Episode 250.
          Lee Webber steals gas from the Shoreline Garage. 

WA:       Tonight, Chris Webber, blind for 17 years was severely 
          interrogated by Steven Cord.  He was forced by Steven's 
          bitterly angry questions to reveal that Ann Howard did not 
          cause his blindness.  Now he must face the consequences. 

Intro:    Chris is walking. 

Scene 1:  Chris knocks loudly on the Webber door.  Sandy invites him in 
          telling him that Lee wasn't there. 

Scene 2:  In her apartment, Ann talks to Steven about the fact that she 
          is free from the accusation that she had blinded Chris 

Scene 3:  It is late.  Steven walks over to Ada Jacks' Tavern and raps 
          loudly on the door.  She finally opens it and lets Steven in.  
          Ada says that she is closed.  Ada complains to Steven about 
          his tactics.  Steven says he wants to buy her a drink.  She 
          says it is against the law.  Steven takes a chair from a 
          table and sits.  Ada brings a bottle which she says is from 
          her own private stock.  Steven explains that had to get the 
          information from Chris, one way or another. 

Scene 4:  Rossi drives over to his cottage and Ann lets him in.  She 
          explains that the back door was unlocked.  They talk.  Ann 
          wants to tell him something.  She tells him that Chris admits 
          that Ann did not push him off the bluff.  Dr. Rossi is tired.  
          They walk over to the bluff.  Ann says it is beautiful. 

Scene 5:  Lee rides up to the Shoreline Garage on his motorcycle, 
          almost sideswiping a pedestrian.  He proceeds to break a 
          window, go inside and get the key.  He goes back outside, 
          unlocks the pump, and fills his tank with regular.  It 
          appears to be about 39.9 cents per gallon.  He takes about 2 
          gallons.  He puts a dollar under the padlock and leaves. 

Scene 6:  Chris is in a chair in the Webber house as Lee rides up on 
          his motorcycle.  Chris asks where Lee has been.  Lee bands on 
          the bedroom door to awaken Sandy.  Lee has apparently won a 
          bundle in a crap game.  He knocks again for Sandy.  Lee tells 
          her to make them some coffee.  Lee slugs Chris and rides off 
          on his motorcycle. 

Preview:  Betty talks with Rodney.  Wounded, Chris talks with Sandy.  
          Steven talks to Rodney. 

          BA:  I didn't love Steven when I married him.
          RH:  Yes, but you love him now, don't you?
          CW:  I've gotta get to Ann Colby before she leaves for work.  
          SW:  You're not going anywhere.  You've been up all night and 
               you need some sleep. 
          CW:  Sandy, you know the mood that he was in.  He could do 

          SC:  Do you expect me to believe a cock-and-bull camouflage 
               like that.  Take Betty, take whatever you want, but get 
               out of my life.