Episode 226.
          Elliot catches a big fish.
WA:       Ann Howard has twice encountered Christopher Webber. The 
          question that is uppermost in her mind.  The question that 
          has brought her back to Peyton Place. 

Intro:    Ann walks down the stairs from Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house 
          and over to Ada Jack's Tavern. 

Scene 1:  Chris is playing "Deep Purple" at the Tavern as Ann walks in.  
          He greets her.  He asks if he has heard her before.  He asks 
          what she is doing coming in on a Saturday afternoon.  He 
          mantions James P. Johnson.  Chris refers to the keyboard as 
          an "axe."  He says, "I've been away from the axe for a long 
          time."  Ann tells him that she is a physical therapist.  She 
          says she wanted a challenging useful career.  He says that he 
          plays in a band called "The Wharf Rats."  They are playing 
          at the Shoreline tonight.  He begins playing "Where or When," 
          which she identifies.  Chris realizes who she is, gets up, 
          and leaves.  Ann asks how long he has known.  She says she 
          doesn't remember what happened.  She says that she wants to 
          find out what really happened.  

Scene 2:  Chris walks along the wharf.  He goes in the Cider Barrel and 
          Sandy finds him a table.  Sandy talks with him a while.  He 
          tells Sandy about meeting Ann Howard.  Chris says he wants 
          Ann to stay there in Peyton Place.  Chris asks why Lee hated 
          Ann so much.  He says that he felt a hand push him.  Chris 
          says that he believes her when she says she wants to know the 
          truth.  He says, "Who did it and why?" 
Scene 3:  Betty tells Steven that this is his office now.  He should 
          get rid of Theodore Dowell's things. 
Scene 4:  At home, Steven and Betty are talking about decorating.  
          Betty asks Steven as long as he is up to get her a ginger 
          ale.  The telephone rings before he has a chance to get the 
          drink.  It is Ann calling to tell Steven that she had met and 
          talked with Chris Webber.  Steven tells Betty that they are 
          going to the Shoreline that night.  
Scene 5:  Ann is at the bar at Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Elliot greets Ann 
          Howard who is also at the bar.  Elliot orders a beer and asks 
          Ada for some ice to pack the 6 pound rock cod that he 
          has just caught.  He shows it to her.  Ann is upset and moves 
          to a table.  Ada asks if he caught it on a spoon or a shiner.  
          He says that he caught it on a shiner.  Ann Howard says that 
          she can't stand looking at dead eyes.  He asks Ann 
          Howard how she has been. 

Scene 6:  At the Carson house, Allison is mending a dress as Constance 
          comes in.  Allison tells Constance that she has said it all 
          to Rodney.  Allison goes upstairs to get ready.  Rodney rings 
          the chimes and is let in by Constance.  Constance tells 
          Rodney a funny story about Roy Barlow. 

          Rodney tells Constance that after the trial, he almost asked 
          Allison to marry him.  Constance says that Norman and Rita 
          are happy.  Allison appears and says that they are ready to 
          go.  They leave. 
Scene 7:  Elliot is still in the Tavern as Dr. Rossi comes in.  Elliot 
          tells the doctor that he has been fishing.  Rossi is looking 
          for Ann Howard.  Elliot says that Ann looked like she was 
          getting close to finding the answer.  Rossi leaves. 
Scene 8:  At the Shoreline Cafe, Chris is playing the piano as his 
          brother, Lee, walks up.  Jimmy is trying to talk with Chris 
          about a gig.  Steven and Betty show up.  Betty asks Steven if 
          they can leave.  The music continues.  

Preview:  At the Shoreline Cafe, Sandy talks with Betty.  Lee talks 
          with and hits Steven. 

          SW:  You and your husband look good together.
          BA:  I know.
          SW:  But then you looked good with Rod, too.

          LW:  He's had enough, counselor.
          SC:  You let him decide. 
               [Lee hits Steven Cord.]

Jeffrey "Jeff" Kramer plays in a band known as "The Pillory."
Christopher Chris Webber plays in a band known as "The Wharf Rats." 
Chris uses the term axe to refer to the piano.  Your reviewer was of 
the opinion that axe referred mostly to a guitar or similar instrument.