Episode 239.
          Ann Howard shows up at the hospital.
WA:       Seventeen years ago, Ann Howard was accused of causing the 
          blindness of young Christopher Webber.  She has lived most of 
          her life trying to control her grief and her guilt.  Tonight, 
          talking to the same young man, Christopher Webber, she 
          disturbed him to the extent that he walked away from her, 
          fell, and seriously injured himself.  Ann Howard has come the 
          full circle. 

Intro:    Outside the main entrance of Doctors Hospital.  Ann drives up 
          and goes in the hospital. 

Scene 1:  Sandy confronts Ann in front of Doctors Hospital and tries to 
          block Ann's entrance.  [At this point in time, Sandy believes 
          that Ann pushed Lee seventeen years ago.]  Ann goes on in and 
          attempts to get information about Chris at the Information 
          Desk from a duty nurse.  The nurse avoids giving out any 

Scene 2:  In Peyton's hospital room, Hannah asks Peyton how long he 
          intends to play sick.  Peyton asks Hannah if she is worried 
          about the bill.  Peyton apparently has enough clout to be 
          admitted to the hospital even without physical symptoms.  
          Hannah tells Peyton that she doesn't want to face Steven's 
          questions alone He tries to calm Hannah by repeating to her 
          the story that he told Ann.  He said that the sketches of 
          Catherine were in Brian's trunk because Brian was Catherine's 
          art teacher.  Hannah laughs at this weak and phony story.  
          Dr. Rossi enters, and weary of Peyton's shenanigans, tells 
          him to pack his bags.  He says, "This is not a luxury hotel 
          for pampered guests."  Hannah gloats, now she won't have to 
          face Steven's tirade alone.  Peyton says he is leaving the 
          hospital to avoid Rossi's questions. 

Scene 3:  At the newspaper office, Allison tells Elliot that she is 
          worried about Chris.  Elliot tries his best to fake some 
          sincere sympathy.  Elliot states that Chris doesn't have the 
          same armor as everyone else.  Allison says that she admires 
          Chris for being able to tolerate his blindness.  They go a 
          few more rounds and then Constance and Elliot leave the 
          Clarion.  Allison slams the door behind them. 

Scene 4:  Steven and Betty are home and Steven moves in for his 
          questioning. He picks up on Hannah's successful ploy to keep 
          her from a confessing and asks why she and Rodney were 
          together.  Betty weakly confesses that they were discussing 
          the "slashed" portrait.  Steven accuses Betty of dating 
          [fraternizing] with Rodney.  Betty vehemently denies it 
          saying, "It wasn't a date."  Steven says he is going to his 
          office.  She asks him not to leave.  Steven cooly states that 
          he was being "polite." He then goes into a jealous frenzy and 
          storms out.  Predictably, Betty calls Rodney and sobs that 
          Steven is misunderstanding their little chit-chats.  Rodney 
          tells her that she had better "fess up" and "spill the beans" 
          or her marriage will be over. 

Scene 5:  At the apartment, Rita heaps pity on Rodney for having no 
          girl.  She always has someone to talk to in the Pharmacy.  
          Rita says that she doesn't know what she would do without 
          Norman.  She mentions that Rodney was the big hero in Peyton 
          High school and she was always the outsider.  She never 
          imagined his being alone.  She wonders how Rodney survives 
          the lonely nights. 

Scene 6:  In the hospital, Lee is reading as Sandy comes in bringing 
          Lee some cigarettes.  When Lee asks what took her so long she 
          explains that she ran into Ann Howard.  She asks Lee why he 
          is so upset about Chris and he tells her that he is all 
          "banged up" and wishes that Ann would leave Chris alone.  
          Sandy and Lee wonder if Chris should go back to Boston.  Dr. 
          Morton is paged. 

Scene 7:  Ann Howard once again is at the reception desk.  She makes a 
          phone call concerning Chris.  They continue giving her no 
          info at all.  Since she works there in the hospital she 
          should know the rules. 

Scene 8:  Dr. Rossi enters and rants at Ann.  Why did she go to the 
          wharf and upset Chris?  Maybe she wants to remember 
          everything but he doesn't.  Does she not know when to quit?  
          She had better stay away from his patient, Chris.  He's doing 
          a great imitation of Steven Cord.  Rossi stalks off. 

Scene 9:  Lee has overheard and enters just in time.  He makes his 
          usual smirk and says, "Your on your way out, Lady, all the 
          way out." 

Preview:  Peyton talks to Rodney.  Hannah talks to Betty.  Chris shouts 
          at Ann Howard. 

          MP:  Trust me, Rodney.  Have faith in me.  Take my hand, 
               Rodney.  Trust me. 

          HC:  You didn't belong here as Mrs. Rodney Harrington.  And 
               you don't belong here as Mrs. Steven Cord. 

          CW:  Get out.  Get out of my life, now. 

Anne "Ann" [Colby] Howard-Susan Oliver.
Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.