Episode 227.
          Sandy and Rodney dance.  Lee hits Steven in the face.  
          Allison proposes to Rodney. 
WA:       The Shoreline Cafe near the Peyton Place wharf.  Young Chris 
          Webber is here to earn a few extra dollars.  Steven Cord is 
          here, determined to talk to Chris about the accident that 
          blinded him many years ago.  And Chris' brother, Lee, is 
          here, too.  And Lee has appointed himself his brother's 
Intro:    Steven and Betty enter the Shoreline Cafe.  A large clock 
          about half-way down the stairs indicates that it is 09:25 
          p.m.  Another smaller clock indicates 08:25.  Teens dancing. 
          [Betty is still a teenager or close to it.  Steven is 27.] 

Scene 1:  Lee confronts Steven as he enters the Shoreline teen hangout 
          with Betty. Steven talks with Chris Webber and Lee Webber.  
          Chris says that he doesn't remember what happened on the 
          bluff.  Steven thanks him. 

Scene 2:  On a beach near Peyton Place, Norman and Rita enjoy roasting 
          weiners over a campfire.  Norman says he likes his really 
          charred.  They discuss their upbringings.  Hers was a cramped 
          behind-the-bar apartment, his in a huge rambling mansion, 
          both lonely.  

Scene 3:  Meanwhile back at the Shoreline Cafe teen hangout, Steven 
          and Betty are sitting at a table eating and drinking.  Rodney 
          and Allison arrive, go in and sit with Steven and Betty.  
          Rodney allows that he didn't know that Steven and Betty 
          dug this place.  Steven says there's always a first time.  
          Betty importunes a reluctant Steven to do the Frugue.  Betty 
          says, "There's always a first time."  [In  episode 306 Rodney 
          talks to Rachel about dancing the Frugue.]  

          Rodney tells Allison that Norman and Rita went camping.  Left 
          alone, Rodney points out to Allison that she has changed 
          since the day they went sailing.  
Scene 4:  At the beach house, Ann Howard relates to Dr. Rossi that 
          Chris recognized her at the Tavern.  She realized for the 
          first time how she has only thought of the accident as 
          ruining her life and feels very guilty about that.  Rossi 
          tells her it is time to forget the girl she was and 
          concentrate on the woman she is now, his woman.  
Scene 5:  The big clock on the wall of the Shoreline Cafe indicates 
          08:26  and the smaller clock on the right 09:26.  Sandy 
          Webber comes over to Rodney and asks him to dance.  Lee comes 
          over and tells Rodney it is okay to dance with his wife.  
          Sandy says, "Did I hear you ask me to dance?"  Rodney 
          accedes.  Allison looks at Lee.  Lee says, "Don't get lost."  
          Betty gets Steven to dance with her.  When Sandy and Rodney 
          start dancing, Steven begs off, grabbing Betty another 
          partner, Chuck.  Betty soon notices Rodney is watching her 
          dancing, so she puts some extra oomph into it.  Rodney 
          notices, as does Sandy, who turns up the heat herself.  
          Rodney says, "You win lady," and abruptly terminates the 
          dance.  Sandy quickly grabs a stranger.  She and Betty begin 
          to compete, utterly oblivious to their respective partners.  
          Betty shimmies back up almost against Rodney.  

          Allison is looking on in abject horror, and Steven in 
          embarrassment.  The music picks up and the floor clears for 
          the two vixens [tarts, hussies, bimbos, trollops].  Rodney 
          goes over to dance near Betty.  Rodney looks on in disbelief.  
          Just as the two girls almost throw their hips out of joint, 
          Lee convinces Chris to stop playing.  Lee tells Chris they 
          are going out for a smoke.  Chris decides to leave instead.  
          Steven asks Chris if he would like some help.  

          Lee punches Steven in the face, but Betty stops Steven from 
          retaliating.  Sandy comes over and escorts Chris out, 
          followed by Steven and Betty then Rodney and Allison.  Lee is 
          left standing in his misery by himself.  The smaller clock 
          indicates 8:55. 

Preview:  Steven Cord talks to Betty.  Chris Webber talks to Lee.  
          Allison asks Rodney to marry her. 

          SC:  The only problem you have is getting Rodney 
               Harrington out of your system.

          CW:  I'm not going to tell you anything.  You listen, 
               brother.  You'd better leave me alone. 

          AM:  Rodney, don't let me drift away.  Marry me.

Chuck, teenager chosen by Steven to dance with Betty.
Lee hits Steven in the face.
In the preview, Allison asks Rodney to marry her.
The Narrator refers to the Shoreline teen hangout as the Shoreline Cafe."