Episode 237.

          Allison doesn't want to go home.
WA:       Hannah Cord has waited for this day for twenty-eight years.  
          Today, the man who was her husband will be laid to rest.  But 
          in death, as in life, Brian torments her.  

                Hannah says, "Brian Cord, burn in hell."

          The same man also torments a young woman he never met, Betty 
          Cord.  A young woman who knows the secrets of his life and 
          how they are closing in on her husband, Steven. 

Intro:    Hannah walks across the cemetary and speaks to her dead 
          husband.  Betty is in the livingroom of the mansion.  She 
          sees Steven drive up. 

Scene 1:  Steven gloomily enters the mansion, does not kiss Betty, but 
          asks where his mother is.  Betty tells him that Hannah is at 
          the hospital.  Steven tells her he felt like coming home.  He 
          asks where Martin Peyton is.  He tells Betty that he couldn't 
          find anyone who knew Brian Colby.  Steven says he felt that 
          it should be raining.  The funeral was solitary and empty.  
          Steven says he felt sorry for Hannah.  Betty's guilt over the 
          knowledge of Steven's paternity is overwhelming her.  Steven 
          says that he is going to wait for his mother. 
Scene 2:  Ann Howard and Dr. Rossi enter the hospital.  Rossi tells Ann 
          that she doesn't have to go right back to work.  But Ann does 
          go to work right after the funeral.  [The hospital directory 
          has grown quite large.]  

Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi comes into Peyton's hospital room and Peyton asks 
          him about the funeral and how Ann held up.  He asks if Ann 
          and Steven cried and wants to know if Ann is leaving Peyton 
          Place.  Peyton asks if Steven cried.  He says Steven won't be 
          invited to his funeral.  Dr. Rossi tells Peyton to 
          take his hand off the brake.  Peyton tells Rossi that he 
          won't be invited to the funeral.  Ann walks up and is 
          introduced to Peyton.  He tells Ann that Catherine was a 
          student of Brian Cord.  He expresses his sympathy and Ann 
          asks about the pictures in her father's trunk.  
Scene 4:  Leslie enters the Shoreline Garage and asks about Peyton.  
          Rodney tells his father that Norman and he made up but Leslie 
          couldn't care less.  He asks about Martin's health and Rodney 
          replies with "Oh, why can't we all just get along?"  Implying 
          that all Leslie cares about is getting his hands on Martin's 
          money, which is the truth.  Leslie announces that he is going 
          to use the knowledge of Ann and Steven being brother and 
          sister to each other against the old man. 
Scene 5:  Sandy is working at the Cider Barrel Diner as Chris walks in.  
          They go in the back room to talk privately.  Chris is 
          disturbed because Lee wants him to go back to Boston.  Lee 
          says that he wants Chris to take a couple of summer classes.  
          Sandy says that the only thing Lee cares about is Chris.  
          Sandy comments that Ann Howard's arrival in Peyton Place is 
          stirring up trouble for them.  Chris can't see the writing 
          is on the wall. 

Scene 6:  Hannah returns to the mansion and is interrogated by Steven.  
          He  asks her if she was the one who called the Boston 
          Hospital.  Hannah explains that she was worried.  An 
          ineffectual defense.  Of course, Steven doesn't buy this and 
          demands answers concerning the paintings in the trunk, and 
          about Hannah's general nervousness.  But Hannah tries to 
          throw Steven a curve.  Steven said that he broke his 
          collarbone when he was six.  Steven asks why she is so 
          hostile toward Ann.  She says she is not in a court room and 
          will not be cross-examined.  He asks why Hannah told Betty 
          that the portrait of Catherine was sent out to be cleaned 
          when it had actually been slashed.  She tells him that he 
          should get Betty out of the mansion. She tells him that he 
          should be concerned about Betty, who had a meeting with 
          Rodney in his house.  This somehow diverts Steven's usual 
          "one track mind."  Hannah explains that this is why she hung 
          up, Betty came in the room.  [Remember they didn't have 
          caller ID back then.]  Steven is angry.  He goes to the front 
          door and leaves. 

Preview:  Allison talks with Elliot.  Lee Webber talks with Ann Howard. 

          AM:  Rodney had nothing to do with it.  
          EC:  Are you sure?  Are you sure you're not using Chris for 
               your own needs? 
          AM:  What needs?
          EC:  I think you ought to be able to answer that one 

               [An Ambulance drives up to the wharf.]

          LW:  You had to come back and hurt him again.
          AH:  No.
          LW:  I saw you.  You did it.

Ann Howard-Susan Oliver.