Episode 242.
          Peyton silences Betty.  Allison agrees to take the bus to 
          Boston with Chris. 
WA:       Martin Peyton has reached a decision.  He has spent a life 
          time guarding the doors of the past, only to find they've 
          been pried open.  And now Betty Cord stands on the threshold 
          of the truth and he must block her way at any cost. 

Intro:    Outside the Peyton mansion. 

Scene 1:  Peyton summons Betty to the mansion.  Peyton confides to 
          Betty that Brian Cord (Colby) is indeed Steven's father.  
          He says he has kept silent for those who will outlive him.  
          Betty brings up Catherine and Martin grows defensive and 
          gruff.  This is all intended to throw Betty off the path of 
          the real truth which will be disclosed later.  Betty sobs 
          that she's hurting her marriage by keeping the secret because 
          Steven thinks she's having an affair with Rodney.  Martin 
          warns her the secret would harm Steven even more.  Still 
          sobbing, Betty agrees to keep the secret. 

Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi goes in the Book Gallery to ask Constance to give 
          Ann Howard a job.  Constance hesitates but Elliot steps in 
          and puts in a good word for Ann.  Constance is asked to 
          reconsider.  Elliot is certainly in a position to comprehend 
          when a person desperately needs a job. 

Scene 3:  Allison and Chris walk to a bench while they discuss the 
          gulls flying overhead.  Chris recalls his father and the good 
          times they had fishing before dawn.  [It is never explained 
          what happened to Ma and Pa Webber.]  Allison asks if Lee 
          joined them and Chris says no.  He remembers the sail boat 
          with the red sail his daddy bought him.  He must have lost 
          his sight soon after because he laments that he never saw the 
          boat and he carried it everywhere, until Lee stepped on it 
          and broke it.  Chris says he must leave Peyton Place to break 
          free of Lee.  It has been seventeen years amd they both need 
          to be free.  Allison tells him that Lee will miss Chris.  
          Chris counters that Lee will have Sandy and he will have his 
          cane.  He then tenderly asks Allison if she will take the bus 
          to Boston with him and she agrees to. 

Scene 4:  Sandy is in the Cider Barrel watching Lee leave the garage 
          and go to Ada Jacks' for a drink.  She removes her apron and 
          rushes to the Shoreline Garage.  Sandy tells Rodney she is in 
          trouble and Rodney responds that she is trouble.  
          Sandy says Lee is drinking more and he could very well injure 
          Ann Howard.  Rodney correctly tells her to call the police 
          because he is powerless to intercede for her. 

Scene 5:  In the Peyton Place cemetary, Norman and Rita walk over to 
          Catherine's gravesite.  There is an iron fence surrounding 
          the Harrington graves.  Norman talks about his mother to 
          Rita.  They notice that Steven Cord is standing near Brian 
          Cord Colby's grave studying the site.  They decide not to 
          bother Steven. 

          Ann Howard appoaches Steven and he tells her that he has been 
          checking on the head stone.  They stand side by side for some 
          time at Brian Colby's grave. 

Scene 7:  Back at home, Steven agonizes over why he is drawn to Brian's 
          grave site.  Betty advises him to forget Brian Cord Colby.  
          She reminds him that Brian is gone.  But Steven asks, "How do 
          you forget a man you never met?"  Betty is overwhelmed with 
          guilt and flinches when Steven tries to embrace her.  She 
          backs off and Steven feels pains of rejection.  Jealousy hits 
          him like lightning.  "Rod.  Rod."  Steven leaves angrily, 
          slamming the door. 

Preview:  Peyton talks with Betty Cord and Hannah Cord.  Leslie talks 
          with Steven Cord.  Lee talks with Rodney and a fight ensues. 

          MP:  Nobody, of course, to accept the consequences.
          BA:  Yes, I'm ready now.
          MP:  Bring me the phone, Mrs. Cord.
          HC:  You wouldn't.
          MP:  I would and I will.

          LH:  I thought we could pool our information.
          SC:  Allies, against the Peyton house?           
          LH:  We could fight Martin Peyton, the two of us, together. 

          LW:  Are you calling me?
          RH:  If that's the way you want it.
          LW:  You know, it's about time somebody messed up that pretty 
               face of yours. 
          Lee swings with his left hand hitting Rodney.

Leroy "Lee" Webber-Stephen Oliver.