Episode 246.

          Betty leaves the Cords' house. 

WA:       In the heat of a bitter argument, Betty Anderson has walked 
          out on her new marriage.  A drastic overwhelming decision.  
          But to Betty, it is necessary, if she is to avoid Steven's 
          questions, and her own answers, which she knows would hurt 
          him deeply.  Julie Anderson, surprised and concerned over 
          Betty's actions, is unaware of her daughter's desperate 

Intro:    Betty takes a Peyton Place taxi cab to the Anderson house. 

Scene 1:  Betty arrives at the Anderson house and asks if it is all 
          right to stay there that night.  Julie says, of course, it is 
          all right.  Betty says that she wants to talk tomorrow.  
          Julie asks how long Betty plans to stay.  Betty says that she 
          has had arguments with Steven, always about Rodney.  Betty 
          says that she has not given Steven any reason to be jealous 
          of Rodney.  Betty says that she wants Steven to trust her.  
          Julie asks what really happened.  Julie tells Betty to try to 
          make up with Steven. 

Scene 2:  Steven comes home to an empty house.  Betty is gone.  Steven 
          calls the Anderson House.  Betty says, "Steven."  Julie 
          answers and tells Steven that Betty is there, but does not 
          want to take his call.  Betty tells Julie that she does love 

Scene 3:  Elliot drives Chris and Sandy to the Webber house.  Elliot 
          asks if they really think it is safe for them to stay there.  
          Elliot tells Chris that Constance told him that Rodney is not 
          in danger from Lee, but that Ann Howard is.  Suddenly Lee 
          shows up.  Elliot asks Lee where he has been.  Lee asks 
          Elliot if he is writing an article.  Lee says that he treated 
          himself to a little celebration.  Chris says that Lee won't 
          hurt anyone.  Chris asks Lee if he is sober enough to 
          understand what he is saying.  Chris says that if Lee will 
          leave Ann alone, then he won't tell what really happened.  
          Lee reminds Sandy that he told her to make some coffee. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi is informed by Elliot that Chris, Lee, and Sandy 
          are home.  Ann is fearful of Lee.  Ann tells Rossi that she 
          loves him for being protective of her.  Ann says that she 
          won't do anything foolish.  Ann says that if he is concerned 
          for her safety that he could take her out to dinner more 
          often, and to his cottage. 

Scene 5:  In the Pharmacy, Norman and Rita are studying as Steven walks 
          in.  Rita asks Steven if he wants "coffee-right-away."  He 
          does.  He also wants orange juice and toast.  Rita says that 
          behind every important man is a wife.  Norman says that 
          Steven and Betty are a model for him and Rita.  Steven 

Scene 6:  Constance comes in the Book Gallery to find Ann rearranging 
          the shelves.  Ann says that selling books is a wonderful way 
          to make a living.  Constance says that it took Ann a lot of 
          courage to return to town. 

Scene 7:  At the mansion, Hannah admits Steven.  Steven tells Hannah 
          that he wants to talk to Betty.  Betty comes down the stairs.  
          Steven informs Hannah that he wants to talk to Betty alone.  
          Hannah retires upstairs. 

          Steven admits that there is something ugly in him.  Steven 
          tells Betty that she got under his skin.  He admits he was 
          wrong to question her the prvious evening.  Steven says he 
          became a lawyer because he wanted power.  Steven says he has 
          always envied Rodney.  Steven says that he defended Rodney so 
          that Peyton and Harrington would need him.  Steven asks, begs 
          Betty to come home.  Betty asks for time.  Steven says, "Case 
          dismissed."  Steven leaves. 

Preview:  Sandy Webber talks with Lee.  Allison talks with Elliot.  
          Rodney talks with Betty. 

          SW:  Maybe he wants to be free.  
          LW:  Chris is the only one that matters.  The only one.  
          SW:  No matter what happened on the Bluff?  
          LW:  Stop it.

          AM:  There's one possible reason isn't there?
          EC:  He's protecting someone?
          AM:  He has to make a choice.  It must be a very difficult 
          RH:  Then I'll tell him.
          BA:  This is between Steven and me.
          RH:  I wish it were.
          BA:  Don't tell him about Ann.

Anne "Ann" Howard-Susan Oliver.