Episode 245.
          Lee demands a job from Steven.  Betty packs her bags.  Rodney 
          fires Lee. 
WA:       For young Chris Webber, who was blinded 17 years ago in an 
          accident on Sailors' bluff, this summer in Peyton Place has 
          been deeply meaningful.  He has met and become involved with 
          Allison Mackenzie and her family.  The warm and gracious 
          Carson home has become a sanctuary.  A place to forget the 
          grim past.  A place to think about a hopeful future. 

Intro:    The town clock sounds four times.  The square.  Chris and Elliot. 

Scene 1:  In the Carson house, Constance tells Allison that Chris 
          Webber seems to be enjoying himself.  Constance says that 
          Chris can be hurt.  Constance wants Allison to admit Chris 
          Webber's attraction to her.  Allison says that she won't have 
          to because Chris is going away.  

          Elliot is talking to Chris as the door chimes ring.  It is 
          Sandy.  She asks if Chris is still there.  She asks if she 
          can talk with him.  She says that Lee tried to kick Ann's door 
          down.  Chris tells Elliot that he is leaving because Lee is 
          making trouble.  Elliot suggests that he should go with them.  
          Chris tells Sandy to take Elliot with her.  Chris says he will 
          wait in the Carson house. 

Scene 2:  Chris asks Constance to call Ann Howard and warn her about 
          Lee Webber.  Constance calls Michael Rossi and asks him if 
          Ann could be there.  Rossi allows that she is indeed there.  
          Constance tells Rossi to warn Ann about Lee Webber.  Rossi 
          starts to call the police, but Ann asks him not to. 

          Ann asks Dr. Rossi why Chris would want to hurt her.  Ann 
          says that she is not frightened of Lee anymore.  Lee is 
          frightened of her. 

Scene 3:  Elliot drives up to the Town hall, gets out of his car, and 
          talks to Sandy in front of the courthouse.  Then Sandy goes 
          over to the square and sits on a bench.  

          Rodney strolls over.  Sandy says that the trouble, it is all 
          his fault.  Because Rodney fired Lee.  

          Elliot drives over and tries to calm Sandy Webber.  Elliot 
          goes inside the Town Hall.  Rodney comes over and talks with 
          Sandy.  Elliot returns from the Town Hall and insists on 
          taking Rodney home before he and Sandy continue to search for 
          Lee.  Elliot mentions Joe Chernak.  Rodney leaves on his own.  
          Elliot takes Sandy back to the car. 
Scene 4:  Rodney drives over to the mansion and talks with Peyton who
          is sitting in front of his chess board.  Peyton asks Rodney 
          how his wounds are healing and if he found Lee Webber.  Rodney 
          says that he didn't find Lee Webber because he wasn't looking 
          for him.  Peyton asks if Lee is looking for Rodney.  Rodney 
          has a noticeable bruise on his left cheek where Lee had hit him. 
Scene 5:  Back in the Carson house, Allison comes out of the kitchen 
          into the livingroom carrying a tray of sandwiches for Chris 
          Webber.  But Chris has already gone outside.  Allison goes 
          outside and finds Chris waiting for her.  Chris says, "I can't 
          just sit around and wait for the phone to ring.  She says, 
          "Please come inside."  He declines and angrily throws his cane.  
          He has had an epiphany.  Chris says, "All those years wasted 
          in silence because I was afraid to remember the truth.  I've 
          got to look at it now.  I've got to see it.  She didn't do 
          it.  Ann Howard didn't push me."  Allison says, "Do you 
          realize what that will mean to her?"   Chris says, "No, I 
          can't tell her."  Allison says, "Why not?"  Chris says, 
          "Promise me you won't."  CARSON has replaced Mackenzie
          on the mailbox.  Allison says, "Chris, go inside, I'll find 
          your cane." 
Scene 6:  Betty hears the door chimes ringing incessently.  She wakens 
          Steven.  He gets up and goes to the door to find Lee Webber.  
          Lee is obviously drunk.  [Sobriety challenged.]  Steven offers 
          to talk with him in the morning.  But Lee wants to talk right 
          then.  Lee notes that Steven is sleeping on the couch.  Lee 
          demands a job from Steven.  Now Betty appears and Steven 
          tells Lee to get out.  Lee leaves. 

          Steven and Betty talk about Rodney and his problems.  Betty 
          is still in her nightie.  Betty tells Steven not to believe Lee.  
          Steven shouts at Betty and mentions Betty talking with to Rodney 
          about the slashing of his mother's portrait.  Steven gets up 
          and angrily leaves.  Betty ponders a moment and begins to pack 
          her suitcase.  
Preview:  Julie talks with Betty.  Elliot talks with Chris.  Steven 
          talks with Betty. 
          JA:  Have you given Steven any reason at all to be jealous? 
          BA:  No.  Please.
          JA:  What about that part of you that still loves Rod? 

          EC:  She called Ann Howard on the telephone and warned her.  
               It was just as simple as that. 
          CW:  You're making a big thing out of this.
          EC:  You took me on a wild goose chase and I want to 
               know why. 

          SC:  I saw him taking my wife away from me.
          BA:  Stop hurting yourself, Steven.
          SC:  Come home.
          BA:  No.

Sailors' Bluff.