Episode 228.

         Allison proposes marriage to Rodney.  Rossi and Ann merge.  
WA:      Chris Webber has been blind since he was a boy.  But he has 
         survived.  Tonight, in a nearby Peyton Place cafe [the 
         Shoreline cafe] he was reminded, all too clearly, of the 
         incident which caused his blindness. 

Intro:   Chris Webber walking on the wharf.  Sandy catches up with him. 
Scene 1  Chris, emotionally distraught after the encounter in the 
         Shoreline cafe, tries to run away from Sandy and stumbles.  
         She helps him into Ada Jacks' Tavern, where they are followed 
         in by Lee.  Lee claims that he doesn't understand why Chris is 
         now saying he doesn't know who pushed him off Sailors' Bluff.  
         Lee comes over to the table and tells Sandy to go home.  He 
         sits with Sandy and Chris.  Chris tells Lee to leave him 
         alone.  Lee asks Chris why he told Steven that he doesn't 
         remember who pushed him off the bluff. 
Scene 2: In Dr. Rossi's beach house, Ann Howard is sketching the 
         doctor.  She says that she usually does landscapes.  He asks 
         her if he is a test case.  Her artistic endeavors are 
         interrupted by natural urges.  Rossi asked Ann why she came 
         to the beach house.  They cuddle and kiss. 
Scene 3: Rodney is driving Allison home.  They drive by the Sparhawk 
         Employment agency building.  His driving isn't much better 
         than before.  Allison is upset because "Everything was 
         happening at the Shoreline and it was happening on the dance 
         floor and she wasn't there".  She asks Rodney why he keeps 
         taking her out.  Rodney says that he needs to be loved like 
         the day they "went sailing."  He loves Allison because she 
         isn't like Sandy or Betty, she's "Allison Wonderland."  But, 
         as Allison says, she's not that innocent girl any 
         longer.  Looking at Rodney with tears in her eyes, begs him to 
         not let her drift away and to marry her.  Rodney says 
         they wouldn't make it, she exists half in reality, half in 
         fantasy, and that he needs reality.  Allison kisses him, gets 
         out of the car, looks longingly at him, says goodbye opens the 
         gate, walks through, closes the gate and continues on to the 
Scene 4: Inside, Elliot and Constance are making plans to sail to the 
         Carribean after the birth of the baby as Allison comes in the 
         front door.  Allison allows that they should just go tomorrow.  
         Elliot says she can't just escape from reality.  Allison fails 
         to see why it's an escape for her, but an adventure for 

Scene 5: Steven is in bed looking at a magazine as Betty is preparing 
         for bed.  Steven says that she was vulgar.  Betty tells him to 
         shout and get it out of his system.  Betty says, "I like to 
         dance".  Steven sneers, "Nobody in their right mind would call 
         what she was doing dancing".  Betty tells Steven that 
         he is a stuffed shirt.  Steven says, "Not even a blue 
         blooded Harrington."  Betty slaps Steven and then begins to 
         cry.  Steven says he feels sorry for Allison Mackenzie.  She 
         doesn't have a chance.  He says, The only problem you have is 
         to get Rodney Harrington out of her system.  Betty begins to 
Scene 6: Norman is skipping down the street as he and Rita return from 
         camping.  They unload the convertible.  They go in and Rita 
         observes that Norman failed to lock the apartment.  Norman 
         raplies that there is nothing worth stealing. 
Scene 7: Lee goes into the Cider Barrel looking for his wife or 
         brother.  Lee speaks to Ann.  Neither Sandy nor Chris are 
         there, so he commences bothering Ann Howard who is sitting at 
         the counter.  Steven comes in and orders Lee to leave Ann 
         alone.  Lee says if Ann has a right to talk to Chris then he 
         has a right to speak to Ann.  Steven talks to Ann and comforts 
         her.  He says that Chris Webber doesn't know who pushed him.  
         Ann says that this is wonderful news. 
Scene 8: Water crashing on the rocks.  Meanwhile, Chris and Sandy are 
         walking to Sailors' Bluff.  Chris says that he shouldn't have 
         brought her there.  Chris asks how far it is to the edge of 
         the bluff.  He says he remembers the sunny afternoon a group 
         of laughing children were playing tag, until a hand reached 
         out and knocked him over the edge.  The last thing he saw was 
         the water crashing on the rocks below.  

         He wonders aloud to the weeping Sandy, "Who could've done such 
         a thing?  Who?" 

Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.
Allison Wonderland.
Allison proposes to Rodney in scene 3.
Sailors' Bluff.