Episode 223.

          Chris Webber arrives in Peyton Place by bus.

WA:       Yesterday, Rodney Harrington had a violent quarrel with his 
          brother, Norman.  Rodney knows the breach between them, must 
          be healed.  But he knows the solution will not be an easy 

Intro:    Rodney rides up on his motorcycle, parks in front of the 
          Pharmacy, and climbs up the stairs to the apartment.  Rodney 

Scene 1:  Norman is cooking as Rodney comes in.  Rodney tells Norman 
          that he has come to apologize.  Norman accepts his apology.  
          Rodney tells Norman that he has to live at the mansion, 
          because of an agreement between Peyton and his father.  
          Rodney says that Peyton wants to teach him the things a 
          Peyton should know.  Norman tells Rodney that he was honest 
          for 5 seconds. 

Scene 2:  Norman goes in the Pharmacy to talk with Rita.  Sandy comes 
          in and says she is going to browse for a minute.  Norman 
          kisses Rita and leaves.  

          Sandy comes over to talk with Rita.  Sandy asks Rita for a 
          good after-shave lotion.  Rita asks if it is for Lee.  Sandy 
          says that is for Chris.  Chris is coming home tomorrow.  She 
          tells Rita that he is special.  Sandy orders a lemonade.  
          Sandy refers to Rita and herself as "old married women."  
          Sandy says Rita is lucky.  She says that Norman married Rita 
          in spite of what she was.  Lee married her for what she was.  
          Sandy apologizes for talking Rita's ear off.  She pays 20 
          cents for the lemonade and leaves. 

Scene 3:  Ann brings some sketches in the Book Gallery.  [The Book 
          Gallery sells art as well as books, magazines, and post 
          cards.]  She asks Constance to try to sell them.  Ann Howard 
          talks with Allison about Oragami.  Then Ann talks 
          again with Constance.  Constance gives Ann some Oragami paper 
          for the therapy room at the hospital.  Allison leaves with 
          Ann.  Elliot comes in and talks with Constance.  Elliot 
          mentions that Allison has a new friend, Ann Howard.  Elliot 
          assures Constance that Ann is not a monster.  Constance 
          wonders why Allison seeks out people like Ann Howard.  [At 
          this point in time, Constance still accepts the popular 
          belief, established by a hearing, that Ann Howard was the one 
          who pushed Chris Webber 17 years ago.]  Constance says she is 
          worried about Allison. 

Scene 4:  Rodney comes in the mansion and starts up the stairs.  He is 
          called to by Betty.  Betty gets her coat out of the foyer 
          closet and says she has to get home.  Rodney asks her to stay 
          so they can talk.  He tells her that he has just had a fight 
          with Norman.  Betty says that they have had fights before.  
          Rodney says that he can't get along with anybody anymore.  
          Betty says that people disappoint him.  He talks about 
          Allison.  Betty mentions that Allison caught the bouquet at 
          the wedding.  Rodney asks if Betty can see him married to 
          Allison.  Betty says sure. Betty leaves.  Rodney sits. 

Scene 5:  Lee is in the Shoreline Garage working as Sandy comes in.  
          Lee talks about the problems that old man" Parker is 
          having with his automobile.  Lee asks about the things that 
          Sandy has bought.  She has purchased several things for 
          Chris.  Lee plans to drive to Boston to pick up Chris and he 
          intends to take Sandy with him.  They argue.  Lee decides not 
          to take Sandy with him to Boston after all. 

Scene 7:  In Steven's Law office, Ann talks with Steven about Arthur 
          Crain.  Steven says that respectable citizens don't like to 
          change their minds.  Arthur remembers a red sweater and a 
          dark skirt that day.  Steven says just because someone 
          says it is a fact doesn't make it true.  Arthur 
          remembered that Brian Colby had said, "My daughter was given 
          to fits of temper."  He asks if she recalls that.  Steven 
          lights up.  Steven says that he didn't see what actually 

Scene 8:  Outside, Ann starts to cross the square.  An Interstate Bus 
          Lines coach drives up and stops in front of the Colonial Post 
          Inn.  A man helps a lady off the bus.  The lady then helps 
          Chris Webber over to the curb, by the mail box in front of 
          the Colonial Post Inn.  Ann watches Chris.  Chris walks over 
          to the square by the Pillory and a bench, right past Ann 

Preview:  Leslie talks with Rita.  In the square, Ann talks with Dr. 
          Rossi.  Allison talks with Rodney. 

          LH:  How do you feel about that?
          RJ:  I always wanted to be part of the family.  But, I won't 
               go against Norm.  He's my husband. 

          AH:  You think I'm guilty.  And those dinners and the wharf, 
               and the kindness.  You were just humoring me. 

          AM:  We passed a certain point.  We can't go back.
          RH:  We're not really alike are we?
          AM:  I guess we're not.

Arthur Crain-James Beggs [Prime Time Network Serials, Page 677].