Episode 234.
          Constance cautions Chris about Allison.
WA:       Steven Cord and his client Ann Howard begin the trip to 
          Boston where they have just learned that Ann's father, Brian 
          Colby lies in critical condition.  But Steven's thoughts are 
          with his mother, Hannah Cord, and the strange, frightened way 
          that Hannah reacted to the news of Colby's imminent death. 

Intro:    Ann Howard and Steven Cord come out of the Peyton Place 
          Banking & Trust Co. building and get in Steven's convertible.  
          They drive off toward Boston to see Brian Colby. 

Scene 1:  Hannah comes in the mansion in a hurry.  Betty tells Hannah 
          that Steven is taking Ann to Boston to see Brian Colby.  
          Hannah storms into Martin Peyton's room saying, "How does he 
          feel now?"  Brian is dying and will surely make a death bed 
          confession to his son.  Peyton once again is in shock as 
          Hannah sobs that she will lose Steven and she will be all 

Scene 2:  As Rodney enters the mansion, he finds Betty eager to discuss 
          all of the intrigue related to Ann Howard and Brian Colby.  
          She invites Rodney to come to her house that evening so they 
          can chat.  She assures him that Steven won't be there because 
          he went to Boston to hold Ann's hand. 

Scene 3:  Lee and his passenger, Chris, pull up in front of Dr. Rossi's 
          car, in front of the Book Gallery.  He is driving an old 
          jalopy.  Chris thanks him and consoles his brother that he 
          won't have to drive him around all summer.  Lee reminds Chris 
          that he's supposed to go back to Boston and hit the law 
          books.  Chris says he wants to stay with his loving family 
          and Lee adds he is really staying on to be with Allison.  
          Chris tells Lee to stop "handling" him, that he has been 
          telling him how to react to Ann and Steven's questions about 
          the accident on the bluff, and to leave his love life to him.  

          He jumps out of the car and leaves as Lee reminds Chris who 
          feeds and clothes him.  Chris replies with wondering why he 
          has all these years and leaves.  Dr. Rossi has been watching 
          and Lee points out his "poor, nervous, blind brother" to him 
          and indicates that Chris is upset because they talked about 
          Ann Howard, which is slanting the truth for his own benefit.  
          Lee says he would have introduced Rossi to Chris, but Chris 
          is not in a good mood.  They talk a while and Dr. Rossi warns 
          Lee to stay away from Ann Howard. 

Scene 4:  Chris Webber drops a book at the Book Gallery and a customer 
          apologizes as he tries to retrieve it for him.  Constance 
          enters and Chris introduces himself.  Constance tells Chris 
          that Allison is at the hospital.  Chris tells Constance that 
          he and Allison are friends.  He says that Allison allows him 
          to feel independent and cross his own streets.  As he 
          leaves Constance decides that Allison can now make up her own 
          mind about her relationship with Chris. 

Scene 5:  Sandy goes to the Shoreline Garage to find Lee sitting there 
          in the dark.  He tells her to go home.  He will be there 
          soon.  He has some work to do.  She tells him that she wants 
          to leave Peyton Place.  She says that she sensed trouble as 
          soon as Ann arrived in town.  Lee says that he wants to stick 

Scene 6:  Rodney goes to Steven and Betty's house for his tête-à-tête 
          with Betty.  Rodney finally reveals to Betty that Steven and 
          Ann are brother and sister to each other.  As a matter of fact, 
          they are twins.  Betty is shocked, and incredulous, because 
          they don't even look alike.  Betty says, "Steven is dark and 
          Ann is blonde."  Rodney counters that he is blond and Norman 
          is dark.  It now dawns on Betty that Steven and Ann are on 
          their way to Boston to see their dying father. 

Scene 7:  Steven Cord and his sister, Ann Howard, arrive at the Boston 
          Memorial Hospital and speak to a nurse [Uhura].  Steven and 
          Ann are still unaware that they are siblings.  Doctor Potter 
          comes out and tells them that Brian Colby has already expired. 
          Ann sobs as Steven embraces her. 

Scene 8:  Rodney Harrington is leaving Steven and Betty Cord's house.  
          Steven telephones from Boston to tell Betty that Brian Colby 
          had already gone to meet his maker.  Betty tells Rodney about 
          the death of Colby.  Rodney looks on in anquish.  Rodney 
          allows to Betty that he should have told Steven that Brian 
          Colby was Steven and Ann's father. 

Preview:  Norman talks with Allison.  Betty talks with Steven.  Leslie 
          talks to Hannah. 

          NH:  Wake up smudge.  Rod's a man.
          AM:  And I'm a woman.
          NH:  Meaning what?

          BA:  Stop it.  Why don't you stop it.  You're torturing her.
          SC:  Betty.
          BA:  Is it really necessary to go through this tonight, 

          LH:  Tell him I've come to discuss Ann Howard.  Ann Howard.  
               And my wife's portrait. 

The nurse in Scene 7 is Nichelle Nichols, Uhura, communications officer of Star Trek.
In the US, blonde is generally used for girls and blond for 
boys.  In the UK, blonde is correct for either gender.