Episode 229.
          Hannah vandalizes the original portrait of Catherine Peyton. 
WA:       Night in Peyton Place.  A restless Sandy Webber is alone once 
          again, without her husband. 

MEL:      [In episode 302, Hannah torches the portrait of Catherine 
          Peyton, a copy of the one originally painted by Brian 
          Cord Colby, setting the mansion on fire and almost 
          killing Martin Peyton.  If you haven't seen that portion of 
          the series yet, you should, of course, try to disregard this 

Intro:    Rodney walks along the wharf to his boat and goes aboard.  
          Sandy approaches. 
Scene 1:  Sandy goes over and asks Rodney to take her along for a ride 
          on his boat.  She says that she hates sunday.  He tells her 
          to go home.  She settles herself in by Rodney's boat.  She 
          begins to do a number on Rodney and he says he doesn't want 
          what he can obtain so cheap.  Sandy says, "Hey, wait a 
          minute.  Don't call me cheap."  She says that big old 
          wavy-haired Rodney is afraid of Lee.  She asks him if Lee is 
          "tougher than Joe Chernak.  You know, the one who was going 
          to beat you up from here to Boston.  Only you killed him 
          first."  He tells her again to get off the boat.  She 
          continues.  This teasing finally gets to Rodney and he grabs 
          the hair at the back of Sandy's head and gives her a big 
          forceful kiss.  Sandy walks away pleased with herself, that 
          she is making progress. 

Scene 2:  Meanwhile, over at Ada Jacks' Tavern, Elliot is talking with 
          Ada.  Eli starts to sneak out but is spotted by Elliot.  Eli 
          goes over and asks Elliot if he had been fighting with 
          Constance.  Elliot says that is not the only reason a man 
          goes in a bar.  He starts talking about sailing.  Eli says a 
          man has the right to get off somewhere by himself.  And even 
          to take his father.  Elliot says that he has never felt more 

Scene 3:  Chris Webber taps his way to the Clarion for the purpose of 
          placing an ad for a reader.  He knocks and goes in.  Chris 
          asks if they are still open.  While there he meets Allison 
          Mackenzie.  He immediately picks up on her "little girl 
          voice" and asks her if "Daddy is letting her play editor of 
          the Clarion."  Allison offers him a chair.  Chris says, "I 
          came to take an ad."  Chris asks for her help in phrasing it.  
          Allison says that she may be able to save him the price of an 
          ad.  Allison begins to read to him.  It is apparent Chris is 
          charmed by her voice and he gets into a "face feeling" 
          session.  He tenderly announces that she "Well, you have a 
          clear face, perhaps a little serene.  And the eyes feel blue.  
          Did I embarass you?  You are not homely, you're not pretty, 
          but beautiful."  Allison asks If she can read without his 
          going to sleep that she can have the job.  Allison asks if he 
          can tell what she looks like.  Allison gets the job as reader 
          to Chris. 

Scene 4:  Steven Cord and Betty are entertaining Martin and Hannah as 
          dinner guests at their new house.  Peyton asks to see the 
          rest of the house.  He gives Betty a trinket.  Betty kisses 
          Martin Peyton.  Hannah asks Steven if he is happy.  Hannah 
          observes that she and Steven were never close.  Hannah tells 
          him that she raised him hard so he could stand up 
          against Martin Peyton. She says that everything she did for 
          him was to make him a man.  Martin asks about the ongoing 
          investigation for that unfortunate girl [Ann].  He 
          shows great interest in the whereabouts of her father, Brian 
          Colby.  Peyton tells Steven that Betty has taste as well as 
          beauty.  Peyton asks Steven what he hopes to accomplish by 
          the investigation.  Peyton asks if Brian Colby is in Peyton 
          Place.  Steven says no.  Peyton asks Steven to go outside and 
          tell Thomas that he is ready to leave.  Betty says that she 
          will get their coats.  Steven goes outside. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi and Ann Howard are dining at the beach cottage.  He 
          compliments her on her cooking.  He says that he is going to 
          throw away his chef's hat and apron once and for all.  She 
          tells him about her failed marriage to Jack Howard.    She 
          tells Rossi that she met Brian Cord in college.  She needed a 
          strong man and he needed a strong woman to lean on.  But they 
          were too young.  Ann alludes to the song They try to tell 
          us we're too young.  "But stories about nervous 
          breakdowns and talk about accidents on bluffs didn't make her 
          a strong enough person."  

Scene 6:  Hannah and Martin leave Steven and Betty's house, near the 
          wharf.  Steven compliments Betty, telling her that she was a 
          perfect hostess.  He relates to Betty how he used to think he 
          might possibly be Martin Peyton's son.  He now knows that he 
          is not Peyton's son but wonders why Hannah is acting so 
          strange.  He knows it has something to do with Ann Howard.  
          Betty looks devastated as she turns off the lights for bed 

Scene 7:  Returning to the mansion on the hill, Thomas tells Peyton 
          good night.  Hannah and Martin argue about the "Ann Howard 
          situation."  Martin tells Hannah that her uneasiness about 
          the fact that Ann is Steven's sister, makes her look foolish.  
          Martin goes up to his bedroom while Hannah goes over to glare 
          at the portrait of Catherine.  She picks up a letter opener 
          from the writing desk and slashes the portrait.  

          [In episode 284, Peyton announces, "I'll just have another 
          one made, and another, and another."] 

Preview:  Sandy talks with Rodney.  Peyton talks with Hannah.  Lee 
          talks to Ann Howard. 

          SW:  How was your moonlight sail last night?  If you looked 
               back at shore, I was watching. 
          RH:  I didn't look, Sandy.
          SW:  You looked.

          MP:  Steven Is going to end up outside where he belongs.  
               Outside, Hannah.
          LW:  You pushed him, and you know it.  He's blind because of 
               you, and you know it.  You are pushing him now.  But 
               you're going to stop because, I can push, too.

Chris wants to place an ad for a reader.
Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.
Lee Webber-Stephen Oliver.
Sandy Webber-Lana Wood. 
Jack Howard, Ann's ex-husband, mentioned.
Rodney forcefully kisses Sandy using a head grab.
Betty kisses Martin Peyton.
Hahhah slashes a portrait of Catherine.