Episode 236.

          Funeral for Brian Colby.
WA:       Two days ago, Brian Colby died in a Boston Hospital.  But his 
          burial today will be in Peyton Place.  Ann and Steven Cord 
          must pick up Dr. Michael Rossi.  They are the only mourners.  
          The choice of Colby's final resting place was made by his 
          daughter, Ann.  To Martin Peyton and Hannah Cord, Ann's 
          decision is a warning that even from the grave, Brian 
          Cord Colby may still reach out and destroy them. 

MEL:      At this point in time, few people knew that Steven Cord was 
          the illegitimate son of Catherine Peyton and Brian Cord 
          [Colby].  Some people [Leslie] prefer to use the term 
          "accident of nature." 

Intro:    Dr. Rossi is waiting at the hospital.  Outside view of 
          Doctors Hospital.  Steven driving Ann to the hospital [and 
          then on to the cemetary]. 

Scene 1:  Hannah is in Martin's hospital room fuming over how Catherine 
          always gets what she wants.  Hannah laments over what she 
          will have if she loses Steven.  Nothing.  Martin says she 
          will still have her job.  "Taking care of a dying old man?"  
          Hannah shakes her head.  Peyton says, "I'm a long way from 
          dead."  He tells Hannah to keep away from the cemetery.  The 
          ghost of Brian Colby will haunt her. 

Scene 2:  Betty is walking on the wharf as Rodney is cleaning the floor 
          of the Shoreline Garage with kerosene.  She goes in and she 
          and Rodney go in the office for a chat.  She tells Rodney she 
          saw drawings of his mother in Ann Howard's trunk.  Betty 
          speculates that Rodney's mother must have known Brian 
          Cord Colby.  Betty says that all this mystery might be 
          the reason for Martin's relapse and that is why he's hiding 
          in the hospital.  She says that Peyton is doing so well that 
          Rossi has cut down on his medication.  Lee interrupts to get 
          a fan belt.  Rodney says that he thought Lee was working on 
          Stacy's pickup.  Lee tells Betty that he didn't know she was 
          a customer.  Betty leaves. 

Scene 3:  Hannah is browsing at the Book Gallery looking for books for 
          Martin Peyton.  Allison asks what it is like to have someone 
          close to you die.  She listens as Allison sympathizes with 
          Constance over Ann Howard's loss.  Hannah asks how much the 
          books come to.  She charges the $6.42.  She then abruptly 
          rushes outside.  

          The funeral procession for Brian Colby is in full view.  
          Among the townfolk watching are Norman, Rita, and Constance.  
          Ann is in the car sitting very stoic between Steven and Dr. 
          Rossi.  Constance goes outside and speaks to Hannah again.  
          Hannah gets in the limousine. 
Scene 4:  At the General store, Constance comes in and tells Eli that 
          the baby kicked just as the funeral procession passed by.  
          Eli rambles on about how death is part of life.  He tells her 
          that he pretends to be saying something profound but he is 
          actually listening to the other fellow to see if he might be 
          saying something profound. 

Scene 5:  Norman and Rita talk about how sad funerals are.  Norman is 
          stung with sudden family loyalty and decides to make up with 
          Rodney.  They had fought about Leslie a few episodes back.  
          He calls the Shoreline Garage to talk with Rodney.  But 
          Rodney has gone to the hospital.  He tells Rita that she just 
          doesn't know the Harringtons.  Rita tells Norman the number 
          of the Shoreline Garage, 555-3582.  Norman starts to dial as 
          the scene ends. 

Scene 6:  Outside view of hospital before bannister is added.  Norman 
          arrives at the hospital and greets Rodney.  Rodney asks miss 
          Chaote if he can see Peyton.  She checks and reports back 
          that Mr. Peyton doesn't feel like seeing anyone yet.  They go 
          outside and make up.  Norman expresses fear that Martin might 
          die.  Peyton goes over to the window and stands staring at 
          them.  Peyton's window faces east.  Rodney and Norman drive 
          off in Norman's old convertible.  Miss Choate enters and asks 
          him what he is doing out of bed.  Martin says, "Watching the 
          world go by, miss Choate." 

Scene 7:  The casket is still above ground at the cemetary as Ann, 
          Steven, and Dr. Rossi leave.  Hannah is skulking behind a 
          tree.  After the car pulls away she approaches the casket and 
          bids farewell to her beloved husband with the following: 

                     "Brian Cord, burn in hell."  

Preview:  Leslie talks with Rodney.  Hannah talks to Steven.

          LH:  Now, finally I've got the weapons to hit back.  To knock 
               him off that high perch of his. 
          RH:  You'll never stop hating, will you?
          LH:  No, never.  And I'll never stop trying to hurt him the 
               way he hurt me. 
          HC:  It isn't healthy to have your wife in the same house 
               with Rodney Harrington.  Especially after what happened.  
               When you were in Boston, the two of them met, in your 

Funeral conductor.
"Accident of Nature"
Hannah skulks.