Episode 231.
          Rodney eavesdrops on Martin and Hannah and learns about Ann 
          and Steven. 
WA:       Betty Anderson has begun a frightening search for the 
          portrait of Martin Peyton's daughter.  A portrait which has 
          mysteriously disappeared from its revered position in the 
          house.  To Betty, the disappearance of the portrait confirms 
          her suspicions of intrigue in the Peyton world.  Intrigue 
          that could affect her husband, Steven Cord. 

MEL:      Rodney learns it was Lee who pushed Chris off Sailors' Bluff. 

Intro:    Betty is in the basement of the Peyton mansion looking at 

Scene 1:  In the cellar of the mansion, the person who grabbed Betty's 
          wrist was Rodney.  He's shocked to see the slashed likeness 
          of his mother and for a moment assumes that Betty did it.  
          Betty soon convinces him that she didn't do the dirty deed.  
          She begins to recall all the strange happenings in the 
          mansion.  Rodney tells her that she must mind her own 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi pulls his car up by the petrol dispensers in front 
          of Shoreline Garage.  Rodney is nowhere to be seen and Lee 
          Webber ambles out trying to look pleasant.  Rossi quickly 
          sizes up Lee and calls him a "rough character" for attacking 
          Steven Cord at the Shoreline.  He tells Lee to leave Ann 
          Howard alone regarding her search for the truth of Chris' 
          accident.  Lee spouts back that they better leave his poor 
          nervous little blind brother alone.  They shout back and 
          forth on this topic for a while.  Rossi drives off without 
          filling his tank. 

Scene 3:  Meanwhile back at the Peyton Square, Ann Howard spots Allison 
          and Chris and quickly ducks into the Pharmacy.  Allison 
          follows Ann in, leaving Chris sitting on a bench.  Allison 
          orders sandwiches and chats with Ann, asking her to join her 
          and Chris for lunch.  Ann relates her sordid tale of being 
          accused of shoving Chris off the bluff.  Allison wanders out 
          of the Peyton Pharmacy without getting her sandwiches. 

Scene 4:  Allison approaches Chris who is still sitting motionless on 
          the bench and tells him she changed her mind about the 
          sandwiches.  He notes that she sounds upset but agrees to go 
          eat at Guidos, a restaurant on the wharf and feed 
          crumbs to the gulls. 

Scene 5:  Steven shows off his new office to Ann and tells her that he 
          would like to talk with Ann's father, Brian Colby.  Steven 
          says Ann's father convinced everyone she was a nervous little 
          girl who was capable of pushing a boy off a bluff.  Ann 
          confides to Steven that her father didn't want her to come 
          back to Peyton Place. 

Scene 6:  On the wharf Elliot and Norman have a rambling conversation 
          about boats and dreams of sailing away.  Connie comes up to 
          them and Elliot realizes his dreams have come true.  He has 
          gotten Constance pregnant again.  She has purchased a compass 
          as a gift and Elliot says already he found his destination in 

Scene 7:  Martin and Hannah arrive at the mansion and Martin waves his 
          newly revised will around like a trophy.  He brags that Ann 
          and her father can't threaten it.  Hannah and Martin begin to 
          argue and Hannah blurts out the fact that Ann and Steven are 
          brother and sister.  Rodney overhears this shocking 
          revelation.  Betty appears and walks over to Rodney.  He 
          becomes very ominous, warning Betty to "Get out of the 

Preview:  Chris talks with Lee.  Ann talks with Steven.  Rodney talks 
with Leslie. 

          CW:  As far as my studies go, I hired somebody to help me 
          keep up. LW:  Who? CW:  Allison Mackenzie. LW:  Stay away 
          from her. 

          AH:  I don't know where my father is.
          SC:  What?
          AH:  I called the rest home.  He's gone.  He told them that 
               he is coming here to see me. 

          RH:  That's your war, not mine.  I'm not going to end up one 
               of your casualties. 
          LH:  Then stay out of the line of fire. 

Rita got an Italian take-out dinner for Norman at Guido's Restaurant on 
   the wharf in episode 126.