Episoed 253.

          Ann Confronts Hannah.  Chris vanishes.

WA:       Ann Howard has just learned that Steven Cord is her brother.  
          And she has come to the Peyton house to face the womon who 
          must be the mother she has never known.  

          Hannah Cord, the woman who for so many years has guarded the 
          secrets in this house. 

Intro:    Ann Howard drives up in the hard-top convertible she bought 
          from Lee Webber [Tag 472J] to the Peyton mansion, gets out 
          and goes to the door and rings the chimes. 

Scene 1:  Hannah comes down the stairs and opens the door.  Ann starts 
          off by saying, "I have to talk to you.  You have to talk to 
          me.  You're going to answer some questions, because I know 
          the truth.  

Scene 3:  Ann arrives at the beach house and hears the phone ringing.  
          She goes in and answers the phone.  It is Dr. Rossi calling.  
          He says an emergency has just come in.  He orders tells her 
          to stay inside the cottage and wait for him.  He tells her 
          that he loves her.  She tells him that she loves him. 

Scene 4:  Hannah walks on the wharf.  She goes up the stairs to Ann 
          Howard's apartment.  [Ann's room or rooms are refered to as 
          an apartment.]  She knocks on the outer door.  Leslie calls 
          from down on the wharf.  She comes back down to talk.  Leslie 
          asks how Steven is.  She asks what Leslie is doing down on 
          the wharf.  Hannah asks what he really wants.  She tells him 
          that she knew what he was the first time they met. 

Scene 5:  Rita is in the apartment over the Pharmacy as Allison knocks.  
          Rita opens the door and Allison says it is important to talk 
          with Norman.  Sandy Webber just called about Chris.  Norman 
          tells her that he took Chris to Dr. Rossi's house.  Allison 
          asks Norman why Chris wanted to go to Rossi's houser.  Norman 
          says because Chris asked him to. 

Scene 6:  Steven adjusts some plates on a fancy dining table in Betty 
          and Steven's house.  He talks with Betty about his sister.  
          Steven and Betty hug.  Steven says he will call Ann.  He 
          phones.  Betty hangs up the phone.  Betty says that Ann is 
          with Mike Rossi.  She says that she will bet money on it.  
          Steven says that this is her only home.  She says, "The house 
          on the hill."  Hannah goes with the Peyton house. 

Scene 7:  Meanwhile, back at the beach house, Ann is waiting.  In spite 
          of her promise she decides to go outside.  She walks toward 
          the bluff.  She stumbles a time or two.  She looks down from 
          the bluff. 

Preview:  Hannah talks with Rodney.  Elliot talks on the phone with 

          HC:  Where are you going?
          RH:  I'll be back for the rest of my things, tomorrow.
          HC:  Are you moving out, Rodney?  
          RH:  Yes, that's right.
          HC:  Does your grandfather know?

          EC:  Listen carefully to me, Allison.  Allison, can you hear 
               me?  Lock the door and stay there. 
          AM:  Hurry, please hurry.
          EC:  Don't leave the house.  I'll call the police.