Episode 252.
          Chris visits Sailors' Bluff.  Julie plans to leave. 

WA:       Steven Cord, Attorney-at-Law, has been a man with an ordered 
          life.  Today, Rodney Harrington has tried to tell him a story 
          that threatens to shatter that order.  A story he finds 
          almost impossible to believe.  That he and Ann Howard are 
          brother and sister. 

Intro:    Bandstand and courthouse. 

Scene 1:  Steven goes over to Ann Howard's apartment.  Rodney is there 
          with Ann.  Ann tells Steven that they have to talk.  She 
          tells Steven that she found something in her father's trunk.  
          Steven reads the document.  She criticizes him for not 
          telling her that he was her brother.  Steven says that he 
          should have known, but he didn't.  He hugs her.  When Rodney 
          tried to tell him, he thought it was a lie.  

Scene 2:  Steven drives his convertible away.  Chris Webber is on the 
          square and Lee walks up.  Chris tells him to leave him alone.  
          Lee says that he doesn't trust Chris any more.  Chris says 
          that Lee is full of hate. 

Scene 3:  Ann Howard paces in her apartment.  Rossi comes over.  Ann 
          tells Rossi that she found something in Colby's trunk.  Ann 
          says that she and Steven are twins.  

Scene 4:  Chris and Lee meet up on the square.  Norman drives up and 
          invites Chris to go sailing.  They drive over to the 
          courthouse. Chris asks Norman to drop him off at Rossi's 

Scene 5:  Betty comes down the stairs at the Anderson House, opens the 
          door, to find Steven waiting.  Steven comes in and holds 
          Betty in his arms.  Steven kisses her and leaves. 

Scene 6:  Julie comes down the stairs and asks if it was Steven.  Julie 
          says that George is much better.  Julie is packing to go 
          away.  She assures Betty that the D.A.'s office won't file 
          any charges against him. 

Scene 7:  In his sitting upstairs in the mansion, Peyton is talking 
          with Hannah.  Rodney comes in without knocking.  Rodney says 
          that he went to see Steven that morning.  He announces that 
          he told Steven that Ann Howard is Steven's sister, and that 
          Brian Colby is his father.  Rodney asks Peyton why he did it.  

Scene 8:  Hannah Cord comes down the stairs and opens the front door, 
          to find Ann Howard standing on the front porch. 

Preview:  Ann Howard talks with Hannah.  Allison talks to Rita and 
          Norman.  Leslie talks with Hannah. 

          AH:  What are you saying?  What are you not telling me?
          HC:  A great deal.
          AH:  I want to know.

          AM:  You're ducking me Norman.  You went to see Sandy, didn't 
          RJ:  What does she mean?
          AM:  He knows what I mean.

          HC:  Well, I knew what you were Mr. Harrington, the first 
               time I met you.  A lying conniving opportunist. 
          LH:  Then we've always had a great deal in common, haven't we