Episode 235.

          Brian Colby dies.
WA:       In a Boston Hospital, a man named Brian Colby has died.  
          Surviving are his daughter, Ann, and his son, Steven.  But 
          the fact that the man who has just died is Steven's father is 
          not known to either Ann or Steven. 

MEL:      Brian Cord was an outstanding artist who had been married to 
          Hannah Cord for some time.  He became involved with his model 
          Catherine Peyton who gave birth to twins Ann and Steven.  He 
          changed his name to Brian Colby.  Peyton offered a deal to 
          Hannah Cord for her willingness to raise Steven and to be 
          Martin's housekeeper.  She accepted the arrangement which 
          worked for 28 years.  Ann Cord's name was changed to Ann 
          Colby.  When she married her name became Ann Howard.  She 
          divorced Mr. Howard, but retained the name Howard.  At the 
          time of Chris Webber's accident, her name was Ann Colby.  The 
          portrait of Catherine which hung over the fireplace in the 
          mansion for many years was painted by Brian Cord before he 
          changed his name to Brian Colby.  The initials BC were on the 

Intro:    Night Scenes of downtown Boston.  The waiting room of the 
          Boston Hospital.  A nurse [Uhura] is shown talking on the 
          phone at the reception desk.   


Scene 1:  At the hospital in Boston, Ann and Steven are informed by the 
          attending physician, Dr. Potter, that Brian Colby collapsed 
          at the bus station with a ticket to Peyton Place clutched in 
          his hand.  Brian had asked for Ann and Steven.  This 
          information shocks Steven.  Ann tells Steven that Brian's 
          final words to her were "Is Ann coming?  Is Steven coming?  
          Don't go to Peyton Place and dig up the past."  Ann said that 
          she told Brian that he should stay out of her life.  

          The phone rings in Colby's room and a nurse [Uhura] tells the 
          doctor that a woman is on the line asking about Brian Colby.  
          The doctor says that he will need Ann's release before he can 
          give out any information.  Steven asks if the woman is still 
          on the line.  Steven goes to the phone and asks who is 
          calling.  Hannah recognizes Steven's voice and abruptly hangs 
          up.  Steven asks Ann if she wants to stay the night in 
          Boston.  She says she wants to go back to Peyton Place. 

Scene 2:  At the Peyton Place library ajoining the courthouse, Norman 
          asks Allison if she is enjoying her new "project," Chris 
          Webber.  Allison says, "yes" and Norman chastises her for 
          giving up on Rodney.  She says they are different types of 
          people.  Norman says not to feed him a line about Rodney 
          wanting rooms full of money and her being a "butterfly."  
          Norman says, "Wake up Smudge.  Rod's a man."  Allison 
          dismisses him and glides over to the checkout counter to join 
          Chris Webber.  

          Miss Hunt, the librarian, tells Allison that someone is 
          waiting for her outside.  Allison goes outside.  It turns out 
          to be Lee.  He asks her to convince Chris to return to 
          Boston.  Chris comes outside and Lee sneaks off.  When Chris 
          asks who it was, Allison says it was Norman.  Chris says, 
          "You are hopelessly inept as a liar.  I would know Lee's 
          footsteps anywhere."  He tells Allison not to bother to 
          convince him to return to Boston and departs. 

Scene 3:  At Ann's apartment in Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house, Steven is 
          digging in an old trunk and finds some old paintings that 
          look a lot like Catherine's slashed portrait.  Ann and Steven 
          are rather mystified.  Steven decides that he will embark on 
          a hunting expedition to dig up the past. 

Scene 4:  At the mansion, Martin Peyton and Hannah Cord are again 
          plotting, fuming, and scheming.  Peyton looks at a reflection 
          of himself in a mirror as they talk.  Peyton decides to feign 
          illness to avoid the questioning he expects from Steven.  
          Peyton hears the chimes and sends Hannah downstairs. 

          Hannah admits Dr. Rossi and follows him into Peyton's room.  
          The old man begins to complain of being ill.  Weakness in the 
          limbs.  Shortness of breath.  The tongue is coated.  Rossi 
          asks when this all started.  He tells Peyton that he finds no 
          evidence of illness.  Rossi says, "Thank you very much, Dr. 
          Peyton."  Rossi says that he will send an ambulance in the 
          morning.  Peyton insists on tonight.  Peyton tells Hannah to 
          answer the chimes, but that he doesn't want to see anyone.  

Scene 5:  Just as Dr. Rossi is about to leave, the chimes ring and 
          Hannah goes to the door to admit Leslie Harrington.  Leslie 
          asks Rossi how Peyton is.  He tells Hannah that he wants to 
          see Peyton.  But Hannah covers for Peyton and says that he is 
          much too ill to see anyone.  Hannah asks if there is any 
          message.  Leslie tells her that he has privileged information 
          about Ann Howard and will question the old man about it 
          sooner or later.  Leslie returns to the front door and 
Preview:  Norman fusses with Rita.  Martin Peyton warns Hannah Cord. 

          NH:  Go jump in the lake as far as I'm concerned.
          RH:  You know you don't mean that.
          NH:  You just don't know the Harringtons.
          RH:  Oh?  Well, I'm a Harrington, too, remember?
          MP:  Keep away from that cemetary.  Unless you want the truth 
               to come out right now.  Are you ready to face Ann and 
               Steven there?  A family reunion over your husband's 

The nurse in scene 1 is Nichelle Nichols, Uhura of Star Trek. 
Scene 2 was used as a flashback in Peyton Place, the Next Generation.