Episode 241.

          Allison yearns for answers.

WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has just been informed that Ann Howard, a 
          physical therapist at Doctors Hospital, has been fired from 
          the staff.  An experience which threatens to destroy the only 
          source of strength and confidence that Ann has ever had. 

Intro:    Dr. Rossi walks up to the Information Desk at the hospital 
          and speaks with the duty nurse. 

Scene 1:  At the hospital, Dr. Rossi is about to chastise Ann Howard 
          but instead admires her determination to seek the truth.  The 
          scene turns romantic and they embrace. 

Scene 2:  Allison enters Chris' hospital room and discovers that he is 
          about to leave against medical advice.  Allison tells Chris 
          that Ann Howard has just been fired.  Chris becomes angry but 
          says he can't go to Ann's defense.  He is tired of everyone's 
          pointless questions.  He moves about the room and bumps into 
          Allison.  This seems to set off a romantic mood or maybe his 
          "animal desire" surfaced and Chris sweetly asks Allison to be 
          there for him.  Allison tenderly says that she will. 

Scene 3:  Norman and Rita go over to the Shoreline Garage to convey an 
          invite for Rodney to the mansion.  Rodney complains about 
          being shut out of all the "big doings" there.  He says he is 
          tempted to cut all ties but wonders why he doesn't.  [His 
          garage business might not flourish in the absence of Lee 
          since he is not sure of the difference between a "brake shoe 
          and an ice skate."]  Being on his grandfather's payroll could 
          well become a necessity in spite of his pride. 

Scene 4:  Lee enters the Cider Barrel and begins to order Sandy around 
          like a dog.  [During a portion of the series, Lee and Sandy 
          were real-life husband and wife.]  "Come here," (woof, woof) 
          "Sit down" (pant, pant.)  Lee tells her initially that he 
          wants to split because he can't take working for "Golden Boy" 
          [Rodney] anymore.  But then he admits that it is because his 
          "shy and sensitive" brother is falling apart.  And Chris will 
          not accept the proposition that Ann was the cause of both 
          accidents.  With that Chris taps his way into the diner and 
          tells Lee that Ann Howard has just been fired.  Lee gloats 
          (but not for long) when his "shy and sensitive " brother goes 
          into a tirade about his recollections of what really 
          happened on the bluff.  He was seven, almost eight when it 
          happened and happy to have a big brother that the kids feared 
          because he was so puny.  Lee wanted him to be the "blind man" 
          and he cried.  So they made Ann the "blind man" and after the 
          fall she took the blame.  When he woke up he could remember 
          all the kids screaming "she did it" because they were afraid 
          of Lee.  Chris says that he is not afraid of the truth 
          anymore because he has been taught to hate from the "Master."  
          Lee is not sure what this comment meant.  Chris taps his way 

Scene 5:  Betty Anderson Cord walks over to Eli's General Store and is 
          greeted by the chipper Norman Harrington and the old, tired 
          Eli Carson.  Norman inquires into the health and well being 
          of his grandfather but Betty evades his question.  Norman 
          resents it and treating him like a little boy, Eli sends 
          Norman to go fetch a drink.  [Back then the townfolk used to 
          do a lot of fetching.] 

Scene 6:  Meanwhile, Leslie enters Steven's outer and speaks to Ann 
          Nolan.  She informs Steven's secretary, miss Ann Nolan, that 
          she can no longer be reached at Doctors Hospital.  She can be 
          reached at home, Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house. 

          Leslie speaks to Ann Howard as she is about to leave.  Leslie 
          offers to help Ann Howard find a job.  At the mill, at the 
          hospital in White River, or at the new convalescent home on 
          the outskirts.  She says that is vry kind of him.  Steven 
          comes out of this office, interrupting.  Steven says there is 
          no rush. 

          After Ann Howard leaves, Leslie asks Steven if Martin Peyton 
          got her fired.  Steven tells Leslie not to pounce on Ann 
          because she has enough dogs barking at her heels at the 
          moment.  Steven peers out his office window through the 
          venetian blinds and sees Lee Webber sidle up to Ann on his 
          motorcycle, almost running her down. 

Scene 7:  Down on the street, Lee gives his characteristic smirk and 
          suggests there is nothing to hold her in Peyton Place and 
          that she should leave.  Ann stands her ground and stares into 
          his eyes stating that Chris knows more than he is willing to 
          tell and she will continue to unearth the truth.  She walks 
          off and Sandy comes up and Lee orders her on the back of his 
          motorcycle.  Lee almost hits Ann Howard.  Sandy says, "Don't 
          Lee don't."  Ann says, "I am not afraid." 

Preview:  Betty talks with Martin Peyton.  Sandy talks with Rodney.  

          BA:  What does your daughter have to do with this?
          MP:  What?
          BA:  Tell me something.  Tell me, why was that portrait 

          SW:  I've seen him that mad.  I've seen Lee sit and curse Ann 
               Howard, an hour running.  He said if she ever came back, 
               he'd . . . 
          RH:  And now he's back to that.
          SW:  That's the one difference this time.  She's here.
          RH:  Sandy, maybe you ought to call the police.
          SW:  I'm scared, Rod.  I'm plenty scared. 

               [The last two lines of dialog are transposed in the next