Episode 224.
          Ann Howard and Hannah Cord have a tense meeting at the 

WA:       Christopher Webber has come home from college.  He has been 
          blind for 17 years.  But the memory of this shoreline and the 
          nearby coastal bluffs is locked firmly in his mind. 

Intro:    Chris walks on the wharf past the boarding house, Ham's 
          Shoreline Arcade to the Shoreline Garage. 

Scene 1:  Lee is working on a car in the Shoreline Garage as Sandy 
          says, "I wish it were tomorrow morning already.  I can't wait 
          to get started."  Lee says, "Why, you've been to Boston 
          before."  Chris comes in.  Sandy runs over and hugs Chris.  
          Sandy is delighted to see Chris.  Lee asks, "Hey kid what are 
          you doing walking around here all by yourself."  Chris says 
          that the native bearer wouldn't bring him any further.  
          He mentions a giant sea-serpent.  Chris says that he likes 
          Sandy's new perfume.  Sandy suggests that they eat at the new 
          steak house in White River that's supposed to be terrific.  
          Sandy leaves.  Chris asks how things are at home.  Chris says 
          Sandy seems to always be in good spirits.  Lee says that 
          since the "playboy" took over the garage, he has been working 
          ten to eleven hours a day to keep the garage going.  He tells 
          Chris that Rodney doesn't know the difference between a brake 
          shoe and an ice skate.  Chris says it looks like he is 
          getting a full scholarship.  Lee says that he and Chris are 
          all alone.  Chris asks about Sandy. 

Scene 2:  Ann Howard, wearing a fur coat, drives her convertible up to 
          Dr. Rossi's beach house, goes up to the door, and knocks.  
          Rossi is in the process of putting on a shoe and breaks a 
          shoe lace.  He stops to let Ann in.  Rossi says he had a 
          major accident.  Rossi asks Ann to fix them drinks while he 
          looks for another shoe lace.  Ann tells Rossi that she has 
          just seen Chris Webber get off the bus on the square. 
          [episode 223].  Rossi says that he thought Chris was in 
          Boston.  He says that she should ask Chris if he knows if she 
          really pushed him.  Ann says, "You think I pushed him."  He 
          says that he doesn't really care what happened 17 years ago.  
          He cares about her now.  They kiss. 

Scene 3:  Allison is reading in the Carson living room as the chimes 
          ring.  Allison goes to the door and invites Rodney in.  She 
          says that her parents have gone to a movie.  Rodney tells 
          Allison that he and Norman got into a shouting match.  Rodney 
          tells Allison that they are not really alike.  Allison says 
          there is no going back, it's gone. 
Scene 4:  Rita is in the apartment fixing a candlelight dinner.  There 
          is a knock on the door and Leslie, carrying a book, is let 
          in.  He asks where Norman is.  She says he is still in class.  
          He asks if he can wait.  Rita says, of course.  Leslie says 
          that it is difficult for him as it is for her.  She tells him 
          that Norman doesn't want to have anything to do with Leslie 
          or Rodney. 

          Norman comes in and shouts, "Where's my dinner?"  Norman sees 
          Leslie and asks what he is doing there.  Rita tells Norman 
          that Leslie is staying for dinner.  Norman berates Leslie for 
          allowing Rodney to move back into the mansion with his 
          grandfather.  Leslie says he should go.  Rita says, "Please 
          stay."  He stays. 
Scene 5:  Hannah goes through the double doors into Peyton's bedroom at 
          the mansion.  Peyton is in bed.  He asks Hannah when Rossi 
          will get there.  Hannah prepares his medicine and topples the 
          glass.  Peyton mentions Brian Colby.  Colby wasn't satisfied 
          with his 30 pieces of silver.  Peyton says that Colby may be 
          coming back for Steven. 
Scene 6:  In their home, Betty brings an elegant silver tray with 
          coffee to Steven.  They talk.  Steven says it appears that he 
          and Betty are playing up the old man.  Betty asked if it ever 
          ocurred to him that Martin Peyton is a lonely old man.  Betty 
          talks about the possibility of inviting Peyton to dinner. 
Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi and Ann go to the mansion and ring the chimes.  
          Hannah goes to the door and invites them in.  Rossi 
          introduces Ann to Hannah.  He says that he and Ann were on 
          their way to dinner when he got her call.  Rossi goes to see 
          Martin and Ann looks around.  She stops and looks at the 
          portrait of Catherine.  
Scene 8:  Rossi is tending Martin Peyton.  He asks Peyton how long he 
          has been feeling Ill.  Rossi looks at the thermometer.  
          Hannah goes downstairs and sees Ann lookings at the portrait 
          of Catherine.  Hannah explains to Ann howard how much of a 
          nuissance that Peyton's daughter was.  Hannah tells her that 
          Catherine died several years ago.  It was painted before her 
          marriage.  Ann says, "So lifelike.  Very real."  She tells 
          Hannah that her father is a painter.  She says that she hopes 
          someday to show that she has some of his talent.  Hannah 
          glares at the portrait.  Rossi comes down and Ann tells her 
          that Hannah called her "miss Colby."  Rossi explains that 
          Hannah knew about her. 
Preview:  Steven Cord talks with Ann Howard.  Betty talks with Rita 
          Harrington.  Hannah talks with Martin Peyton. 

          SC:  What happened to the Ann Howard who walked in here a few 
               weeks ago and convinced me that she believed in her own 
          AH:  That Ann Howard ran away when she met Chris Webber. 

          BA:  Make your own life, you and Norman, away from the Peytons 
               and the Harringtons. 
          RJ:  But they're a family.
          BA:  Not the kind you would want.

          HC:  I want my son.
          MP:  You have no son.