Episode 225.
          Ann Howard comes face-to-face with Chris Webber.  She wants 
          to prove her innocence. 
WA:       Ann Howard has returned to Peyton Place to learn the truth 
          about her unhappy past.  With Michael Rossi she has found the 
          beginnings of a future. 

Intro:    Beach cottage of Dr. Rossi.  Rossi and Ann are sitting 
          together on the couch. 

Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi and Ann Howard talk at the cottage.  She tells him 
          that he is wonderful.  She never anticipated how difficult it 
          would be to return to Peyton Place.  She says she couldn't 
          have done it without Michael.  He offers to walk her home.  
          She says that he is due at the hospital in 5 hours.  He tells 
          her to drive slowly.  Ann tells Michael that she loves him.  
          She starts her car and leaves. 

Scene 2:  Ann drives past Rodney Harrington's Shoreline Garage gets out 
          and accidentally bumps into Chris Webber.  He asks if he 
          spooked her.  He asks her to help him get his bearings.  He 
          asks if he is near Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.  Chris says 
          that she must be new in Peyton Place.  He says that she has 
          just arrived in town and is looking for a job.  She says she 
          has a job.  Chris says that he grew up here.  Chris says that 
          he could see as a child.  Chris says he doesn't like girls 
          who want to mother him.  Chris introduces himself.  She tells 
          him goodnight and that he can keep the pack. 

Scene 3:  Next morning, outside view of the mansion.  Martin Peyton is 
          in his wheelchair in the livingroom looking at the portrait 
          of his daughter, Catherine.  Hannah walks up and asks Peyton 
          when he is going to eat his breakfast.  He says, "Take it 
          away.  I'll eat when you bring me something worthwhile eatng, 
          Hannah."  Hannah says, "I wish you'd get rid of that 
          portrait.  If you could have seen the way that girl, Ann was 
          staring at it last night.  What if she had seen the 
          initials?"  Hannah continues, "Martin, please let me take it 
          down."  Peyton says he doesn't want it taken down.  Peyton 
          relates how Brian Colby came at him with a broken bottle, he 
          almost killed him.  Peyton tells Hannah not to be afraid.  
          Hannah says that Steven is her son.  Peyton tells Hannah to 
          pull herself together.  Hannah asks what it is worth to him 
          for her to keep quiet.  Hannah says, "I want my son."  Peyton 
          says, "You have no son." 

Scene 4:  In Steven's law office, Ann talks to Steven about her meeting 
          with Chris Webber.  Steven says she must continue believing 
          about her innocence.  Ann tells him about about her talk with 
          Hannah and Betty.  She says that Hannah called her "miss 
          Colby."  She says that Hannah was very tense.  Steven says 
          that he had discussed Ann with Hannah.  Ann says that she 
          appreciates that Steven believes her.  Steven says that they 
          are going to find out what really happened 17 years ago. 

Scene 5:  Rita walks to the Peyton mansion, dusts off the toes of her 
          shoes and rings the door chimes.  Betty welcomes her into the 
          mansion and Rita asks if she can see Mr. Peyton.  Betty says 
          that Peyton went right back to his room after breakfast and 
          said that he was not to be disturbed.  Betty asks Rita what 
          is wrong.  She says that she is on her lunch hour.  Betty 
          tries to encourage Rita by telling her the problems she had 
          trying to be accepted into the family.  Betty talks about 
          when she was an outsider. 

Scene 6:  Rodney comes in the Cider Barrel and Sandy introduces him to 
          her brother-in-law, Chris Webber.  Chris asks Rodney how he 
          gets along with Lee.  Chris says that Lee thinks that he is a 
          loser.  Chris suggests that Rodney should to be patient with 

Scene 7:  Steven comes in the Shoreline Garage and talks with Lee.  He 
          says that he finally talked with Arthur Crain.  Lee asks 
          about Arthur's sister.  Steven has forgotten about her.  Lee 
          asks Steven not to bring up the subject of the accident with 
          Chris.  Lee asks Steven to hold off a while so Lee can 
          prepare Chris and so it won't be such a shock for him.  
          Steven says he appreciates Lee's help. 

Scene 8:  Sandy says she wished she had enough brain power to go to 
          college.  Lee comes in and Rodney asks who's minding the 
          store.  Lee tells Sandy to get him a hamburger and a cup of 
          coffee.  Lee warns Chris that there is an attorney in town 
          who is going to come over and ask him a bunch of questions.  
          Lee tells Chris that Ann Colby is going by the name of Ann 
          Howard.  Lee tells Chris that Ann is a blonde.  Lee tells 
          Chris not to tell Steven anything.  Chris tells Lee that he 
          will tell Steven anything he wants to know about the 
          accident.  Lee leaves. 

Preview:  Constance talks with Rodney.  Ann Howard talks to Chris 

          CM:  Special people were meant to be lonely people.  
          RH:  Mrs. Carson, I don't want to lose her.
          CM:  You might, Rod.  You know that, don't you?

          AH:  That's why I came back, to find out the truth.  Because 
               I don't believe it.  I never did.  But that isn't the 
               point.  Because I just want to find out the truth, no 
               matter what it is.  Do you remember? 

Arthur Crain-James Beggs.
This boarding house is rather strange in that it was never known to 
  serve a meal.  Ann Howard always skips the breakfast there.