Episode 248.
          Lee asks Leslie for a job at the mill.  Chris comes home. 
WA:       Chris Webber had intended to greet the morning somewhere far 
          away from Peyton Place.  And far away from his brother Lee.  
          But as the dawn breaks, he finds himself walking down the 
          familiar path to the Webber house, once again with Lee at his 
          side.  Lee has spent the night convincing Chris to keep 
          silent about the circumstances surrounding the fall that 
          blinded him. 

Intro:    Chris and Lee walking back to the house. 

Scene 1:  At the house, Sandy asks Chris where he has been.  Lee asks 
          Sandy to get him some coffee.  Chris says that he doesn't 
          want anything.  Sandy asks Chris if he is okay.  Chris says 
          that he went to the bluff.  Sandy asks him why he did that.  
          Sandy tells Chris that he is special.  Chris says that he 
          doesn't feel special.  Chris tells Sandy that he promised Lee 
          that he would keep the family secrets.  Lee tells Chris that 
          he has packed his bag.  He asks Chris if he wants some 
          coffee.  Chris declines. 

Scene 2:  A deliveryman tells Ann that he has a steamer trunk for an 
          "Ann Howard."  Chris rides up on his motorcycle and tells Ann 
          that she shouldn't spend her money on deliverymen when a 
          friend could have moved it for her.  Chris moves off.  The 
          deliveryman complains about how heavy the trunk is. 
Scene 3:  Lee goes to see Leslie Harrington.  Lee tells Leslie that he 
          is no longer working at the garage.  Leslie says that there 
          is no way he can intercede for him.  Lee talks about his 
          father telling him how Leslie worked his way up at the mill.  
          Lee asks for a job.  Leslie doesn't have one for him.  Lee 
          tells Leslie about walking in on Rodney and Mrs. Steven Cord. 

Scene 4:  Steven comes into the Book Gallery and finds Ann working 
          there.  Steven apologizes for his rudeness yesterday.  She 
          asks him if his problem has been worked out yet.  
          Steven doesn't want to get her hopes up but he has found 
          something he is checking further into. 

Scene 5:  Steven goes in the Pharmacy, orders coffee black, and goes 
          over to talk with Allison.  Rita brings his coffee.  Steven 
          tells Allison that she must tell Ann the truth, that Chris 
          told her that Ann did not push him off the bluff.  They both 
          believe that Chris is protecting someone.  Steven asks 
          Allison's permission to tell Ann. 

Scene 6:  Steven Cord walks up to Chris, sitting on a bench across the 
          street from the Book Gallery.  They talk.  Steven tells Chris 
          that he wants to ask him a couple of questions.  Chris 
          mentions that Steven went to Harvard Law.  Chris tells Steven 
          that he doesn't have the right to continue to hound him.  
          Steven wants Chris to admit that Ann didn't push him.  Chris 
          gets up and walks toward the Inn. 

Scene 7:  Leslie goes to the Shoreline Garage to talk with Rodney.  He 
          tells Rodney that Rodney could not bring himself to accept 
          the situation of his father kissing Julie Anderson.  He talks 
          about Betty and Rodney and the fact that Betty is married to 
          Steven.  Rodney felt that Leslie had betrayed his mother.  
          Leslie says that it is in these days to hate your 
          parents.  Leslie asks what Rodney's father is to Rodney. 

Scene 8:  Hannah goes to visit Steven in the new house that Hannah gave 
          to him and Betty as a wedding gift.  Steven asks Hannah when 
          she began to love her son.  Steven asks what would have 
          happened if Martin Peyton had married her.  She says that she 
          doesn't know what to say.  Hannah tells him that he means a 
          great deal to her.  Steven asks her to leave.  He tells her 
          goodnight.  She leaves. 

Preview:  Betty talks to Steven on the phone.  Elliot talks with 
          Allison.  Ada talks with Chris. 

          BA:  This is Betty.  I got your letter.
          SC:  ...
          BA:  Steven, Steven.

          AM:  What if I'm wrong?
          EC:  What if you're right.
          AM:  Either way I put Chris in the middle.  Right in the 

          AJ:  Now, what can I get you to drink?
          CW:  I don't want anything to drink.  I just came in here to