Episode 249.

          Chris spills the frijoles.  He admits who pushed him.

WA:       Betty Anderson has fled from her brief marriage to Steven 
          Cord. In spite of Steven's pleas there has been no 
          reconcillation.  Not because Betty doesn't love her husband 
          enough to share his life, but because she is unable to tell 
          the secret which might wreck his life.  That he is actually 
          the [twin] brother of Ann Howard. 

Intro:    Anderson house.  Betty goes to the door.  A Messenger hands 
          Betty an envelope.  Using her left hand, Betty signs for the 

Scene 1:  Betty opens the envelope and reads the contents then hands 
          them to Julie.  Betty tells her mother that Steven wants her 
          to divorce him. 
                 We both talked a lot about wanting the good 
                 life but we didn't mean the same thing.  Because 
                 to me, you were "the good life," Betty.  But to 
                 you, I was only the necessary down payment on what 
                 you really wanted.  The house, the furniture, the 
                 whole sleek shining inventory of success.  Well, 
                 they're yours.  You can consider the contract 
                 Paid in full, even if it didn't turn out to be 
                 for a lifetime. 

          Julie asks if Hannah has been interfering with Betty's 
          marriage.  Julie talks about Leslie trying to push Betty and 
          Rodney apart.  Julie tells Betty that she should talk with 
          Steven.  Julie says that Betty was not the first woman to 
          look outside marriage for comfort. Julie says that she may 
          not always be around to help pick up the pieces.  Betty picks 
          up the phone and dials.  Steven answers, listens to Betty for 
          a moment, and hangs up. 

Scene 2:  Constance is in the bedroom as Elliot brings in another large 
          package.  Elliot talks about all the stuff they have received 
          for the baby.  Constance tells him not to be ungrateful.  
          Allison comes in and Constance asks her to help put away the 
          "loot."  Allison asked Elliot if he had talked with Steven 
          Cord.  Allison had guessed that Chris Webber was protecting 
          his brother. 

Scene 3:  In Ada Jacks' Tavern, raucus music is coming from the juke 
          box.  When Chris Webber comes in, Ada unplugs the juke box.  
          A gentleman customer says, "Hey, what are you doing?"  His 
          date complains, "That was our money that you unplugged."  A 
          large man complains about Chris' playing.  Ada tells him that 
          the complaint department is closed. 

Scene 4:  In the Public Library, Norman asks Steven if he knows 
          anything about "sleep learning."  Steven doesn't admit to 
          having that knowlege.  

Scene 5:  Steven goes in the Cider Barrel and asks Sandy if she knows 
          where Chris could be.  Sandy asks why he doesn't leave Chris 
          alone.  She accuses Steven of breaking up her family.  Sandy 
          says that Steven cost Lee his job. 

Scene 6:  Meanwhile back at the Tavern, Steven interrupts Chris while 
          he is playing.  Chris says that he doesn't like anyone 
          looking over his shoulder while he is playing.  Chris doesn't 
          want to talk with Steven.  Steven asks if what Chris had told 
          Allison is true.  That Ann Howard didn't push him off the 
          bluff.  Ada asks Steven if he came there for a drink.  Steven 
          closes the piano and tells Chris that his concert is over.  
          Steven asks Chris if he hasn't used his brother enough.  
          Steven tells Chris that he hides behind his blindness.  That 
          he is torturing Ann Howard.  Ada tells Steven to leave Chris 
          alone.  Steven asks Chris if Allison is his first girl.  Ada 
          reminds Steven what he did to Rita on the stand.  A customer, 
          Freddy [Mario] comes over and butts into the conversation.  
          Steven leaves and Chris follows. 

Scene 7:  Outside the Tavern, Chris calls, "Steven, Steven."  They 
          talk.  Chris suggests that Steven ask Allison.  Steven asks 
          Chris again what he had told Allison.  Steven tells Chris 
          that he is not fit to be a lawyer.  He has withheld evidence.  
          Chris admits.  Chris turns and leaves. 

Preview:  Ann talks with Steven.  Steven talks to Ada.  Lee talks to 
          Chris and slugs him. 

          AH:  I don't want to point a finger at anyone.  It's more 
               than enough for me to know that I'm free.  Finally free. 

          SC:  People get to know me, they hate me.  They have a right 
               to.  She had every right to hate me. 

          LW:  I didn't mean to hurt you, it was an accident.  I didn't 
               mean it. [Lee slugs Chris]. 

Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.