Episode 240.
          Betty and Hannah have a showdown.
WA:       Lee Webber is determined to harass Ann Howard.  To crowd her, 
          to push her, to force her to stop her investigation of the 
          accident that blinded his brother, Chris, many years ago.  
          Now he sees the main chance.  Chris Webber was admitted to 
          the hospital last night as the result of an unfortunate 
          accident on the Peyton Place wharf.  An accident, Lee 
          insists, was caused by Ann Howard. 

Scene 1:  Miss Choate is on duty at the Information Desk, talking on 
          the telephone with Mr. Devon.  Lee Webber walks up and asks 
          to visit his younger brother Chris, but decides to drop in on 
          Dr. Morton first.  Dr. Morton is finishing his conference 
          with Constance about the arrival of her "second, first baby."  
          Allison doesn't count because she was an "accident."  [Keep 
          this in mind when you read the summary for episode 314 
          concerning Steven Cord as an accident of nature.]  

          Lee comes in and asks Dr. Morton to keep Ann Howard away from 
          his brother.  He points out that Ann was the one who shoved 
          Chris off the bluff 17 years ago and now she's making his 
          shy, sensitive little brother a nervous wreck 
          with all her questions that are designed to prove her 
          innocence.  After Lee departs, Dr. Morton telephones Ann in 
          the therapy room to tells her to stay away from Chris Webber.  

          Ann answers the phone and looks confused.  Dr. Morton says, 
          Under no circumstances are you to speak to Chris Weffer."  
          Lee Webber is seen in the background with a smirk on his 

Scene 2:  Chris is asleep in room "B" at Doctors Hospital as Lee 
          enters.  Lee shakes his younger brother awake, asking him if 
          he's ok.  Chris was okay until someone disturbed his rest.  
          Lee tries to console his brother with the news that Dr. 
          Morton warned the treacherous Ann Howard to stay away 
          from him.  Shy and sensitive Chris Webber shouts at 
          his brother.  He insists that it wasn't Ann's fault and that 
          he has a brain and can figure things out for himself.  He 
          tells off his "seeing eye brother" and says he's been 
          thinking real deeply about the accident years ago and is 
          starting to remember what really happened.  Lee doesn't 
          respond but slowly stands.  Chris' sixth sense kicks 
          in and he knows his brother is standing and lifts his head to 
          shout, "Did you hear me?"  Lee says yes, tells Chris to 
          stifle, and leaves. 
Scene 3:  At the Peyton Mansion, Rodney is looking for his grandfather.  
          Betty comes in and explains to him that Martin was in the 
          hospital only to hide from interrogations.  Since Martin had 
          endowed the hospital and supports it annually with a generous 
          gift, he rates a better room than Chris.  Rodney again asks 
          about the slashed portrait of his mother.  And he talks about 
          his growing love for his grandfather.  Rodney denies any lust 
          for the Peyton fortune.  [Martin has often spoken of Rodney 
          as a Peyton, inferring that all his good qualities 
          came from his mother rather than from his father.]  Rodney 
          starts to leave but pauses a moment to stare deeply into 
          Betty's eyes.  [Writers couldn't agree on appropriate 

Scene 4:  Hannah appears on the scene and is asked by Betty why she 
          told Steven about Rodney and herself having a 
          tête-à-tête.  Betty knows that Hannah 
          exposed her meeting with Rodney as a diversion from Steven's 
          interrogation of his mother.  Betty tells Hannah that she is 
          aware that Steven and Ann are brother and sister to each 
          other.  Hannah gets flustered and demands that Betty "Stay 
          out of it."  Hannah warns Betty that she could be the 
          instrument of Steven's destruction if she were to talk. 

Scene 5:  Allison makes her graceful entrance into the therapy room and 
          tells Ann that she has just talked with Chris.  She assures 
          Ann that Chris doesn't blame her for this accident or for the 
          one seventeen years ago.  Ann swallows this news like a piece 
          of devils food cake and rushes to the therapy room for 
          confirmation from Chris himself, ignoring her instructions 
          from Chief-of-Staff Dr. Morton. 

Scene 6:  Anxiously, Ann slips into Chris' room to find him tying a 
          sailor's knot.  She sees him sense her presence and 
          immediately identifies herself.  Chris clearly states, "It 
          wasn't your fault."  Ann wants further exoneration and 
          proceeds to press him for answers.  Chris is clearly 
          disturbed and shouts for her to leave.  As Ann is leaving she 
          is confronted by Dr. Morton who asks, "Was that the Webber 
          boy shouting?  I warned you to stay away from him."  As any 
          good administrator would do he promptly fires her.  Ann is 

Preview:  Lee talks with Ann.  Ann talks to Eli.  Chris talks to Lee. 

          LW:  You'll be saving yourself a lot of trouble by leaving 
          AH:  I'm not going anywhere. 

          BA:  All I really want is just to be Mrs. Steven Cord.
          EC:  But, it isn't that simple is it?

          CW:  I'm not afraid now to admit, I know Ann didn't.  Ann 
               didn't do it. 

Mr. Devon, scene 1, is again mentioned in episode 498.
Miss Devon appears as an organist in episodes 69, 70, and 204.
Anne "Ann" Colby Howard-Susan Oliver.
Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.