Episode 233.

          Rodney and Lee have problems.
MEL:      Steven drives Ann Howard to Boston to see her father Brian 

WA:       For many months, Leslie Harrington has been forced to survive 
          in the shadow of his enemy, Martin Peyton.  Last night he 
          learned of trouble in the old man's house.  Leslie senses 
          that the key to that trouble may be held by Steven Cord. 

Intro:    The Pillory.  
                                PEYTON PLACE
                             HISTORICAL MARKER
                         PLACE OF PUBLIC PUNISHMENT

          An interstate Bus Lines coach drives past the Clarion, turns 
          left in front of the bank, turns left again past the Colonial 
          Post Inn and continues toward the courthouse.  Leslie leaves 
          the Inn heading toward Steven Cord's office building.  

Scene 1:  Leslie enters Steven's office.  He asks why his wife's 
          portrait was slached.  He and rants about Martin Peyton, 
          Hannah, and Ann Howard.  Steven asks why Leslie ia so 
          concerned.  He speculates that Leslie is looking for new 
          ammunition to use against Martin Peyton. 

Scene 2:  Allison walks across the Peyton Square, swinging her handbag, 
          and runs into Rodney on his motorcycle.  She almost gets hit 
          by an Interstate Bus Lines bus but Rodney grabs her in the 
          nick of time.  He scolds her and she replies, "Why should you 
          care?"  He roars off. 

Scene 3:  At the General Store, Norman tells Eli that he and Rodney had 
          a fight.  He explains to Eli that they were just too honest 
          with each other in bringing up the past with Joe Chernak.  
          Eli says that brothers brewing is a waste.  He somewhat 
          quotes the bible: "A brother that is put off is harder to get 
          over than a scaling wall."  Proverbs 18:19 

Scene 4:  Allison goes into Ann Howard's therapy room to apologize for 
          her shocking reaction to Ann's confession of being accused of 
          blinding Chris.  For once Allison shows some wisdom and 
          states that Ann might stir up even worse trouble by searching 
          for the truth.  Suddenly Ann gets an ominous phone call and 
          rushes out of the therapy room, leaving Allison to her 

Scene 5:  Rodney shows up at the Shoreline Garage and berates Lee for 
          adding up a bill in error.  Lee says that he is a mechanic 
          not an Einstein.  Lee asks Rodney if he is still dating 
          Allison, because Chris has designs on her and he doesn't want 
          him to get hurt.  Rodney states that Allison isn't that kind 
          of girl.  Lee responds that he never knew a girl that didn't 
          leave a ring in the nose of one guy while looking for 
          another.  Finally Lee asks the question, "How long is it 
          going to be before you dumps the toy, your garage?"  They 
          argue and Rodney threatens to fire Lee.  Lee replies that 
          Rodney needs him because he reminds him of Joe Chernak.  He 
          says that Rodney needs to help a "Joe Chernak" type to lessen 
          his guilt.  But the real reason Rod keeps Lee is because 
          "Rodney doesn't know the difference between a brake shoe and 
          an ice skate" as he pointed out in an earlier episode. 

Scene 6:  Back at the mansion, Peyton is seated at a chessboard.  
          Hannah expresses her continued concern about Brian Colby.  
          Martin gloats that Brian has always continued to cash the 
          monthly checks that silence him about his hidden son.  Hannah 
          is worried that Brian could possibly see Steven and spill the 
          frijoles.  Peyton provokes Hannah.  Hannah slaps Peyton.  
          Hannah says that she is going to talk to Steven. She has 
          decided to confess.  Peyton forbids it.  She rushes out to 
          the dismay of Peyton. 

Scene 7:  In Steven's office, Ann Howard is sobbing because she has 
          learned that her father is dying.  She says that she can't 
          face her father alone and she wants Steven to be with her.  

          Hannah abruptly enters to make her big confession to Steven.  
          But he interrupts her before she can tell him his 
          relationship to Brian Colby.  Steven apologizes to Hannah and 
          says that it will have to wait, that they must leave 
          immediately for Boston.  As they depart, Hannah collapses on 
          Steven's couch. 

Preview:  Betty talks to Rodney.  Lee talks to Sandy.  Hannah talks to 

          BA:  Rod, we've got to talk.  Come to the house tonight.  
          RH:  Even with Steven.
          BA:  Steven won't be there. 

          LW:  We've got no reason to run away, so we stay.  We stay.  
               You and me.  Got that? 

          HC:  Martin Peyton, nothing is sure now, nothing.  Convince 
               me now that he won't tell Steven the truth. 

Hannah Cord slaps Martin Peyton.
Rodney's motorcycle.