Episode 243.
          Rodney fights and then fires Lee.
WA:       Since Steven Cord agreed to investigate Ann Howard's 
          involvement in the accident that blinded Christopher Webber, 
          he has found himself drawn deeper and deeper into the 
          mysteries of Ann's past.  The most complex mystery, a man 
          named Lee Webber, Chris' brother. 

MEL:      Sandy considers Rita to be a kindred spirit because they 
          both dropped out of school at about the same time.  Rita 
          isn't quite ready to embrace that concept. 

Intro:    Steven drives up to the Shoreline Garage. 

Scene 1:  Steven enters the Shoreline Garage to question Lee Webber.  
          He warns Lee not to bother Ann Howard anymore.  Steven saw 
          Lee almost run Ann down with his motorcycle the other day.  
          They discuss Ann being fired and Lee reminds Steven that she 
          should have never entered Chris' room.  Lee says Steven likes 
          to hide behind the fine lines because dummies like him don't 
          understand.  Lee says that he is an upfront guy.  Steven says 
          that while Lee blames Ann Howard, Chris does not.  Lee 
          counter-attacks saying that Steven should clean up his own 
          back yard before looking in someone else's.  This innuendo, 
          of course, refers to Rodney and Betty.  He speaks of 
          Golden Boy's fatal charm.  

          Rodney returns from the Cider Barrel and asks "What is going 
          on?"  Steven ends the encounter and strides off. 

Scene 2:  Things heat up now as Rodney fumes at Lee, "What happened?  
          What did he say to Steven?"  Lee allows that Steven kept him 
          [Rodney] out of prison so he is, of course, grateful.  Lee 
          calls him "Romeo" and says he must be so full of guilt over 
          his "affair with Betty" he must be choking on his caviar at 
          the palace.  Lee says it's about time someone messed up 
          "Pretty boy's" face and he picks up a wrench and the "Rumble 
          at the Garage" begins.  Lee and Rodney slug each other back 
          and forth until Rodney is slammed to the floor.  Lee picks up 
          a large wrench and asks if that is what he used on Joe 
          Chernak.  Lee swings at Rodney but misses and they both end 
          up rolling around on the floor.  Blood pops out of Pretty 
          boy's face.  The "Professor" swings back and is slammed 
          against a tool cabinet.  [Probably a Craftsman® or 
          Snap-On®.]  Blood spurts from Lee's nose and mouth and 
          Lee is down for the count.  Rodney drags him outside and 
          tosses him in the dirt.  "You're fired," Rodney hollers and 
          politely remembers to mention that Lee's final check will be 
          in the mail.  Lee staggers off.  

Scene 3:  At the book Gallery, Constance and Allison discuss the 
          burrowing owl.  Ann enters and at Rossi's suggestion, 
          Constance invites her to go to work there at the Book 
          Gallery.  Ann explains why she was fired from the hospital 
          and tells Allison how wonderful her mother is.  Ann worries 
          that Chris may be leaving town to escape her, but Allison 
          says he is leaving town to escape Lee Webber.  Allison says 
          that Lee smothers his brother and that Chris needs to 
          discover that he can survive on his own.  Allison says that 
          Chris is now a man.  But Ann says that when she looks at 
          Chris all she can visualize is a young boy lying at the foot 
          of Sailors' Bluff. 

Scene 4:  At the Peyton Place Pharmacy, Sandy agonizes over Lee being 
          fired.  She enlists Rita's help in convincing Rodney that Lee 
          really needs his job.  "The wharf Girls" need to band 
          together and help each other but Rita implies that Sandy 
          should "Stand by her Man."  Rita makes it clear that she 
          can't help.  Sandy makes a point of mentioning that Rodney 
          and Lee were fighting about Betty. 

Scene 5:  Steven is greeted by Leslie in front of the bank building.  
          Leslie tells Steven to cancel his efforts for Julie's divorce 
          and to send him a bill for his trouble. 

          Leslie tells Steven that Julie Anderson is leaving Peyton 
          Place to be with George.  Steven sarcastically says he 
          admires Julie's ability to stick by her husband through all 
          sorts of turmoil.  Leslie suggests to Steven that they pool 
          their info about Martin and become allies.  Steven doesn't 
          get excited about the idea.  And his mind is on other things. 

Scene 6:  Rodney enters the mansion bloodied and bruised.  Betty cleans 
          him up oblivious to the possibility that Steven could walk in 
          at any moment.  Rodney tells her about his tussle with Lee 
          Webber.  He says that the fight started over a discussion 
          about Betty being with him.  Rodney urges Betty to tell the 
          truth, but Betty is reluctant to take that particular route.  

          Rodney leaves and Betty tells Peyton she wants release from 
          the "conspiracy of silence" promise.  Betty tells Peyton that 
          Lee saw her at the Shoreline Garage with Rodney and that is 
          what precipitated the fight.  Peyton calls Betty's bluff and 
          says he will tell Steven the facts.  Betty trembles and cuts 
          him off.  Peyton Hangs up the phone. 

Preview:  Lee talks with Sandy.  Norman talks with Rodney.  Steven 
          talks with Betty. 

          LW:  Me and Chris.  That's all I care about.  
          SW:  Let Chris go.  Let him go.

          NH:  Betty's married to Steven.  If anybody should fight for 
               her, it should be him, shouldn't it? 
          RH:  Not this time.
          NH:  Are you mixed up with Betty again?

          BA:  No, you don't understand.
          SC:  Now, why is it, whenever you have something to say to 
               Rodney, it's without me.  Why couldn't we discuss these 
               things together, the three of us?  
          BA:  No, that's not true.
          SC:  Why is it always without me?

Burrowing Owl, subject of a book.