Episode 238.

          Elliot admonishes Allison.  Chris falls. 
WA:       Chris Webber was blinded in an accident many years ago.  He 
          "adjusted."  Tonight that carefully disciplined adjustment 
          has been shattered and Chris Webber has begun to ask himself 
          questions about his brother, Lee, and Lee's involvement in 
          that accident. 

Intro:    Shoreline Garage on the wharf. 

Scene 1:  Lee is sitting at the bar as Chris Webber enters Ada Jacks' 
          Tavern looking for him.  Lee asks Chris why he was looking 
          for him.  Lee is worked up over Ann and wants to take Chris 
          back to Boston to his law university.  Chris says he has been 
          thinking things through.  Lee insists that Ann pushed Chris 
          but Chris says he isn't so sure.  Lee storms out of the 

Scene 2:  Lee hovers outside in front of the Tavern while Chris finds 
          his way to a bench.  Ann Howard shows up and Lee eavesdrops 
          on Chris expressing sympathy for the death of Ann's father.  
          Ann tells Chris she regrets never having discussed the bluff 
          with him.  Chris points out that maybe she should forget it.  
          It is quite apparent he wants to forget it.  Chris gets up 
          from the bench and makes his way to the pier.  He stumbles, 
          falls into a boat, and hits his head.  Lee comes out of the 
          shadows and rushes over to land aid. 

Scene 3:  An ambulance and police car arrive on the wharf and Ann 
          explains to Sgt. William Wilson Walker how Chris fell.  Lee 
          makes one more accusation, implying that it was Ann who 
          caused Chris to fall.  Chris is put on a stretcher and put in 
          the ambulance.  He orders her to never come near his brother 
          again.  Lee gets in the ambulance with Chris and Ann wanders 
          off in a daze. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi comes out of his hospital office and talks with an 
          orderly about Chris Webber.  Lee walks up and tells Rossi 
          that Ann was involved in the accident.  "Again," he stresses. 

Scene 5:  At the Clarion, Allison is typing away at notes for Chris 
          from his law books.  Elliot puts in his pitch for Rodney, 
          implying the sighted garage mechanic is a better catch than a 
          blind law student with special needs.  Constance rushes in to 
          inform them that Chris is in the hospital. 

Scene 6:  Eli goes in the Tavern and speaks with Ann Howard.  Ada asks 
          Eli if he would watch things while she goes in the cellar for 
          supplies.  Eli begins another lecture to Ann.  He consoles 
          her concerning the accident and says that the Webber 
          boy was not that badly hurt.  That he fell only a couple 
          of feet.  Eli says that Elliot had fallen off that wharf as a 
          child.  Eli suggests to Ann that she should go to the 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi examines Chris in his hospital room.  He asks Chris 
          to sit up.  Lee is also there and observes that Chris might 
          have a concussion like the last time when there was 
          blood on the back of his head, his shoes, everywhere."  He 
          gets pretty graphic and Dr. Rossi backs him up against a 
          wall.  Lee says that Ann Howard badgered Chris until he fell 
          off the wharf.  Chris looks distraught. 

Scene 8:  The orderlies roll Chris into the hall on a gurney and Rossi 
          asks Chris just what happened.  Weakly, Chris replies, "It 
          was like my brother said."  Lee gloats with victory. 

Preview:  Martin talks with Hannah.  Betty talks to Steven.  Rossi 
          talks to Ann Howard. 

          MP:  You'll have to face Steven.  No matter where I am.
          HC:  And you'll face him with me.

          BA:  You must believe me.  You've got to believe that I'm 
               telling you the truth.  You've got to. 

          MR:  I want you to stay away from my patient.  As long as 
               Chris Webber in this hospital, I don't want you anywhere 
               near him. 

Anne "Ann" Howard-Susan Oliver.
Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.