Episode 251.

          Ann finds an important document in Brian Colby's trunk. 

WA:       Ever since childhood, Lee Webber has led his brother Chris to 
          believe that Ann Colby, as she was then known, had pushed him 
          off Sailors' Bluff, causing his blindness.  

          But now, Lee speeds away from a violent attack on Chris.  An 
          attack triggered by Chris' revelation that he now knows that 
          it was Lee himself who had pushed him. 

          Sandy Webber knowing that Lee's guilt has become seething 
          rage is afraid that Lee's lashing out at his blind brother, 
          is only the beginning of an explosion that might shatter the 
          un-easy calm of Peyton Place. 

Intro:    Outside the Webber home, Lee gets on his motorcycle and 

Scene 1:  Sandy is treating Chris wounds.  Chris says that he needs to 
          warn Ann Howard before she goes to work.  Sandy finishes 
          treating Chris. 

Scene 2:  Ann Howard and Dr. Rossi are on the wharf walking.  Rossi 
          kisses Ann Howard.  Rossi admits that he is a 

Scene 3:  Ann Howard makes the connection between Cord and Colby.  She 
          leaves her apartment and goes outside. 

Scene 4:  Chris climbs the stairs to the apartment house.  Chris 
          introduces himself to Mrs. Hewitt.  She says that No. 4, down 
          the hall is leaving. 

Scene 5:  Rodney comes down the stairs and almost bumps into Betty who 
          is just coming in.  Rodney asks what's up.  Betty tells 
          Rodney that Steven wants a divorce.  Rodney says he only 
          remembers her crying once.  She wasn't like other girls.  She 
          doesn't need tears.  Rodney admits that he really messed 
          things up.  Betty admits that she didn't love Steven when she 
          married him.  

Scene 6:  Steven drives over to the square in his convertible.  He 
          parks in front of the Clarion.  He goes in the Clarion and 
          tries to buy a newspaper.  Elliot says that the pile of 
          papers are free.  Elliot asks Steven if he is all right.  
          Steven says he has been driving all night.  

Scene 7:  Constance walks up as Steven is leaving the Clarion.  
          Constance says that Ann has found something in her father's 
          old trunk.  Steven gets in his car and drives off. 

Scene 8:  Steven goes in his office and finds Rodney waiting for him.  
          Rodney says it is a mistake for Steven to divorce Betty.  
          Rodney says that he is not interested in Steven's welfare, 
          only Betty's.  Rodney says that Betty loves Steven.  

Preview:  Chris talks with Lee.  Rodney talks to Peyton.  Betty talks 
          to Steven. 

          CW:  I'm going to Steven Cord's office and I'm going to tell 
               him why he's got to protect Ann Howard. 
          LW:  Well, you'd better be careful.

          RH:  Now that I know, what you are capable of doing, I hope 
               I'm not like you at all. 

          BA:  Steven, there's nothing left to say to you.