Episode 230.

          Betty searches the basement of the Peyton mansion. 
WA:       Hannah Cord has served Martin Peyton for many years, and for 
          many years she hated his daughter, Catherine, the symbol to 
          Hannah of the love Peyton could never give her.  Catherine 
          has been dead for two years.  And now, tonight, in Hannah's 
          mind, Catherine is, at long last, buried. 

MEL:      Catherine died in Doctors Hospital in Episode 20 which was 
          broadcast 11-24-64. 

Intro:    Hannah slashes the portrait of Catherine. [A repeat of scene 
          7 in episode 229, the previous episode.  In episode 302 she 
          torches the replacement portrait, setting the mansion ablaze 
          and nearly killing Peyton.] 

Scene 1:  At the mansion, Hannah glares with satisfaction at the 
          slashed portrait, then picks up a heavy ornament and bangs 
          the front door outer knob, to make it appear that there had 
          been a break in.  Martin enters and surveys the damage, and 
          immediately sees through Hannah's lie that either Ann Colby, 
          or her father Brian, broke in and did the damage.  
          Martin chastises Hannah for her inept lie and announces that 
          he is driving to Boston the next day to change his will, 
          leaving Steven outside. 

Scene 2:  Later that evening, in the living room of the mansion, Betty 
          notices that the portrait of Catherine is missing and 
          speculates with Rodney about what could have happened to it.  
          Rodney says that it is being cleaned.  Rodney says that 
          Hannah told him the portrait was sent out to be cleaned.  
          Betty says that the portrait was cleaned just three months 
          ago.  Rodney adds that he doesn't really like the portrait 
          because it doesn't capture his mother's true essence.  [The 
          portrait looks much like Ann Howard, but no one seems to have 
Scene 3:  Chris enters the Cider Barrel and Sandy, who is there 
          working, scolds him for not eating his breakfast.  Chris 
          orders a cup of coffee and tells her that Allison has offered 
          to be his reader.  Sandy asks Chris why she can't read to 
          him.  He tells her she wouldn't get past the first paragraph.  
          Allison wanders into the diner to get Chris.  

          As Allison and Chris leave for the library, Rodney comes in 
          and Sandy points out that Chris and Allison look like a 
          couple.  Rodney can't accept this possibility because he 
          couldn't consider Chris to be a threat to his relationship 
          with Allison.  Sandy turns on her evil charms again and 
          reminds Rodney about the previous evening.  When he got off 
          on his boat last night he looked back at her.  Rodney 
          denies it. 

Scene 4:  Outside Doctors Hospital, Lee Webber approaches Ann Howard 
          and tells her to stop questioning his brother Chris about the 
          accident.  It is clear that Lee fears the investigation of 
          the accident far more than does Chris.  Lee says she pushed 
          Chris, causing his blindness.  She should let it go at that 
          and call off her dogs.  Lee threatens to push, too. 

Scene 5:  Ann Howard rushes into the hospital and into Dr. Rossi's 
          office to express her fears concerning Lee Webber.  She says 
          that Lee threatened her.  Rossi tries to soothe her and she 
          tells him that she is glad she is not in this battle alone.  

          Dr. Morton comes into Dr. Rossi office's office interrupting 
          the tête-à-tête between Ann and Rossi.  
          Ann excuses herself and leaves.  Morton has come to ask why 
          Rossi hasn't submitted a status report on Ann Howard.  Dr. 
          Morton notes that all the others were excellent.  Rossi tells 
          him that it is because he has a personal relationship with 
          Ann and submitting a report could not be truly objective. 

Scene 7:  In the library, Chris counts his paces to the stacks and 
          asks, "Am I standing in the ladies room?"  Allison asks Miss 
          Hunt, the librarian, to look for some law books.  Allison 
          goes to look for the "hard to find" books.  While Allison is 
          away Chris mistakes a wall for an aisle.  Allison notices and 
          Chris asks her if she is embarrassed.  He explains that it 
          took him a long time to adjust to his blindness.  Allison 
          talks about adjusting to the revelation of Elliot Carson 
          being her father.  They share their tragic stories. 

Scene 8:  In front of the mansion, Thomas helps Martin and Hannah into 
          the limo and drives off.  Betty Anderson Cord is bored.  She 
          has too much time on her hands.  [These days, when one has 
          too much time on his hands, one writes reviews of classic TV 
          serials.]  With no dinner to cook and already having been to 
          the beauty parlor, she elects to go on a expedition in the 
          rather spaceous basement of the mansion. 

          Betty snoops through some old paintings and discovers the 
          slashed portrait of Catherine Peyton.  She starts to touch 
          the surface of the portrait and a hand comes from out of 
          nowhere and grabs her wrist as the scene and the episode end.  
          [It is Rodney's hand.] 

Preview:  Steven talks with Ann.  Dr. Rossi talks with Lee Webber.  
          Rodney talks to Betty. 

          SC:  Call him.
          AH:  Now?
          SC:  Now.  Your father is the only one who can give me the 
               answers I need. 

          MR:  You stop threatening Ann Howard.  Period.
          LW:  I don't buy that.
          MR:  You stay from Ann Howard, Punk.

          RH:  Listen, Mrs. Cord.  You've got a husband.  You've got a 
               home.  You better concentrate on him or you're going to 
               rack up divorce number two before you know it. 

Outside entrance to the library in the Peyton County Town Hall.
Basement of the Peyton mansion. 
Rodney's boat.
The British spelling of parlor is parlour.
The plural of ultimatum is ultimata.