Episode 247.

          Lee looks for Chris. 
WA:       The Webber family has been locked in a conspiracy of silence, 
          concerning the bluff incident, for the past 12 hours.  Now 
          Chris Webber has disappeared.  And a frantic Lee wonders if 
          their pact has been broken. 

Intro:    Lee walks to the Cider Barrel to see Sandy. 

Scene 1:  Lee storms (barges) into the Cider Barrel and asks Sandy 
          where Lee is.  Lee grabs Sandy roughly hurting her.  Sandy 
          says it doesn't matter what happened on the bluff.  Lee 
          leaves to search for Chris. 

Scene 2:  In the mansion, Rodney talks with Betty.  Rodney asks Betty 
          where she was last night.  She says she can't stand Steven 
          questioning her.  Betty tells Rodney that the problem is 
          between her and Steven. 

Scene 3:  Ann goes in to see Steven in his law office. 

Scene 4:  Allison is on the square as Lee comes up and bothers her. 

Scene 5:  Allison goes in the Clarion to talk with Elliot.  Elliot is 
          talking with a Mr. Faraday.  They talk about Ann and Steven.  
          They hug. 

Scene 6:  Elliot goes in the Tavern and watches Sandy and Lee.  Elliot 
          says that he would like to talk with Lee.  Elliot tells Lee 
          that he is obnoxious. 

Scene 7:  Elliot goes to Steven's law office to talk with Steven. 

Scene 8:  At Sailor's bluff, Lee talks with Chris.  Chris says he is 
          not going back to Boston and he's not going back to school.  
          Lee finds Chris at Sailors' Bluff.  Chris has a suitcase and 
          is planning going to leave town.  He tells Lee about the day 
          of the accident.  How Lee loved bringing him up on the bluff 
          to play Blind Man's Bluff because he was scared of the cliff, 
          of falling, of the dark, he refused to put on the blindfold 
          that day and then Ann Colby came around, lonely and anxious 
          to play.  They put it on her.  Lee tormented her.  He threw 
          sticks, barked commands, called names:  All the things he 
          wanted to do to Chris.  Chris couldn't take it anymore.  17 
          years ago he went to pull the blindfold off of Ann and as he 
          did so Lee pushed him over the edge.  Lee is disappointed 
          that Chris has remembered.  He explains how jealous he had 
          always been of the "perfect" little brother.  Chris admits 
          sadly that he had always wanted to like Lee, but was too 
          scared, until now.  He changes his mind about leaving Peyton 
          Place.  Lee asks, "What do we do about Ann Colby?" 

Preview:  Lee talks with Leslie.  Chris talks to Sandy.  Steven talks 
          with Hannah. 

          LW:  Now, I need a job.
          LH:  And you thought I'd give you one.  If I didn't like the 
               sordid little story you told me about my son. 
          LW:  I told you the truth.
          CW:  Sensitive artist at the keyboard.  Musician with soul.  
               If I had a soul, it died 17 years ago. 

          SC:  What if I hadn't made it.
          HC:  You're upset steven.
          SC:  Here's another question for you.  What if Martin Peyton had 
               married you?

Anne "Ann" Howard-Susan Oliver    
Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.
Sailors' Bluff.