Episode 232.

          Rodney accuses his father.
WA:       This is the house of Martin Peyton.  Many years ago a young 
          boy was brought here and raised here.  His name, Steven Cord.  
          To Steven there has always been a frustrating mystery to this 
          house.  Now, suddenly, Steven feels close to the answers. 

Intro:    Gardner trimming bushes in front of the Peyton mansion.  
          Steven drives up in his convertible and gets out. 

Scene 1:  At the mansion, Steven comes in and asks Betty where Hannah 
          is.  Hannah comes down and Steven tells her that he is taking 
          Ann to Boston to see Brian Colby, her father.  Hannah asks 
          where Colby is.  Steven tells her that Colby is in a rest 
          home.  Hannah is visibly upset and this tips off Steven, that 
          there is a mystery.  He told her this intentionally, just to 
          get her reaction.  

          In the car in the Peyton driveway, Betty tells Steven that 
          she asked Hannah about the portrait and was told her that it 
          had been sent out to be cleaned.  Hannah lied to her. 

Scene 2:  Meanwhile back inside the mansion, Hannah warns Martin that 
          Steven is getting ready to take Ann to see Brian Colby.  
          Peyton asked how Steven acted. 

Scene 3:  At the Book Gallery, Elliot comes in and calls to Constance.  
          Allison rushes in with a plethora of law books.  The books 
          appear to weigh more than she does.  She allows that she has 
          a date with Chris Webber.  From Elliot's point of view, she 
          might as well have said she had a date with a vampire.  She 
          hurries out for her date and Constance and Elliot mourn the 
          fact that she is no longer seeing Rodney.  [One might infer 
          from this that Elliot feels that a garage owner who spends 
          more time lusting after married women (Sandy and Betty) would 
          appear a better prospect than a blind law student.] 

Scene 4:  Chris wanders into the Shoreline Garage and asks his brother 
          where Rodney might be.  Lee smirks that Rodney must be 
          hitting up Leslie for a loan.  Lee and Chris settle in for a 
          chat.  Lee tells Chris he must be pretty shaken up by all the 
          questions about his tumble off the bluff.  But Chris is as 
          cool as a cucumber.  Lee tells Chris he should go back to law 
          school and finish, to avoid further "trauma."  But Chris says 
          he wants to stay in Peyton Place.  And besides, Allison reads 
          to him so he can keep up with his studies.  He won't fall 
          behind.  Lee disapproves of the situation.  She's Rodney's 
          girl but he knows Chris likes her.  

          Allison enters the garage carrying only four books.  They 
          are, however, rather large law tomes.  Her appearance 
          abruptly ends the conversation.  She guides Chris outside and 
          Lee is left alone to do his mechanic thing. 

Scene 5:  Sandy is flipping burgers at the Cider Barrel Diner and 
          gossiping with Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington.  She tells 
          Rita that Chris and Allison are becoming an item.  
          Rita says that she doubts this. Sandy speculates that Rodney 
          might soon be free, because Allison can hold a man only so 
          long with poetry.  Rita reminds Sandy that she is married to 
          Lee.  Sandy seems to be attention challenged in the 
          matrimonial area. 

Scene 6:  Rodney is in Leslie's office in the mill, informing Leslie of 
          the revelation that Ann Howard and Steven Cord are brother 
          and sister to each other.  Suddenly Rodney realizes 
          that Leslie might use this knowledge against his grandfather 
          and asks, "Oh why can't we all be just one, big happy family 
          and get along?" 

Scene 7:  Rodney leaves the office and the mill.  Julie is concluding a 
          telephone call in the front office informing her that George 
          Anderson is getting better.  She goes in to talk with Leslie.  
          He allows that Martin has a secret and he will use it against 
          him.  It is possible Leslie is worried that Martin will 
          change his will and leave him out.  Julie tells Leslie that 
          she has decided to leave Peyton Place and go back to George.  
          She says that George needs her and Leslie doesn't.  [At the 
          time of Rodney and Betty's second wedding, George is at home, 
          in another city [Possably Boston or White River], with Julie 
          taking care of him.  She says that all Leslie needs is Martin 
          Peyton's money. 

Scene 8:  Ann Howard rings the doorbell at Steven and Betty's house.  
          She tells Steven that she has decided to go out to look for 
          her Brian Colby.  Steven admits his guilt to Betty over the 
          fact that 17 years ago he joined in accusing Ann of pushing 
          Chris off the bluff even though he didn't see who actually 
          did the pushing.  Betty observes that there has been trouble 
          brewing ever since Ann Howard came to back to town. 

Preview:  Leslie talks with Steven.  Hannah talks with Peyton.  Lee 
          talks to Rodney. 

          LH:  We'll always be looking for the same thing as long as 
               Martin Peyton is alive. 
          SC:  I'm not so sure I buy that. 
          LH:  You don't have too.  It's a a fact. 

          HC:  I have to talk to Steven.  Something I have to tell them 
          MP:  I forbid it.
          RH:  What's that supposed to mean?
          LW:  I might have the same grease under my fingernails but 
               I'm not Joe Chernak.