Episode 244.
          Ada summons Sandy to the Tavern.
WA:       Norman Harrington, today, returned to the house of his 
          childhood, the Peyton House, where he grew up with his 
          brother, Rodney.  A young man now in the aftermath of violent 
          fight.  A primitive give and take with Lee Webber, no holds 
          barred.  Rodney and Lee fought over Lee's slurring remarks 
          about Betty Anderson Cord.  Who won?  The question torments 
          Rodney as it tormented him nearly a year ago when his 
          opponent, Joe Chernak, died. 
Intro:    Norman enters the mansion.  Rodney is upstairs in bed 

Scene 1:  Norman knocks and Rodney gets up and opens the door.  Rodney 
          asks Norman "What's up."  

Scene 2:  Peyton gets out of his limousine in front of the Peyton 
          Professional building and tells his chauffeur, Thomas, [but 
          not James Doohan] to wait for him.  Thomas says, "Of course, 
          Mr. Peyton." 

Scene 3:  Elliot is reading back an ad to a lady on the phone.  Martin 
          Peyton comes in and says he wants to place a notice in the 
          Thursday edition. 

               In memory of my daughter, Catherine Marie Harrington, 
               nee Catherine Peyton, born Nov. 15, 1918.  Died Aug 29, 
               1964.  A lovely child, a lovely mother.  Praising what 
               is lost makes the remembrance dear.

          Elliot asks Peyton what he is trying to prove.  Elliot gives 
          the copy to the typesetter.  He calls him Paul.  Peyton 
          talks about Catherine being gifted, gracious, and warm.  
          Peyton asks Elliot to bill him.  Peyton Leaves. 

Scene 4:  Rita goes in the Shoreline Garage to talk with Rodney.  Rita 
          says she is sorry about what happened.  Rita asks Rodney how 
          he feels.  Rodney talks about the fight he had with Joe 
          Chernak.  Rodney says that Joe Chernak and Lee Webber are 
          different.  Rita asks Rodney if he won't need a new mechanic.  
          Rodney says that he will get one.  Rita mentions that Lee has 
          a brother.  Rodney says that Lee is a bum. 

Scene 5:  Steven comes in the house and is met by Betty.  They talk a 
          while.  Steven says that he had a sandwich.  Betty tries to 
          get close to Steven.  He resists her.  Steven tells her that 
          Lee told him about Betty going to see Rodney.  Steven asks 
          her to tell him why she went to Rodney.  Betty tells Steven 
          that she loves him.  Steven talks some more about Rodney 
          being invited to his house while he was gone.  Steven shouts 
          at Betty.  Betty has a good cry. 

Scene 6:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, Lee begins to arm wrestle with another 
          customer for $5.00 as Sandy comes in.  Ada tells Sandy to get 
          Lee out of there.  A customer makes an inappropriate remark 
          to Sandy.  "Join us for a drink, baby?"  Sandy appologizes 
          for running off the previous winter.  Sandy assures Lee that 
          she loves him.  Lee tells her that she is nothing to him.  
          They leave the tavern.  Sandy follows Lee up the stairs to 
          the apartment of Ann Howard.  Sandy tells Lee that Ann isn't 
          there.  Sandy tells Lee to come on home.  She follows him 
          back down the stairs.  Lee gets on his motorcycle and roars 

Preview:  Constance talks with Chris.  Steven talks with Betty.  Elliot 
          talks with Rodney. 

          CM:  He isn't home.
          CW:  Never mind about Rodney.  Call Ann Howard and warn her 
               about my brother. 
          CM:  Sandy ...
          CW:  Call Ann Howard.

          SC:  Now how can I trust you?
          BA:  Believe me, Steven, there's nothing between us. 
          SC:  There is something more important between you and Rod.  
               More important than our marriage.

          EC:  Lee Webber is looking for a place to explode.
          RH:  I'll be ready.
          EC:  For another Joe Chernak?

Two unidentified patrons in Ada Jacks' Tavern.