          apple in its mouth for 35 people.  Betty buys a book and 

          Constance says that Martin Peyton has heart trouble and needs 
          a salt-free diet.  Allison says that Betty is a perfect wife.  
          Allison says that she wishes she could be like Betty.  

          [later in the series after Allison disappears, Constance 
          relates to Betty how much Allison admired and envied her.] 

Scene 6:  Arthur Crain comes in to talk with Steven.  Bar doesn't open 
          til noon.  Crain asks if Ada Jacks still runs it.  Arthur says 
          that he would have never recognized Steven.  Steven says 
          likewise.  Arthur says that everyone said that Ann did it.  
          The girl's father went along with it.  

Scene 7:  Norman talks with Eli and Rita.  They go to the bandstand and 
          have a picnic.  Rita says that.  Eli leaves.  Norman and Rita 
          talk.  Norman says that he got in a fight with his grandfather 
          and then with Rodney.  Norman calls Rodney, "the meddler."  
          Norman tells Rita that he loves her.  Rita says that when she 
          got married she wanted to straighten things out with Norman 
          and the family.  Norman says that it bothers them that he and 
          Rita are getting along.  He apologizes to Rita, kisses her, 
          and goes back to work.

Scene 8:  Rodney goes to the mill to talk with Leslie in his office.  
          Leslie asks Rodney what all the hysteria on the phone was 
          about.  Rodney says that he had a fight with Norman.  Leslie 
          talks about the dirty deal that he made with Peyton.  Leslie 
          mentions that Rodney is 21 and he has been through a murder 
          trial, but he is still acting like a child.  

Preview:  Lee talks to Sandy.  Rodney talks with Norman.  

          LW:  I am telling you.  If you want an audience for your act, 
               sling it around the Cider Barrel.  But from now on, my 
               brother is off limits.
          RH:  You're just scared and you're dying for somebody to come 
               and help you because you bit off more than you can chew. 
          NH:  Oh, come off that big brother act.  It's getting to be 
               ancient history.
          RH:  You bet it is, because I served enough time in jail on 
               that gig.

Arthur Crain-James Beggs.
  This is the only episode in which Arthur Crain appears.  
Ada Jacks makes the first mention of Rita's father.  
Eddie Jacks returns in episode 363.